Monday, October 21, 2013:
The big news today is that MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE at 6:28AM EDT. I am hopeful that the general population is learning the positive use of Mercury Retrograde. In the past there has been so much fear and anxiety attributed to it. As in so many things in this life, we certainly get what we anticipate. The world and our circumstances move to fulfill our expectations. Nowhere in astrology is this more evident than in how we approach the times of Mercury Retrograde.
In the past as we moved toward Mercury retrograde we would expect miscommunications, lost opportunities, breakdowns of nearly everything we touch, particularly electronics and other systems that facilitate movement or communications. However, I think we were simply missing the point. Life moves along differently during these times. We must proceed a bit differently to get the benefit of this time.
Stop what you are doing. Sit down and make a list. What projects have been left under a pile of papers on your desk? What did you begin researching but got distracted and forgot all about?
Now is the time to simply stop forward motion and go back, pick up and complete the pieces that have been left behind.
I have found that if I simply forgo any new directions, new (significant) purchases, and new projects and instead take the time to re-work, re-write, re-envision, re-focus, re-mind, and re-commit, this is a time of potentially huge productivity.
Mercury remains retrograde until November 10th. This gives us plenty of time to clean up what needs to be done.
Today the MOON is VOC until she enters GEMINI at 12:14PM EDT. It will be important to pay attention to how we speak and what we say. We may well be misunderstood as the MOON makes contact with NEPTUNE and MARS. We may feel inspired and assertive. Watch our delivery of communications. Keep talking; keep connecting while remaining aware of the responses you are getting from others. It is your responsibility to make sure you are being understood, be prepared to change tactics if you realize that you are not being understood.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013:
While the MOON IS IN GEMINI we want to gather information for the sole pleasure of doing so. The feasibility of satisfying our curiosity may seem somewhat hampered by Mercury’s current retrograde.
Perhaps it is time to write a blog post about my current understanding of Mercury retrograde. Perhaps some of you could use a refresher?
How well do you understand what Mercury Retrograde signifies astronomically? How do we know by looking at a horoscope if Mercury was retrograde at the time of birth? What does it mean to have Mercury Retrograde in your natal (birth) chart? How often does Mercury go retrograde? What is different during times of Mercury retrograde? How should we prepare for Mercury retrograde? What would we do well to avoid during Mercury Retrograde?
The MOON OPPOSING VENUS at 8:35PM EDT is her final aspect in GEMINI leaving us with a touch of sweetness followed by MOON VOC.  Plans for tomorrow really need to be low-key with little to no expectations!
Wednesday, October 23, 2013:
By the time we wake up this morning the SUN is already settling into SCORPIO.
THE SUN ENTERED SCORPIO at 2:09AM EDT, bringing more passion, mystery, and introspection into our lives. With Saturn, Mercury Retrograde, and now The SUN all gathering in the dark, mysterious, private waters of this FIXED WATER SIGN, it is time to go deep. Over the next few weeks we may be surprised by the intensity with which we are encountering life.  Explore issues of empowerment and control in your life. Where do you give your power away? Where do you seek control and power over others?
SUN will be in SCORPIO until nearly midnight on November 21st. During this time pay attention to issues of depression and anxiety. Do you, or others in your life, vacillate between these two? When depression looms within your mind consider where you are looking too deeply into the darker corners of your mind. Take time to move out of your own head and help others who could use your knowledge and wisdom. When anxiety arises consider where you need to take the time to look a bit more deeply into those same dark corners. There is a balance that must be reached.
As the SUN shines her light over this intriguing space of introspection and mystery we have the opportunity to find this balance. We must go deep, and yet not get lost in too much depth!
The MOON IS IN GEMINI VOC all day until entering CANCER at 11:35PM EDT. We are given the task of exploring our curiosity on these matters without having to make any motion to try to change, fix, or create anything. An appropriate response to this day is internal contemplation and external compassion.
Thursday, October 24, 2013:
Our emotions are very close to the surface as the day begins with the CANCER MOON forming a GRAND TRINE with the SCORPIO SUN and NEPTUNE (PISCES). I would love to hear about your morning dreams! Between the emotionality inherent in this combination and the deep connection to imagination we may spend a good part of the morning feeling  sensitive, deeply inspired, and connected to that which is intangible.
The later part of the day may not fare as well. Our dreams are set aside as we are thrust into facing some possibly unpleasant realities. This evening the CANCER MOON OPPOSES PLUTO AND SQUARES URANUS accentuating the intense tension between them (Uranus & Pluto) which is reflecting the most challenging issues of our times!
Friday, October 25, 2013:
The MOON IS IN CANCER all day, going VOC after making a CONJUNCTION TO JUPITER at 4:31PM EDT.  This sets the day up on a positive note. This is a gentle day full of promise and enthusiasm. Remember, with the Moon VOC there is no point in pushing ourselves toward accomplishment.
At 6:40PM EDT the SUN TRINE NEPTUNE. This is a day of contemplation; a day to focus on what is intangible in life. Consider our dreams, inspirations, compassion, and our deepest sensitivities. Allow time today to devote to what is elusive and perhaps not as it appears. Allow things to not make sense in any conventional manner.
A wonderful day for artists, poets, mystics, and dreamers! We are able to open ourselves to unseen influences. The veil between worlds may feel very thin, indeed.
Please avoid drugs and alcohol as these may create much suffering under this influence. If you encounter those who have been unable to resist the call of substance today, find the ability to connect with compassion rather than judgment. We each follow the path in the best way we are able. Do not add to the suffering of another by your judgments. True compassion is without judgment and with no sense of superiority over another.
Saturday, October 26, 2013:
This is a Saturday morning of rest and ease. We wake up slowly, wanting to rest with family, good coffee, and good food. The best way to show your love today is to cook and share a leisurely breakfast with your loved ones.

At that time the MOON ENTERS LEO springing us into action, as we want to get out and be seen in the world.  Go to
the Farmer’s Market or wherever the people in your community gather on a Saturday afternoon! This is an afternoon/evening ideal for socializing, a great time for a small gathering with friends!  Get dressed-up, go to a show!
Today is also the THIRD QUARTER MOON. The Cycle that began with the New Moon on October 4th required some action on October 11th, culminated on October 18th, is now asking to be re-envisioned. It is time to explore the weak spots in the original plan and begin to boil its essence down into seed form for the next cycle, which will begin at the New Moon on November 3rd.
What have you learned over the course of this cycle?
Sunday, October 27, 2013:
There may be a few harsh edges on the afternoon, but all in all this should be a great Sunday for self-expression and enjoying the company of others.
This is a perfect day for children’s Halloween parties!

With the MOON IN LEO the emotional environment of the day is all about generous self-expression, dramatic creativity, and simple playful Fun!
Don’t hide your light under a barrel! Get out there and show yourself to the world! Find a costume to express a side of yourself that others don’t often see! Wear it with pride! Allow the flashiest, largest part of your personality to express itself openly and without apology!