The Astrological Weather

for the Week of

December 16, 2013 – December 22, 2013

This week brings with it significant change: Full Moon, Winter Solstice, Uranus station direct, Venus station retrograde! Play with whatever energies show up and enjoy the on-going ride!

On Tuesday we come to The FULL MOON IN GEMINI, encouraging us to release and express what has been building over the past two weeks. URANUS turns Direct on Tuesday, as well, having been retrograde since July 17, 2013. Anticipate something unexpected from the past resurfacing over the coming weeks.
Saturday marks the Winter Solstice, as the SUN enters CAPRICORN, changing the energy irrevocably
for all of us. The joyful play of Sagittarius moves into the serious ambition of Capricorn.
The other big news on Saturday VENUS begins her Retrograde, which will last for approximately 6 weeks. This is a time to consider what it means to be satisfied.
Now, let’s break the week down, day by day!

Monday, December 16, 2013:

On Monday the MOON is in GEMINI all day. Her only aspect being an opposition to MERCURY. Because MERCURY rules GEMINI this connection intensifies the GEMINI energy of the day.
It is important to keep in mind that tomorrow is the Gemini Full Moon, meaning that we are reaching the very height of the Moon’s energy, within the current cycle.
This is a strong day for building energy; building curiosity and gathering information. We can expect enthusiasm, our minds are active, changeable, restless, and inquisitive. At the Full Moon tomorrow we will be ready to release this creative energy into the world through communication of some sort. For today consider where this cycle began (2 weeks ago at the New Moon) and what it entails for you. Spend time today gathering the information that you need to prepare to release at the tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013:

Tuesday brings us to the GEMINI FULL MOON (25°) exact at 4:28 AM EST. Today’s FULL MOON brings us to a release of energy. Consider what began on the NEW MOON (December 1st). If you pay attention you can see the results, or the culmination, now of what began then.
The GEMINI FULL MOON releases a creative energy of expression through words and communications. What are you now ready to talk about that you just began to notice several weeks ago? Whatever you need to talk about is probably best done before the MOON ENTERS CANCER at 1:17PM EST. Things aren’t as emotional and people won’t take things as personally before 1:17PM EST.
Once the MOON ENTERS CANCER we are far more sensitive and emotional. Make it an early evening, head home to family, close loved ones, or time alone in a hot bath. Make yourself a special meal and enjoy the warmth of home. Go ahead; pull out the photo albums – allow nostalgia… just a bit.

URANUS turns Direct on Tuesday, as well, having been retrograde since July 17, 2013. Anticipate something unexpected from the past resurfacing over the coming weeks. Where is 8Degrees ARIES in your chart! Look for inspiration or something unexpected in this area of your life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013:

Wednesday may be the edgiest day that we encounter this week. The MOON still in CANCER does her little tangle with the ongoing URANUS SQUARE PLUTO transit. We have been talking about that transit for so long! With the past few weeks being relatively pleasant, it has been tempting to think that we have passed the influence of that heavy, intense, transformational transit.
However, on days like today, with the MOON connecting them once again we are reminded once again of where the stress of that relationship between URANUS AND PLUTO is working upon us. Our transformations are not yet complete, there are still areas that we have not worked on or completed the work on!
We are still being asked to change to transform the way we live with each other and on this planet. There may be some moodiness, some sadness, some loneliness today as we are reminded of the changes that are still seeking expression.

If your mother is still alive, count yourself lucky, and give her a call. She will be really happy to hear from you.

Thursday, December 19, 2013:

Thursday is another day with MOON IN CANCER through the day.
The MOON connects with both JUPITER AND SATURN, re-energizing the Trine between SATURN AND JUPITER. This is such a lovely aspect and we are able to strongly connect with it on Thursday.
Enthusiasm, wonder, and joy in our lives can be strong and at the same time highly realistic. We understand the need to keep our feet on the ground and to live in the real world and find our pleasure there.

We don’t need those rose colored glasses to love our lives, we are able to love our lives even with all that is imperfect and even flawed. Consider what brings you satisfaction. We each determine for ourselves what is enough. Find beauty exactly where you are at this moment.
This will be the day when everyone at your place of employment will bring holiday cookies & sweets! This is a day to connect over food. Many of us nurture and feel nurtured through food; we show each other love through cooking for each other and serving each other.
Today is a day to give gifts of food or to cook for your loved ones. If you have family around, get out the old photo albums; reminisce, enjoy thoughts and memories of times gone by.

Before you enjoy your mug of eggnog and the warmth of the fire – bring some hot food to the homeless shelter or directly to the person standing on the corner who is without the blessings that most of us take so for granted.

Friday, December 20, 2013:

We wake up on Friday and notice a very different energy! The MOON ENTERED LEO at 1:48 AM EST. this is a great day for expression, performance, and play!
There is a great deal of energy as the LEO MOON makes lovely aspects to both MARS and URANUS. This should be a great time for accomplishment as we want to get a lot done, we want to be out in the world to see and be seen. There is excitement as we continue to prepare for the upcoming holiday.
When the LEO MOON TRINE URANUS in ARIES we may well get some sort of a surprise or an inspiration. Keep your eyes open to some excitement this evening. This is the last full day of the SUN IN SAGITTARIUS. Perhaps it would be appropriate to get out to a party this evening.
A great night for a party! You may meet people that bring surprising changes and excitement into your life. You may also bring excitement and surprise to the life of those you meet!

Saturday, December 21, 2013:

On Saturday everything changes. This brings us to the WINTER SOLSTICE! The Solstice marks the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere.

The solstice is an astronomical event, caused by Earth’s tilt on its axis, and its motion in orbit around the sun. No matter where we live this is a time of celebration. Here in the northern hemisphere following these weeks of so much darkness we are terribly excited that the days will begin to get longer. This is a seasonal shift that we all notice. In the southern hemisphere the days begin to get shorter as their seasons shift in the other direction.
This brings us to the time that The SUN ENTERS CAPRICORN (12:10 PM EST). The Sun moving through Sagittarius offers much excitement and positive, hopeful energy. It always feels a bit surprising to me when the SUN shifts to CAPRICORN.
The fun of the past few weeks settles into a more serious mode. We suddenly notice our concern about the condition of our checkbooks following a possible recent spending spree. We are really ready to get serious, to get back to work or projects that are important to us and yet we still have some time before the holidays are over. Making this adjustment can be a little difficult for a few days. Knowing that the light is coming back is, however, a great motivation in all areas! What relief!
VENUS will be retrograde for approximately 6 weeks. Take this time to look at the issue of love and pleasure. Look clearly at your tendency to dis-satisfaction. Look to the area between 13degrees Capricorn and 28degrees Capricorn to understand more about where this energy will be impacting you, where you need to understand your own tendency toward dis-satisfaction.

Sunday, December 22, 2013:

Sunday is a day to take it easy if you can. If you are celebrating the holiday, today is the day to wrap your presents and get last minute preparations done.
The moon is VOC in LEO following a TRINE to MERCURY at 8:26 AM.
There is a lot to adjust to with the shift in the Sun Sign and Venus’ retrograde. It is a day of adjustment! The MOON ENTERS VIRGO at 2:19 PM EST bringing us into an evening of organizing, settling-in, and getting ready for the upcoming week.
Onward to the next week! Make the most of this one! They are each with us for such a short period of time!

Thanks for being here.
~ Laurie