Astrolore’s Astrology Weather: June 17, 2019, through June 23, 2019


I came away from our consultation with a powerful sense of peace. The way you explain things is so soothing. I know there are harsh aspects but I want to hear them in the soothing way you describe! I love how much you love to do your work! It leaves me feeling calm, accepting, and accepted. I’m grateful for the information you offer. Astrolore’s Facebook posts also always resonate deeply with me! ~ AW from Texas

Monday, June 17, 2019:
The Sagittarius Full Moon (Gemini Sun in the opposite position to the Sagittarius Moon) is exact at 4:31 AM EDT. Make sure you get outside to see this Moon tonight. When you look up at the sky, you can find the bright star very close by. It is not a star, it is Jupiter, the very planet that rules Sagittarius. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this beautiful Summer night sky. At the time of each Full Moon, something in our lives is illuminated. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, your philosophical or spiritual understanding will be clear. An overview of the big picture becomes clear. Expect an uplifting morning.

Remember, that your view comes through your beliefs, perspectives, and opinions alone. A Full Moon always requires a balancing of two opposing forces. Balance your opinions with open curiosity about the opinions and beliefs of others. When you are overly certain of your opinions you lose the ability to be curious about others. Do not lose your curiosity. Do not hold your own opinions too tightly.

At 12:14 PM EDT as the Moon enters Capricorn, it is time to settle into the serious business of the work week ahead. The next few days will encourage serious ambitious accomplishments. Put away your traveling shoes; it is time to buckle down.


The Sagittarius Moon is void-of-course from 4:31 AM EDT until she enters Capricorn at 12:14 PM EDT. This condition merely suggests that whatever is begun or occurs during this time will not have a significant future impact.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019:
Look for an opportunity to take a serious step forward toward your long term dreams. Saturn sextile Neptune suggests that effort taken now will bring positive outcomes. Don’t miss the opportunities that you encounter, don’t be afraid to reach out and say YES. There will be work ahead to bring your dreams and spiritual aspirations to fruition. It begins by understanding the value of your dream, being willing to make the effort, and the simple act of saying YES. Mercury joins with Mars in Cancer. This begins a cycle of taking action on an emotional or family issue. Begin the necessary conversation with kindness and determination. Your desired outcome is supported. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Take a step forward now. Plant a seed to grow your ability to say what needs saying.
Wednesday, June 19, 2019:
The intensity of Pluto is on powerful display today. Yesterday Mercury and Mars began a cycle of managing an emotionally charged issue. Today both Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto. Do you have personal planets or angles near 22 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)? If so, keep your eyes open and prepare to manage powerful energies. Don’t forget your morning meditation and remember to breathe. When you encounter people who challenge you, keep in mind that they are likely in the crosshairs of this aspect as well. Don’t take things too personally. Use the power of Pluto to push forward. Pluto brings superhuman effort, empowerment, courage, and self-determination.
At 10:01 PM EDT the Moon leaves the seriousness of Capricorn and enters innovative objective Aquarius. The overall emotional environment will be very different when you wake tomorrow morning.


The Capricorn Moon is void-of-course from 7:20 AM EDT until she enters Aquarius at 10:01 PM EDT. This condition merely suggests that whatever is begun or occurs during this time will not have a significant future impact.

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Thursday, June 20, 2019:
The intensity of yesterday does not evaporate as the Sun comes up this morning. Yet, you will have a more objective clarity on the situation. It is easier to release attachments and not get wrapped up in deep heavy issues. The Aquarius Moon allows you to remain more neutral, objective and detached.
Following yesterday, this will serve you well. Break free from people or situations that feel claustrophobic or restrictive. Engage with folks who stretch your mind and your way of thinking. Keep your attention on the social collective rather than on personal friends. Look at what is happening in the broader social fabric. Engage in intellectual contemplations about the state of the world. Consider what you can do to help others. Find innovative people to join in progressing the state of your community or the world.
Friday, June 21, 2019:
The SUMMER SOLSTICE occurs when the Earth’s axis is most inclined towards the Sun. It ushers in SUMMER (in the Northern Hemisphere) and brings the Sun into Cancer (11:54 AM EDT). This is the first of the three Summer signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Leo, Virgo). The frantic activity of late Spring (Gemini) shifts. You will now notice a desire for emotional security and the comfort of home. While the Sun moves through Cancer, it is time to go inward for emotional comfort. You are more sensitive, self-protective, and moody. You want to care for your home and family more than for the outside world. At 10:36 AM EDT Neptune turns retrograde. The very slow moving outer planets are retrograde for long periods of time. This retrograde is not an issue unless it impacts your chart directly. At the turning point, you may notice yourself a bit less attached to reality. You may feel less concrete boundaries between yourself and others. You better understand the concept that we are all one. Write a poem, meditate, dream.

Jean Cocteau, a French artist, poet, novelist, critic, playwright, painter, and illustrator was born in 1889 with the Sun in Cancer. He left us with a lovely quote that, to me, epitomizes the energy of Cancer. “I love cats because I enjoy my home and little by little, they become its visible soul”.


The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course from 10:02 AM EDT until she enters Pisces at 10:02 AM EDT on Saturday morning – wow! Exactly 24 hours!. This condition merely suggests that whatever is begun or occurs during this time will not have a significant future impact.

Saturday, June 22, 2019:
Have you gotten out from under the difficult power dynamics of the early part of the week? If so this should be a great day. The Moon enters Pisces at 10:02 AM where she is able to harmonize with the Cancer Sun. This is a day to go with the flow. With the Moon is in Pisces you are more adaptable, sensitive, and vulnerable than usual. Remember this in your interactions with others. They are likely feeling the same.

You may want to spend time at the beach, reading poetry, and listening to music. Compassion, intuition, and imagination can be powerful components of the day. Enjoy a movie, a glass of wine, or time on your meditation cushion. Don’t hold anyone to a deadline or high expectations. Enjoy a sense of watery spaciousness, delve into spiritual concerns. Use your imagination and take the opportunity to dream.


The Aquarius Moon is void-of-course from 10:02 AM EDT yesterday until she enters Pisces at 10:02 AM EDT this morning – wow! Exactly 24 hours!. This condition merely suggests that whatever is begun or occurs during this time will not have a significant future impact.


Sunday, June 23, 2019:
With Venus oppose Jupiter this is a great day for pleasure and indulging. You may feel more social, affectionate and playful than usual. This is a great day to spend with friends and lovers. Take advantage, enjoy what comes your way. However, there is a downside to this transit which is exacerbated by today’s Pisces Moon. You may lack self-discipline and be overly indulgent with yourself. You will do well to leave your credit card at home and plan to say no to the 2nd or 3rd glass of champagne. Your normally high standards may not hold up under this transit. This can leave you susceptible to carelessness in your choice of friends or lovers. Think about this ahead of time and plan accordingly.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.