Being couch bound finally got me to write a weeks worth of posts at once!
Now that I have done it once, I’ll work to keep it going!
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Monday, October 14, 1013:

How do you feel about heading back to work today?

Clearly I don’t know what you do for work but, in a general sense, I assume you are heading back (after the weekend) to a job in a location where you have coworkers and bosses to interact with.
I suspect it is easier to head to work this morning than it often is on a Monday morning! Assuming that you are working in an environment that supports your beliefs and values. If that is not the case, you may feel very detached from others today.

Ideally we are working with ‘like minded others’ for the benefit of others today; a day great for collaboration on innovative ideas and projects.

MOON IN AQUARIUS is VOC between 4:28PM EDT and 5:05PM EDT at which time MOON ENTERS PISCES and makes contact with NEPTUNE before bedtime.

The evening is best spent in contemplation deeply sensitive matters. Reaching for the bottle (or other unhealthy habitual addiction) will be the easiest path. Look at that temptation and attempt to replace it with a healthy path that will feed the same surreal need; we long to escape into a dreamy elusive space. Find the path that allows you to transcend the human bonds of suffering. Music, Art, Poetry, Meditation, Prayer, Find your own path that bring you to intangible depths of sensitivity.

Failing that; simply go to sleep and allow your dreams to do the work!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
The MOON IS IN PISCES throughout the day, making pleasant aspects and keeping us in an emotional space of softness and open imagination.  
The Moon only spends a few days in each sign and generally affects our moods and our emotional sensitivities.  I think of the sign the Moon is in on any particular day as impacting the emotional environment that we all reside in.  The emotional environment of today is deeply sensitive, somewhat vague, and impressionable.  When the Moon is in Pisces you can connect with deep compassion and empathy for others.
Mars has been in Leo since August 27, 2013.  Mars represents the dynamic force of self-determination and initiative. While Mars has been in Leo we have enjoyed the ability to project our energy, our projects, and plans with generosity and courage.
Today MARS ENTERS VIRGO asking us to be a bit more discriminating in where we bring our focus. It is time now to work more quietly, more efficiently, and with more humility.  Our egos must be set aside while we pay more attention to the details and service aspects of our work.
What is it that you are putting you energy to? What project are you working on that now needs more precision in how you project your energy for the best results? Mars will be in Virgo until December 7, 2013.  A great deal can be accomplished at this time!
Wednesday, October 16, 2013:
MOON REMAINS IN PISCES through most of the day.  However her last aspect (MOON TRINE JUPITER) occurs at 3:15AM EDT bringing us into a very long VOC period that lasts until 9:18PM EDT.
As much as possible keep a low profile today, no big decisions made, no important projects begun! Rest in a place of dreamy sensitivity. Prayer, meditation, compassion, and inspiration rule the day. 
VOC Moon refers to the time between the last aspect the Moon makes in one Sign and the time it enters the next sign.  These are times that traditionally are believed to be great for rest and rejuvenation and not great for accomplishments or beginning something significant.
VENUS TRINE URANUS at 6:03PM EDT. This transit is likely to bring some excitement to your relationships or your finances.
If you have significant planets at approximately 10degrees Fire Signs you may even want to buy a lottery ticket! 😉 But not until after the Moon enters Aries!  
The Trine between Venus and Uranus brings the unexpected to love, beauty, or value. If you are an artist, this is a powerful time to bring innovative, original ideas to your work. If you are a financial investor the same is true! If you are in a love relationship, you will either need space and detachment or some thing new to light a fire.
Something unconventional is bursting to see the light of day. 
For anyone who is feeling depressed over the next 24 hours, what is it you know you need to do but are hesitant? The Aries Moon will help you take the step you need to take.
Thursday, October 17, 2013:
A great day to take action on the new innovative ideas you are nearly ready to burst with. Stay open to fresh insights and unusual ideas. There continues to be a flow of intense excitement (you may feel it as agitation or anxiety if you are trying to prevent change) to your core beliefs of beauty, love, and value.
You still have a bit of time before the upcoming Mercury Retrograde (October 21st). Remember that during the retrograde period you do not want to begin any new projects, you do not want to begin a new line of study, or a new line of communication; you also do not want to make any significant purchases.
Now would be a good time to begin to gather together the projects that you do want to work with during the retrograde time.  Gather the projects that have been left uncompleted on your desk. What do you need to study to enhance what you already know? Preparing for Mercury Retrograde will pay off in big ways! If you have questions about it, let me know, I’ll try to answer.
Friday, October 18, 2013:
Today is a highly energized and emotionally charged day. You may notice core needs and emotions that have been kept under wraps are no longer willing to remain unacknowledged or unfulfilled. You may experience a sense of personal empowerment, as you are no longer willing to maintain the status quo by pleasing others if it means neglecting your own needs and desires in the process.
Where were you/what began in your mind or in your life at the Libra New Moon on October 4, 2013?  
Look back at that time now. What has been illuminated or somehow made clear from two weeks ago? How have your most intimate relationships and your relationship to your finances changed due to what you were engaged in through the course of whatever happened during that weekend two weeks ago?
Because this is also an eclipse the issue at hand expands exponentially.  The results are long ranging. Take note of where 25degrees Aries is in your horoscope. This is an area where the changes taking place now will impact you greatly in the months to come.
Saturday, October 19, 2013
Early this morning while we slept the MOON ENTERED TAURUS slowing us down, bringing us to calmness after the intensity of the past 24 hours. We want this day to be predictable and comfortable. We don’t want excitement or drama.
This is a great day to clean up the yard, get a massage, stay in bed late, or simply stick with easygoing deliberate routines. Don’t rock the boat.
This evening as MARS OPPOSES NEPTUNE, we reach the full point in the cycle between these planets that began in the first week of February 2013.  These two planets have an uneasy relationship as Mars seeks action, courage, and strength; Neptune, on the other hand represents escape, sensitivity, self-transcendence.
Perhaps there is something to consider in this cycle about having the courage to be true to your own dreams or your own spiritual path.  Were you struggling to find the strength to be true to your dreams in February? Do you see now how far you have come along that path? Keep this consideration open. Tell me any thoughts you have about your own path with this cycle.

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Another day with that slowed down reverent TAURUS MOON.  Delightful.
I know we are all a bit on-edge with MERCURY STATIONING, about to go RETROGRADE tomorrow.
I do hope you have all set this weekend up without expectations and with simplicity. Again, do the yard-work, enjoy sensual pleasures, get a massage, make art, or buy art!
Bring flowers or objects of beauty into your home. Enjoy a sense of reverence for the mundane realities.
Tomorrow we will begin this MERCURY RETROGRADE period. Mercury turns retrograde at 18degrees of Scorpio going back as far as 2degrees Scorpio before turning direct once again the evening of November 10th.  
Your mind will not be content to stay on the surface during this time. It is important that you be willing to encounter some of the deepest aspects of the inner workings of your mind.  Look at the habitual patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. Work with your issues privately; seek out the deeper aspects of yourself that may prefer to stay hidden. Clean up what has been left undone.
Enjoy a day of solid inward exploration.