Astrology is a huge topic.


It may be easy to think that we all know exactly what we are referring to when we speak of astrology. But, let us take a moment to make sure we are all on the same page.

Let’s begin with a simple definition of astrology:


     “Astrology is the idea that the structure of human awareness and the structure of the universe reflect one another.

To understand astrology is to hold the notion that human awareness and the greater universe are built around the same principles and structured around the same universal laws.

Expanding this idea allows that we can understand the functioning of the mind by observing the structure and the form of the solar system.”



It is also important to understand that there are four branches of astrology.

  • Natal astrology (the astrology of our human lives)

  • Horary Astrology (the astrology of divination)

  • Electional Astrology (the astrology used to find the best time for an event such as a marriage or the start of a business)

  • Mundane Astrology (the astrology which studies world affairs, events, politics, outcomes of elections)