December 2, 2013 – December 8, 2013:

This week moves us one step closer to the Winter Solstice (December 21st) and deeper into the Darkness of the Winter season.
We encounter significant shifts of energy this week as both MERCURY and MARS move forward into a new Sign and a new method of functioning.

Don’t make plans for next weekend until you have read the ‘weather report’!  Save Saturday as a day of relaxation.
If you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping don’t plan Saturday for that. 
Sunday would be a wiser choice; or better yet, wait a bit longer!

Monday, December 2, 2013:

Monday morning we awake to a sense of still being in the Dark of the Moon.
However, with the MOON having entered SAGITTARIUS in the early morning hours there is an expansive feel to the day. We understand the necessary preparation as we ready ourselves to burst forth into the new cycle.
Spend some time today considering this NEW CYCLE. Notice where 10degrees SAGITTARIUS is in your chart. Today is a day to begin a new project, plan, or course of study.
Consider planing or scheduling a trip, sign up for an interesting course, or begin a new course of study on your own.
Another thing I wanted to mention here… Last Thursday when Venus Opposed Jupiter our hearts opened to a level of generosity, optimism and humor that actually began in late May 2013.
Think about this today, bring the goodness of generosity and open heated kindness into the world through your actions. Model the generosity and expression of love that you would like to see in the world.
This is a day to teach by example.
Remember: we teach best what we most need to learn!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013:

There is always a bit of an optimistic overtone to a day with the MOON IN SAGITTARIUS. On these days we know that regardless of whatever may be happening around us or within us, we are able to expand our view! We understand and are encouraged by the possibilities that are never too far away when the MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS!
This is a day to make connections with people and situations that introduce you to new cultures or new ways of thinking or being in the world. When the MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS we are able to look outside of the small perspective we sometimes get stuck in.
Consider The Archer – the Symbol of SAGITTARIUS; consider, not the archer him/herself, but the view from the Arrow that s/he has shot into the air. SAGITTARIUS sees the big picture.
There is much that is unseen from the ground. Bring your minds-eye above the ground!
On Tuesday, shortly before MERCURY AND MARS each shift into a new Sign they form a SEXTILE aspect between them. This aspect provides us with an opportunity to speak our mind about something that has been on a back burner since early May of 2013. What began in early May that you are now ready to bring more fully into your expressed experience.
Perhaps something occurred or was offered that you were not yet ready for or did not take advantage of at that time. Perhaps you simply didn’t talk about it, taking a step quietly upon a path that you are now ready to seriously work on.
Look at your journals or calendars to find clues. If you accept the opportunity that is offered now, you will be ready to take a more solid or public step forward during the last few days of 2013 or the first few days of 2014.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013:

During our sleep on Tuesday night the  MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN.

The emotional ‘weather’ takes a downward turn. Yesterday’s expansiveness closes and we feel a restriction, a need to work harder and play less. 

We feel driven to take our responsibilities, our duties, and our jobs more seriously.
The big shift on Wednesday occurs at 9:42PM EST when MERCURY ENTERS SAGITTARIUS, if you are paying attention you will feel this on Thursday morning.

People tend to think very little about Mercury until s/he turns retrograde. If you follow the retrograde periods you know how much Mercury effects our lives and how we function in the world.

MERCURY moves fairly quickly covering each sign in approximately 3 weeks. However, due to the recent retrograde s/he has been in Scorpio for an extended period (since September 29th).

With Mercury (the planet that represents our minds, our thinking, and our communication) in Scorpio we have been quite driven to deep intense exploration of mind.
I hope you were able to take advantage of the extended period of such intensely inward thinking.

Now, as MERCURY enters SAGITTARIUS we will be bringing our minds in a different direction altogether.

Now our minds are ready to fly, to gain an overview of our beliefs, to explore new wide-ranging opinions and wisdom.

If that seems too serious perhaps you simply want to Party!

Thursday, December 5, 2013:

Today is a simple day as the MOON continues her way through CAPRICORN. We are able to buckle down to work today and get a lot accomplished as long as we are able to work with the shift of MERCURY now in SAGITTARIUS.
Let’s think a bit more about SAGITTARIUS!  I remember a comic I saw many years ago; the Archer (Sagittarius) was standing at a crossroad where there was a sign with an arrow pointing in each direction. Heading in one direction the arrow said “Enlightenment”; heading in the other direction the arrow said “Gary’s Party”.
With MERCURY now in SAGITTARIUS our minds seek a balance between ‘wisdom’ and ‘the party’ over the next three weeks.
Whatever area of your chart Mercury contains the first degrees of Sagittarius indicates the area of life that is on your mind.
This is the area where you are choosing a path of opening to new beliefs and awareness or where you just want to have fun. During this 3 week period of time you can choose to work with your mind to awaken to a higher understanding of your life, or you can simply have fun with your thoughts and expand the horizons in your life that provide fun! 
There is no right or wrong here; simply open to a more expansive way of viewing your world. Whichever direction you choose – Enjoy!

Friday, December 6, 2013:

In the very early hours of Friday morning the MOON ENTERS AQUARIUS.
The AQUARIUS MOON encourages you to look in places you normally don’t look, to go to places you generally avoid, to open your mind to the bigger picture, to see what you were not taught to see.
Open your mind! Detach from the opinions of others. Find your internal rebel, seek freedom, independence, go someplace (in reality or figuratively ) that surprises even you! This is not a day to make decisions, but to enjoy the freedom of the view.


Our thinking may not be as clear, linear, or focused as we expect it to be.
Communications from others may not feel ‘right’; something is not as it appears to be; we do not have the full picture. Ask questions; take nothing at face value.
Your intuition may feel strong, however, do not neglect to understand the part that delusion may play into this. Please understand that until we have worked for many years with intuition, we can not always trust the reality of where it takes us.
Under the influence of Neptune it is important to question the line between intuition and delusion.
Enjoy the freedom your mind has on this day to go on flights of fancy.
Your imagination, empathy, compassion, and sensitivity are strong. This is a great day for deep meditation, creating works of art, excellent for writing poetry or fantasy. 
Our thoughts and communications are illusive, make no decision today.

Saturday, December 7, 2013:

I am sure many of you have plans to do your holiday shopping on Saturday!
Change your plans! Don’t do it! 
The last aspect that the Moon makes before going VOC is a SQUARE to SATURN at 7:11AM EST. 
Following that the VOC lasts until early Sunday morning.
You really don’t want to shop or start new projects today.
Spend the day on activities that will support you over the next few weeks, get things done in preparation.
Revitalize yourself, take some time to tie up lose ends that will get in the way once you get closer to whatever holidays you celebrate.
If you enjoy baking for the holidays, today could be useful for that. If you have company to entertain over the next few weeks, you could spend today cleaning the house. Practice your mindfulness skills and make these chores enjoyable. If you have family or friends to work by your side; even better.
MOON SQUARE SATURN at 7:11AM followed by a very long VOC MOON lasting until early tomorrow morning!

This is a day to gather with friends. Enjoy connecting with others in the evening; a small dinner party would be perfect for the energy available.
Let’s consider the movement of MARS into LIBRA at 3:40PM EST. Mars is the planet of assertiveness, courage, and strength.
Remember that strength is helpless without the accompaniment of  courage. Assertiveness becomes frustration or even violence without integrity combined with courage.
MARS entered Virgo on October 15th.  Think about our most recent projects, do you notice an increase in your ability to be meticulous and efficient during this time? Have you gotten your most detailed projects accomplished during this time?
Have you suffered self criticism at your (perceived) lack of energy, or your inability to see the ‘bigger picture’? Have you noticed yourself stuck in the details?
Today MARS enters the realm of LIBRA pushing us to direct our energy toward forming partnerships, these may be of a romantic nature or a business partnership.
Libra is a great place for Mars to be as we head toward the social graces required to survive the sometimes difficult situations of the holidays.

Sunday, December 8, 2013:

MOON ENTERS PISCES in the early morning hours. Not a lot to worry about today.
Enjoy a day of play with your imagination, don’t get too focused on accomplishment, enjoy artistic endeavors.
Keep in mind that yourself and others may be more impressionable than usual.
Spend the day making art, watching old movies, or escaping into mystical realms of study. Do not concern yourself if you are feeling that a fog has settled over this day.
Spend time in contemplation; can you imagine finding a bridge between your deepest level of intuition and your ability to function in the material world. We sit in a space today of exploration.
Don’t try to accomplish anything in the real world. Hold your beliefs and your solid ‘real’ world with a loose hold. Nothing is as solid as you may think.