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Patreon is for YOU if you believe in me and the value of my work. It gives you the opportunity to support what I bring to the world.  As I develop programs and content that will bring more of my unique perspective to the world, you can feel good for your contributions.
This is a simple and beautiful idea. I am so grateful to you for considering this level of support as a way to help spread wisdom and love.
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I have always imagined that having a patron to support my efforts would enable me to spend more time creating significant programs and content and less time chasing $$ to pay the rent and buy groceries!
Now, Patreon enables me to receive a small amount of support from many folks who want to help me bring my work into the world in a simple, easy, and practical way.
I am working on developing teaching programs to bring a practical level of understanding to those of you who know that astrology is a language that can offer immense levels of self-understanding.
The study, writing, and program development take more time than I can give it as I need to spend too much time trying to make the $$ for rent and necessities.
My goal is to make $2000. ($1 or $2 at a time) per month to enable me to work on my program development. I am building a teaching platform to help you understand astrology and how it can be of practical use in your life.

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By pledging, you directly support my work, linking your energy to mine in a global community linked by a shared love of passion, truth, and the wisdom of astrology.
My favorite part is that there are no middle-men or corporate interests…just us, connecting and empowering positive change in the world! If this makes sense to you, then please go ahead and pledge!
Sending warmth and gratitude.