Week of November 11 – 17, 2013

I like the look of this week.  The intensity that we were embroiled in several weeks ago, has mellowed out. It now seems almost far away. We have moved on from the eclipses, the most recent Uranus Pluto event, and the other complications involved!
We do have some intensity to deal with in the middle of this week as VENUS makes stressful contact with URANUS and PLUTO.
I like to think that we are learning to work with these energies.
Watch your responses and reactions as issues of power, control, and jealousy crop up. What do you still need to learn regarding these powerful, transformative issues? Look carefully at how you are managing your money, your relationships, and your deepest values. Look at all that you have learned regarding these issues over the past few years. There is still much to learn; and remember how much you have already learned, give yourself credit for all that you have done/learned!
The other important consideration this week is NEPTUNE stationing direct; which is a very subtle influence. Consider what your dreams are bringing to your awareness. Pay attention to your intuition, your dreams, and your imagination. Leave the drink and drugs behind in favor of opening a door to spiritual exploration, meditation, or simply your dreams.

Monday November 11, 2013:

Now that MERCURY is direct she retraces her steps, forming a Trine to NEPTUNE once again. Having passed over this sensitive point first on October 1st, and again two days ago, we now reach the final pass. What gift has this free flow of energy brought into your life? You may notice a blurring of your mind, logical reality seems elusive. You may feel that you are half in dreamland. We understand intuition more than logic at this time. The boundaries between self and others are not as firm as we expect them to be, allowing deep connection and compassion to arise for others.
Once Mercury turns direct we expect clarity and forward motion right away. With Neptune and Pisces (MOON IS IN PISCES) so prominent, don’t jump ahead too quickly. A bit more patience, and a bit more learning from inner spirit, is required.
Take all that you hear with a grain of salt. It is unlikely that the information you receive is what it appears to be. There are times when it is fine to take a break from cold, solid reality.  Encourage your dreams; go where only imagination can take you. Devote yourself to your perception of The Ideal, to mystical inspiration, or even to the transcendence of self.
Clarity is lacking today; enjoy the rose colored glasses, connect with deep love and open compassion. Don’t bother to seek the harsh edges of reality. Enjoy boundlessness, fantasy, illusion, and imagination. Play on that level today. Enjoy.

Tuesday November 12, 2013:

SUN TRINE JUPITER! I have heard this transit called The Cosmic Blessing!  It occurs approximately twice per year allowing a free flow of vitality and expansion into the world. Add to this the MOON IN PISCES and we have a GRAND WATER TRINE today! What we encounter is an Emotional Cosmic Blessing! LOVE as a profound state may be encountered as we meditate on deep compassion and connection to all sentient beings. We may feel a sense of expansion, protection, generosity, and a deep inner blessing.
Regardless of any difficulties in your personal life, reach out to embrace this energy! It is available to ALL of us today. Especially if you are in dark times; touch this warmth, allow yourself to accept its soothing rays.  Reach into the world today with the aspiration of stimulating the optimism, enthusiasm, and warmth of others. Hold your own generosity as a model for others today. Expand on your beliefs, aspirations, and personal philosophy.
MOON in PISCES enters her VOC at 9:34AM after forming the Grand Trine with the SUN and JUPITER.  Moon VOC will last throughout the rest of the day encouraging us to take it easy! Not a time for hard work, pressure, or insistence on accomplishment.

Wednesday November 13, 2013:

Our energy is pulled in several very different directions today. The environment/cosmic weather feels direct and powerful this morning. The MOON ENTERED ARIES AT 2:39AM EST. Today we are ready to take the bull by the horns, stop fooling around, and take charge of getting what we want!
However, we must also take issues of softness and compassion into consideration.
Neptune turns direct at 1:41PM EST at 2degrees Pisces.
This is a subtle energy shift, and will the ARIES MOON being so LOUD, we may miss it altogether if we are not paying attention.
If you have planets at (or near) 2degrees of Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you may sense the opening, shifting, and dissolving of internal boundaries, a softening and blurring of harsh awareness. Where are your dreams ready to move forward through acts of forgiveness or faith? Wherever Pisces lives in your chart is an area where your dreams, devotions, and sensitivities lay beyond the ordinary world.  Look to that area and notice the shift.
The evening may hold some challenge and stress as the aggressive ARIES MOON meets up with the ongoing URANUS SQUARE PLUTO transit.  Be clear about what you want for yourself this evening; consider the transformations of our world and culture and how those changes are impacting your life on a very personal level.
Be prepared to assist others, as many need our helping hands.

Thursday November 14, 2013:

Let’s begin by talking about the simplicity of The MOON IN ARIES. Today’s cosmic weather offers us a great deal of energy to push forward with our personal agenda. There is a natural tendency for each of us to focus on our self and our personal desires. No one is welcome to stand in our way and we really do not want to take ‘no’ for an answer.
But let’s take a look at the more interesting significance of today. This is going to involve you taking out your calendar or your journal.  Have you started keeping a journal yet? It is essential to the study of astrology.
At 9:12PM EST VENUS SQUARE URANUS. This is the Final Square in the cycle between Venus and Uranus. Let’s look at that cycle in a clear simple manner.
Step #1: Conjunction between Venus and Uranus – end of March 2013
This was the beginning phase of development regarding unusual expressions of relationship (love) or resources (money). 
Step #2: Square between Venus and Uranus – mid June 2013
At this time you are required to take a direct action regarding what began in Step #1
Step #3: Opposition between Venus and Uranus – end of August 2013
At this point there is clarity about what was developed from the seed born at the end of March. The success or failure of the project is clear.
Step #4: This is where we are now. The Final Square. We have seen the issue clearly; we have learned what we need to learn from the results we have had. Now we are aware of the areas that need improvement. Now we begin the slow undoing of the mistakes we have made in the work we have done during this cycle. We consider carefully what we have learned. We will improve on this issue of love, money, and personal value when we come to the next cycle, which will begin in mid May 2014.
I would love for you to share how this cycle has played out for you! I would love to hear your process through the changes.
MOON IN ARIES settles into a VOC phase at 3:58PM, spend the evening without expectation of accomplishment or purpose. Routine tasks are a perfect outlet. Get caught up on laundry or get your bills paid.

Friday November 15, 2013:

Yesterday we talked about the cycle between Venus and Uranus; today Venus meets Pluto. Because of the current connection between Uranus and Pluto these two cycles are intimately connected; understanding one cycle will assist you in seeing the other cycle with more clarity. Thinking of these things is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Simply consider that Venus speaks of love, money, recourses, and personal values; Uranus speaks of freedom, defiance, and individuality; Pluto speaks of power, transformation, and rebirth.
Step #1: Conjunction between Venus and Pluto – mid January 2013: This was the beginning of a full transformation of relationship (love) or resources (money).  This may manifest as a full transformation of the reality of your situation or on a level of your attitudes and beliefs.
Step #2: Square between Venus and Pluto – very end of March 2013: At this time you were required to take a significant action regarding the deep transformation that began in Step #1
Step #3: Opposition between Venus and Pluto – Second week of June 2013: Consider what became clear in the development of the seed born at Step #1. At this time it became clear whether the best actions were taken or not.  The success or failure of the project was clearly apparent.
Step #4: Third Quarter Square between Venus and Pluto – the last week of August 2013: At this time we gain a new level of clarity. We see the progress and the missteps. It is time to look clearly at what has been learned. Consider carefully the improvements that must be made. Begin to develop the plan for how to further transform our relationships to love, money, and personal values when we come to the next cycle between Venus and Pluto.
And here we are today – now we are ready to begin again:
Step #1: TODAY VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO; we the New Cycle between them! We have completed the cycle that began in January. Look clearly at where that brought you and where you want to plant the new seed today.
This is an amazing opportunity! Where do your attitudes regarding love, your beliefs regarding money, and your understanding regarding beauty need a complete overhaul? Plant the seed for this transformation today!
We can be grateful for the TAURUS MOON (enters at 9:49AM EST) today, as she brings stability and a deep appreciation for steadfastness and grounding.
Go deep in self-exploration and contemplation today and bring deep warmth and comfort to others.

Saturday November 16, 2013:

Let’s hear it for such lovely astrological weather on a Saturday!
In order to truly enjoy the full potential of this day it is most important NOT to cram too much activity into the day! Today you will do well to dedicate yourself to comfort, routines, the building and creating of beauty and/or stability. Do you have purchases to make that will add beauty or comfort to your life? Can they be acquired without adding stress to the day?  If you answer ‘yes’ to both those questions, today would be a great time to make those purchases.
Mid afternoon when the TAURUS MOON OPPOSES SATURN you may notice a low point. Don’t give it a lot of attention or struggle against it; we are in the Dark of the Moon as well. It is best to plan for this one. Think ahead, commit to spending a few hours of quiet time, alone between 2PM EST and 4PM EST.
Stay close to home; get or give a massage; seek pleasure and comfort, create beauty.
Bring simple pleasures, warm comfort, and deep beauty to the lives of others.
Early tomorrow we encounter the Taurus Full Moon; which we will discuss tomorrow. For now, be aware that we are in the Dark of the Moon, and that the wildness we generally attribute to the Full Moon will be bubbling forth in the world tonight. I think I will choose to remain within the Taurus cocoon of stability; let others play out the drama of the Full Moon.  Those who seek out that drama may be disappointed as this Full Moon is far more laid back than most!

Sunday November 17, 2013:

Today’s FULL MOON in TAURUS occurs at 10:16AM EST following a sweet aspect with JUPITER earlier in the morning. This brings a sense of protection and a positive spin on the full expression of beauty available to us now.
This is not a Full Moon of wildness and intensity. We are far more interested in sensuality, solidity, and beauty than at most Full Moons.
On November 3rd the New Moon occurred at 11degrees Scorpio. What seed did you plant regarding deeply transformative emotion at that time? Now, at the Full Moon we see the full creative expression what was planted at that time; a creative release of emotion or transformation.  What do you see as the full expression that is presented now? What have you accomplished over these past two weeks?
Spend the day much as yesterday. Involve yourself in creating and receiving pleasure, stability, and comfort.
Following the Full Moon at 10:16AM EST, the Moon enters her VOC time until she enters GEMINI at 7:07PM EST. The evening may prove to be the most social energy of the weekend. Our minds are active and curious. Dinner and conversation with friends would be a lovely way to end the weekend.