The Value of Astrology, From the Perspective of the Practitioner

I am so fortunate to be doing what I love for work. I love astrology! I love working with a wide variety of people who come through my door. I love charts! I love everything about my work.
I love preparing the charts, preparing the space, welcoming the client, speaking, sharing, teaching, learning with each one of them!
I am honored each time a client allows me to work with their horoscope.
Sometimes between the client and the chart, a glimpse into the deepest corners of the soul may be revealed.
The charts show us a great deal. However, if the client chooses to hold back a part of themselves, the planets will not be able to speak with full clarity. If a client is able to open and engage fully with the process, the charts will sing!
It is not easy to show another person the true complexity of who we are. It is equally difficult to see the fullness of the person sitting beside us. It often feels that others do not see us clearly and that we are unable to understand/see others fully.
Given the charts, and the knowledge to use them, we are not only able to see the complexities but to place those complexities in a particular time and space. That is the magic of astrology!
Many people do not want their deepest self to be seen because they are unsure, they do not accept themselves, and they are afraid of being hurt.
Our culture teaches so much self-loathing. If we hate ourselves we certainly don’t want others to see us. We believe that what will be seen will be unclean and unworthy. We fear that if we are an open book we will be judged harshly.
If only we could all see clearly what the chart shows!
The immense beauty of the cosmos, the planets, the cycles, the dance of the stars! This is what we are each made of! It is time to take the blindfold off and see the beauty within each of us.

There is such joy in working with others. To experience the moment that someone gets a glimpse of the deepest part of themselves reflected in the language of the chart. That moment of recognition. This person has allowed themselves to be seen deeply and has been met with full acceptance and respect.
We live our lives separately in so many ways. It feels good to be seen and accepted.
As we watch, learn, and understand the connections between ourselves and the planets, we begin to understand that the planet are not the cause of anything. It is not because a person’s natal Saturn squares their natal Moon that their mother was an authoritarian and a strict disciplinarian.
The planets do not cause anything. The planets are simply a reflection. The moment of birth is a slice in time that each of us carries within us for the rest of our lives. We hold that moment in our hearts. It is our job throughout this life to work with that moment, to heal the difficulties and to offer the gifts of that moment to the world in the form of career, children, lovers, community….
As astrologers we must experience and explore the depth of our own soul as reflected in our own natal chart. We must go deeply into any places within the chart that reflects deep joy, sorrow, and/ or suffering and agony. If we do not understand the deepest parts of ourselves as reflected in the chart, then we will never understand the charts that cross our desk. What may look superficial in a chart may be tearing the life apart for the client. We must feel how deeply these things can be within ourselves and our clients.