Last week’s Eclipse and the ongoing Retrograde of Mercury

Click the image to watch the video Jennie and I prepared for you about this Mercury retrograde

Last week’s solar eclipse occurred hand in hand with the beginning and mercury’s retrograde. Due to this connection, I suspect this Mercury retrograde will be a bit more intense and challenging than most. Keep your eyes open and watch all your communications, daily activities, and short trips.

Several very significant things occurred at this eclipse for me. One very sad and one very joyful.

First was the death of a loved one from long ago. It was a good reminder of how someone we meet even in our early teens can change the entire trajectory of our lives. The folks who play the most significant roles in our lives may not remain a part of our lives over the years. Even so, knowing they have departed this life can be deeply painful. Life moves on, folks die even as babies are born.

The other personal occurrence at the eclipse was a surprise contact from the acquisitions editor at Weiser Books. A year and a half ago they declined my manuscript and now want to reconsider it.

My personal experience of the eclipse has brought both sadness and joy. Regardless of what comes, our job is to take the gifts and challenges in stride.

Due to the Eclipse, each of these occurrences will have long-term impacts.

Click on the image below for the video that Jenny and I made regarding this mercury retrograde.

cold cold ocean water


Monday, April 24, 2023

The week begins with the moon in Gemini, drawing us to stimulating conversations and mental gymnastics.

As you manage the mercury retrograde and the aftermath of the Solar eclipse, look for stimulating conversations. These will help your emotions stabilize. Without this kind of mental activity, it would be easy to become irritable or anxious. Keep your mind occupied and light-hearted.

At 2:59 PM EDT, the moon releases that mental chatter as it enters the sensitive sign of Cancer. This places the Moon in her Domicile, where she is most comfortable. However, being comfortable does not mean being easy. Oftentimes the Moon in Cancer can be a time of extreme moodiness.

This is a good day to spend with family, manage domestic situations, explore issues of the past, and engage with sensitivity and love. Stay close to home. Bake cookies as a way to heal and nurture yourself and those you love.

Leaves will be on these trees soon


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Moon remains in Cancer today, suggesting the need for emotional connection and comfort. Cancer is the cardinal water sign where the Moon is very much at home.

This is a time of deep sensitivity and even moodiness. Your best bet is to focus on domestic activities, deep motivations, and connections with close family and intimate friends.

At 6:47 AM EDT, the Sun forms a wonderful sextile aspect to Saturn. This offers an opportunity to stabilize your emotions and helps your expectations and desires to be more realistic.

This transit will help you to focus on what is practical and keep your eyes open to what needs to be done in the name of progress. If something seems too good or too obvious to be true find the path to practicality and trust what is real and solid.

Pay attention to your responsibilities as you develop a foundation to build your dreams upon.

Warm sun – Cold water


Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Mid-week brings us to another day with the Moon in Cancer. The week has been rather quiet so far and that continues today.

With the Moon in this water sign, you can expect a day full of tender emotions, moodiness, and the desire to connect with loved ones. As a cardinal sign, remember that Cancer’s vulnerability and sensitivity carry great strength.

When the Moon is in Cancer we look for safety and for people who deeply care for us. You may experience more vulnerability than usual and can become defensive if old buttons are pushed.

Practice patience and loving-kindness toward others as you indulge in what brings comfort today.

Springtime brings me back to the cemeteries


Thursday, April 27, 2023

After several days of Cancer’s tenderness and nostalgia, the Moon enters the playful realm of Leo. The Leo Moon supports playfulness and dynamic self-expression. You want to step out and express the brightest side of your personality. Leo is the fixed Fire sign and is ruled by the Sun.

Leo offers the potential for enthusiasm and optimism. Get out of your normal routines and find a way to play with others. This is a time to express yourself fully.

At 5:20 PM EDT, we reach the Moon’s First Quarter phase. This places the Moon halfway between last week’s Solar Eclipse and next week’s Lunar Eclipse. This is an active phase of the cycle, with a 90-degree square formed between the Sun and the Moon.  At this time a deep tension arises, requiring that we take action and do something. With the Moon in Leo, the action needed will involve enthusiasm and self-expression.

Through the consideration of your experiences at the Solar eclipse last week, you will determine the action to take. The step required may not be easy. At each Quarter Moon Phase, we take a turn that will bring us to fulfillment or failure. Go ahead and express something that is true and fun!

Mark the First Quarter Moon on your calendar each month. It occurs a week after each New Moon. Each month make it a point to take at least one courageous act related to the ‘seed’ you planted (or in the case of an eclipse, what occurred) at the New Moon. Implementing this powerful habit will create forward motion and increase motivation.

More than 150 years ago little Alice died. A beautiful stone memorial


Friday, April 28, 2023

Today’s Leo Moon supports a playful end to the workweek. Leo is ruled by the Sun and brings the potential for enthusiasm and optimism. Without other complications, we tend to feel good when the Moon is in this generous, bright sign. We are more able than usual to exude courage and confidence.

Take this opportunity and let your playful side express itself. Remember what it’s like to be a child fully engrossed in play. Emulate that now.

The Leo Moon also brings a good time for romantic and creative activities. It is important not to let petty or unimportant ego issues get in the way of full self-expression. Think of your life as a stage and step forward into the limelight.

This cemetery is in ‘grave’ need of upkeep


Saturday, April 29, 2023

The moon remains in Leo for the bulk of today. If you were hoping for a weekend to get lots of tasks and chores done this might not be great. If your idea for the weekend is to have fun, this is perfect.

You will want to express yourself with warmth and generosity. You want others to appreciate your radiance, creativity, and resilience. Leo is a fixed fire sign bringing drama, creativity, glamour, and fun into focus. Go ahead and express your personality with playfulness, fervor, and excitement. Shower your friends and loved ones with gifts and generosity.

When the Moon enters Virgo at 3 PM EDT, your attention turns to the practical tasks and projects that need to get done. Focus on practical matters and the details involved in your various projects.

At 4:04 PM EDT Mars forms an exciting sextile aspect to Uranus. Sextile aspects (60°) require that you actively engage the energies of the planets involved. Whereas trine aspects offer gifts, sextiles offer opportunities. The opportunity here involves taking direct unconventional action. Keep your eyes open, something may surprise you.

Cemeteries are bursting with family stories


Sunday, April 30, 2023

Today’s Virgo Moon makes lovely trine aspects to both The Sun and Mercury. Your attention is focused on practical efforts necessary for positive change. This is a time to analyze, refine, and perfect whatever needs doing in your environment. These trine aspects add an easy flow to the efforts you make today.

This is a great time to get detail-oriented work done. Clean up your workstation, take care of any paperwork that needs doing, and complete household chores. Make lists, help others, clean, organize, and solve problems.



In these weekly reports, I explore the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and give rise to fleeting moods. The aspects under consideration are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. The planets I work with are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.