The MOON is a very complex symbol in Astrology, there are so many ways to experience the wonder and significance of the MOON.
In the FIRST WORKSHOP of this series we explore the MOON in her monthly cycle and learn how to use the Cycles of the MOON to create the life we want to create. (scroll down for more information on each workshop)
In the SECOND WORKSHOP we explore how the Cycle of the MOON at the time of our birth affects our experience of our lives and our life purpose.(scroll down for more information on each workshop)
In the THIRD WORKSHOP we work with the reigning need of our lives as determined by the sign of the MOON at our birth and explore ways to ensure that our needs are met through the energy of our SUN Sign.
In the FOURTH WORKSHOP we will examine the MOON in Relationship. We will explore how the needs of our MOON can learn to work with the needs of a partner’s MOON, and how the understanding of our emotional needs, and the needs or our partner, expressed through the symbol of the MOON, can be a key to a healthier, more joyful connection with those we love.
In the FIFTH WORKSHOP we will explore the aspects of other planets to our natal MOON. This will give us a deeper understanding of our personal needs; how they were formed in our early development and what they tell us about ourselves today!
Moon-Time I, Cycles of The Moon!
Creating Practical Methods of Using Lunar Cycles to Create Personal Growth & Harmony

The essential movement of life is cyclical in nature. All manner and form of life share in the ongoing cycles of birth, growth, death and renewal.

This ongoing Life Dance is mirrored in the cycles of the Moon.

By Understanding and working with the rhythms of the Universe we tap into a deep and magical empowerment, enabling us to better guide the choices and decisions we make each day of our lives.

In this 2 hours workshop we learn to understand and utilize the energies and cycles of the Moon to better support the life we wish to create.

Moon-Time 2, The Personal Moon!
Finding new ways to look at the Moon in our lives!

Together we will discover what Phase the Moon was in at the time of our birth. We will further explore what this Phase of the Moon reveals about our personalities and the our core individual life purpose.

The Phase of the moon is determined by the relationship (the angle of separation) between the two primary symbols of our essential nature; the core essence of our life force, represented by the Sun and our instinctual, emotional nature, represented by the Moon.

In this 2 hours workshop we learn to understand and utilize the energies and of our personal Moon to learn practical ways of bringing satisfaction and pleasure to our lives.

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