The Week of:
November 4 – November 10, 2013:

The current astrological configurations are reflecting stressful times for all of us.
It is important to remember that ‘stress’ does not equate with ‘bad’! These are serious times, requiring serious attention.
Alongside the struggles and the challenges we find opportunities at every juncture in the road.  Keep your eyes open, accept your challenges, your responsibilities, and the opportunities given!

Monday, November 4, 2013:

We are happily on the other side of a very intense weekend. I hope you all made it through with flying colors!
This morning we wake to the continued energetic bottleneck in Scorpio.  We continue working with issues of privacy, secrets, and integrity. There may be some issue, you thought would not be revisited, that is straining for attention. It is so easy for us to see the places where others may be out of integrity. Today, take a clear look in the mirror. Where may you be justifying a stance that no longer serves you?
We have deeper levels of inner searching to engage in.  Look deeply into yourself, your patterns, and your challenges. If depression sneaks in, you have gone deep enough and you must get outside of yourself. See how many others need your wisdom and your kindness.
MOON IN SCORPIO is VOC until she enters SAGITTARIUS at 3:13PM EST, keep a low profile during the early part of the day, this is for quiet inner work. Later this afternoon, breathe a sign of relief and find a new direction to explore!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013:

Today with the MOON IN SAGITTARIUS, VENUS leaves that sign (Sagittarius) of exploration and expansion (where she has been since October 7th) for the heavy arena of hard work and ambition. Money takes on more importance, as we see the options and choices that freedom from financial struggle allows us.
What does money bring to our lives? I have had many fascinating conversation recently about the value we place on money. So many of us spend years struggling with the idea of good and evil in regards to money. It is an interesting exploration to look at what money represents in our lives and where we learned the attitudes we find ourselves with today. What was the story your family had about money when you were growing up? How has that story impacted your financial situation today?
Due to Venus beginning a retrograde period in December 2013, Venus will remain in Capricorn far longer than she generally stays in a sign. Venus will remain in Capricorn until March 5, 2013.
This gives us a good deal of time to work with our deep personal values; our financial concerns, our relationship concerns, and our concerns regarding all things of beauty and personal worth.
If this is a particular area of concern, contact me, I not only have a few great books I would recommend, but working with your chart will bring much of these attitudes to light!
The MOON forms her final aspect while in SAGITTARIUS at 11:49AM EST bringing us to another long VOC period.
The final aspect, a Square to Mars, suggests a bit of frustration, aggravation, and edgy energy. Get some physical exercise to release some of that edge! Remember, Mercury is still retrograde! Be easy on yourself and give a lot of slack to others.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013:

MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN 4:34PM EST, bringing an end to a very long VOC MOON and bringing us to a serious look at our emotional state. A good evening to spend time alone looking at issues of your own personal ambitions from a realistic point of view.
As for the Sun conjunct Saturn today in Scorpio, there are several ways to look at this combination. This aspect happens once a year. I like to think of the heat of the SUN bringing warmth and light to places where we individually, and as a culture,  feel stuck and cold.
Some astrologers look at this from a somewhat different perspective. Consider the restriction of Saturn bringing a cold firm hand of restraint to our freedom of expression. With Venus now in Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) we are able to work more positively with the energies of Saturn. The Sun brings creativity to our experience of self-determination, maturity and structure. Saturn has amazing gifts to offer.
Yes, it is true that many may feel restricted and unhappy with this powerful combination. If that is your perspective, twist it a bit. Take a clear  look at reality.
Restrictions, limitations, and caution give rise to gifts of maturity, structure, and self-respect. Today we have an opportunity to see responsibilities as a gift from the authority/teacher of life: Reality.
MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN at 4:34PM EST bringing the more seriousness to the emotional landscape. Spending time alone, doing your own work is the best use of this evening.

Thursday, November 7, 2013:

An interesting day, with much activity to consider.
Shortly after midnight, as Thursday begins, JUPITER turns Retrograde bringing the issues of our largest planet into a pattern of reversal.
JUPITER represents expansion, idealism, growth, and higher learning. This retrograde begins at 20degrees CANCER and will continue until March 6, 2014. 
This is a time of inward growth, a time to look at your spiritual and philosophical perspectives. It may be a time to revisit beliefs you have held in the past, consider how they have brought you to where you now find yourself. Perhaps you could explore the beliefs of others, out of simple curiosity and respect, we all see through different filters.
Understanding and respecting the perspectives of others, brings much healing to our relationships and the world.
VENUS (newly in the somewhat harsh business world of Capricorn) forms a sweet SEXTILE to NEPTUNE in Pisces.
This is an amazing  and precious gift of the week!
Consider; Sextiles are opportunities; we must make an effort to activate them. If we make the effort the gift is given. The gift offered here is one of bringing deep connection between our work in the world and our soul’s path. It offers us an opportunity to open our hearts, allowing a bridge between our dreams and. 
JUPITER turns Retrograde at 20degrees CANCER 12:02AM EST

Friday, November 8, 2013:

I have my fingers crossed that this can be the day that will give us a chance to function with a little more easy.
Communications have the potential to sooth us and connect us to others today. Your writing or speaking may take on a bit of eloquence and may bring beauty and understanding to others. Use all forms of communication to bring pleasure and beauty to the world.

A good morning/ early afternoon for accomplishment and focus while the MOON is still in CAPRICORN. 
This evening we may notice ourselves more interested in social activity than we have been for most of the week.  MOON IN AQUARIUS is a great time to connect with like-minded folks to discuss and consider new progressive and unusual ideas. As we approach the First Quarter Moon (Sunday) we sense the need to accomplish something toward building whatever we began at the New Moon last week.
Bring new exciting thoughts and ideas to others, much can be understood.
At 2:39AM EST MOON OPPOSES JUPITER then is VOC until she enters AQUARIUS at 6:30PM EST.

Saturday, November 9, 2013:

The MOON is in the quirky,  eccentric sign of AQUARIUS throughout the day. You want to be on your own in a wild new way, or with others who see the word from the particular perspective that sings to you.
Freedom is important and none of us want to be held down or restrained by our relationships in any way. Today is not the day to try to bend someone’s will in a direction that they do not want to go.
If you are in a close intimate relationship this would be a great day to give each other an extra dose of freedom. Visit your friends on your own.
Being a member of a committed couple is no reason to spend every Saturday evening together. Go out with your friends. Encourage your partner to do the same. You’ll appreciate each other more when you return to common ground.
Physical endurance is high today enabling us to get some work done that we have possibly been putting off.  If you live in the Northern Hemisphere perhaps this is the day you have been waiting for to get your weatherization projects done before it gets any colder out there! Winter is upon us!

MERCURY RX TRINE NEPTUNE. This free flow of energy between our thinking and our dreams, allows a free flow of inspiration, sensitivity and imagination. There may seem to be no boundaries within our minds. We flow easily between fantasy and reality, all that is solid seems fluid for the time being. Allow yourself the joy of boundlessness for this time.

Sunday, November 10, 2013:

Consider the SCORPIO NEW MOON – SOLAR ECLIPSE last Sunday November 3rd. What began at that time? 
Think back and get clear because today is the FIRST QUARTER MOON IN AQUARIUS (12:56AM EST followed by VOC until MOON ENTERS PISCES at 9:37PM EST).
The First Quarter Moon brings us to a crisis regarding what we are trying to create in this cycle. A crisis of purpose and a demand to take action to develop where we are headed.
Consider issues of freedom, independence, and rebellion; not just for yourself but for all of humanity.  What do you have to offer to bring all of humanity to a better place. What do you have to offer to the future of the human race? That is the question for today.
And the moment we have been waiting for: MERCURY TURNS DIRECT (2degrees SCORPIO) at 4:11PM EST.
We are ready for this! We are ready to move forward! Over the next few days we will notice how much more smoothly things are going. Our communications seem to be received with far less misunderstanding. We are able to function better with the realities of our world.
We are happy for this reflection of our readiness to move forward once again!