Astrology – Week of October 28th – November 3rd

We are heading into a powerhouse of a week! With the 4th exact ‘hit’ of the SQUARE between URANUS AND PLUTO, we anticipate intensity, challenge, and further insistence on transformation on a personal, cultural, and universal level.

Where in your life  are you being driven to transformation? Where do you feel the rug may be pulled out from under you at any moment?

MERCURY (retrograde) is on its way to its second conjunction to SATURN in SCORPIO on Tuesday, October 29. This can be felt as depression, particularly if we are not making the changes in our life that are needed.

We are also moving to the Dark of the Moon, as we let go of the current cycle and prepare to welcome the new seed. Sunday bring us the NEW MOON IN SCORPIO.

Monday, October 28, 2013:

We begin our work week with the MOON in expressive, dramatic LEO. What do you want to express today? Where do you feel the need to shine your warmth and generosity?

PLUTO SEXTILE CHIRON this morning bringing our awareness to an old deeply internal wound. It is a gentle awareness, not with the raw edges that we generally associate with our hurt places. Today there is a sense of workability, almost as though we were being offered the opportunity to simply heal this sad spot with the sheer will of our attention to it. Make an offering today to the sore spot within that is the most deeply damaged. Allow a deep healing to be felt without drama, without hard work, just by attention and intention.

The MOON TRINE VENUS at 8:26AM EDT followed by another lengthy VOC until the MOON ENTERS VIRGO at 11:44PM EDT.

The final aspect that the MOON makes before entering a new Sign colors the VOC period. MOON TRINE VENUS settles a sweet gentleness over the day. Is it enough to settle the tension being built as URANUS AND PLUTO come ever closer to their next Square this Friday? No, but it will certainly help!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013:

MOON IN VIRGO all day encourages us to approach all situations with a bit more attention to detail, and consideration of the ability to refine our thinking, our systems, and our communications. The Moon is very active throughout the day allowing us a wide range of organizational opportunities!

Today, we come to the second (of three) conjunctions between MERCURY AND SATURN (IN SCORPIO). The cycle between them (Mercury and Saturn) began 3 weeks ago on October 8th.  Due to Mercury retrograde, we come back to the serious consideration that began at that time. Consider the details that must be cleaned up before moving forward. When Mercury makes the final conjunction to Saturn (November 25) we will finally be ready to move forward with that project, plan, or study.  When you consider what this project may be, think about something that involves a deep mental transformation, or some sort of investigation (Scorpio). The entire cycle between these planets is a (approximately) yearlong process, so consider that this intellectual investigation will encompass the year!

Today, consider where you need to work with reality, where you thinking must come to a deeper level of maturity. Consider commitment, responsibility, and the (sometimes) heavy hand of reality.

Responsibility and working consciously with that heavy hand of reality brings deep and lasting gifts. Through facing our responsibilities with integrity we develop self respect, and self confidence. We come to trust ourselves and our word. Do not underestimate the importance of this.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013:

Today’s MOON IN VIRGO makes great connections to MERCURY, SATURN AND JUPITER. We are able to work with great efficiency and precision in clearing up those piles on our desk. We are able to see the potential in the work we are doing, or the effort we are making. We are able to make great strides in working with details and analysis.

There is no doubt about the great tension that is building as we move toward Friday’s connection between Uranus and Pluto.

It may not be easy to stay on track but today’s MOON IN VIRGO and her aspects certainly help.

Keep the day as orderly and habit-driven as possible. Be of service to others in any way that you are able.

As the day winds down we may encounter emotional discomfort as our need for precision is challenged by a desire for more freedom and expansion. We are just a bit sick of all this seriousness.  Take a break before bed to make a plan for something fun in the not too distant future! Perhaps a trip someplace new! Get out the atlas! Allow a bit of escape!

Thursday, October 31, 2013:

MARS TRINE PLUTO at 6:49AM EDT, there is the suggestion that our actions are empowered today. Consider the lessons we have learned over the past year with regards to our ability to take action assertively.

Where have you learned to step forward with courage? Keep your eyes/mind open to the opportunity to share this valuable knowledge with others. The lesson indicated is not one that was learned easily or without facing painful truths about ourselves and/or others. Remember the core struggle we were engaged with in late November 2012, this is the issue that you have learned from and now can pass on to another in need of the teaching.

MOON ENTERS LIBRA at 8:22AM EDT encouraging us to see our situation with an eye toward beauty and consideration for what we truly value in our lives. Today find what is beautiful in your environment. Create more beauty around you and notice how it affects your internal view.

How about splurging on a bouquet of flowers for the kitchen table?  For this one evening sit at the table for your evening meal, light candles, and focus on creating an experience of beauty. Observe how this impacts the way the family interacts, how you feel about yourself and your family throughout the evening. Today we may be able to see both sides (even a glimpse) of a situation that we have been stuck with over the past few days. 

Friday, November 1, 2013:

Hard to imagine a day that brings us to such a point as this. The tension of the SQUARE BETWEEN URANUS AND PLUTO that has been playing with us for so long comes to another exact pass at 6:29AM EDT today (this is the 4th of 7 exact square aspects). 

Much has been said about this ongoing restless, transformative, and revolutionary transit. This is the transit between planets that reflects the extreme transformation of the world and our culture at this time. The effect is directly impacting many individuals and yet even if it does not impact our personal chart directly, the changes that are wrought encompass the entire human race and our world. No one misses this!

As our world makes her major shifts we still work with all the daily more mundane shifts and changes of energy.

What is it that needs to be said today? Do you see someone on the wider scale of world news or politics saying something that should have been expressed sooner? Perhaps there is something that needs to be clarified in your own life? Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding that needs to be corrected before you are able to move forward? Be very clear and very kind with your words today.  Mercury (rx) Sextile Mars this morning.

Perhaps you could also identify an old heavy deep issue that could use a bit of simple warmth and light to heal an old pattern or an old suffering.  Speak what you see. There is deep connection at this time between seeing, acknowledging, and healing something from the past.

Watch the outer world stage, and stand ready to help anyone in your circle of influence that is in need of help through this stressful time of change.

Saturday, November 2, 2013:

Spend the morning with a close intimate friend or partner. We want to be with someone who brings comfort, beauty, and pleasure into our life. We want to bring delight and beauty to others! As you create beauty and and bring balance into your environment your relationships will be harmonized. Participate in those things that really make your heart sing. The morning should be slow and easy, spent with good food, minimal expectations, and surrounded by friends and loved ones.

It is also a beneficial morning for working on creative projects or projects of diplomacy. Help your friends out of the bind they are in, or see your way clearly to make a compromise that does not come easily.

MOON begins the day in LIBRA, forming a pleasant SEXTILE to VENUS at 8:46AM EDT. This adds a pleasant energy to the brief VOC period this morning.  No matter how lovely and sparkly some ‘thing’ strikes you as… leave it in the shop. The urge to buy something beautiful will likely not be so strong after the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:34PM EDT.  

The MOON ENTERS SCORPIO joining the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn. This is a focus in SCORPIO that must be attended to. Where is Scorpio in your chart? This area of your life will be highlighted at this time as you work on deep levels of intensity. Consider what is hidden in this most intensely deep area of your life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013:

Before we wake up this morning the SCORPIO SUN SEXTILE MARS (in VIRGO) at 3:48AM EST

Today’s NEW MOON at 11degrees SCORPIO occurs at 7:50AM EST. Here we are; beginning yet another cycle; another opportunity to begin a new plan, a new beginning.

With both the SUN AND MOON in SCORPIO this is a time to consider what is hidden below the surface. It is important to take the time and attention to explore what is unseen. We sense the transformational quality of this time. What deeply private sense of self must be transformed as we move forward?

If you are holding dangerous secrets you may want to consider how to bring them to light in the least destructive manner possible. With this grouping of planets in Scorpio, we would be well advised to consider the difference between secrets and privacy. Are we trying to justify unhealthy secrets or is it really a matter of healthy privacy? It is important to try to be honest with ourselves.

What area of your life is demanding change? You may want to hide from the intensity and depth you feel under the surface of life right now. The changes that are coming have not fully surfaced yet, so we are somehow left wondering with, perhaps, a bit of fear and trepidation. Get clear on what you want to create in this new lunar cycle. Begin a serious transformation in the Scorpio area of your life.



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