Astrolore Academy:

Individual Training for Growth in Astrological Growth and Development



Words of praise from Astrolore’s students:

“I have been working with Laurie for several months now and she has really helped me become familiar with the language of astrology. I had treated astrology like a hobby for many years and she inspired me to delve into the subject with a new perspective. I still have much to learn, but Laurie’s lessons have helped me to feel confident that by using her techniques to ask the right questions, the client will get a sense of themselves and lead to a satisfying consultation. I am very grateful to have found such an intelligent and inspirational mentor to study with!” ~Rhonda (Colorado)

I am so lucky to have found Laurie! I was searching for how to compose an astrological sentence, so of course, I googled it…I came upon a tutorial on just how to do it. I was shocked that it made so much sense! I was so pleased that I decided to e-mail Laurie and told her my story. She suggested a consultation and so we spoke, and we clicked! I have been studying with Astrolore since January and it has been an extraordinary experience. Laurie is a fun, creative, and brilliant astrologer and teacher. I can make mistakes with her and know she will kindly correct or look at it from my perspective. She is very humble and is always learning, even if it’s from her students. I am so grateful that I found her, and I am completely hooked on her methods and ideology. Love, love, love! ~Lauri (New Jersey)

Laurie is an inspiring, open-minded teacher who shares her wealth of knowledge in such a practical and mind blowing way! Laurie has taught me so much more than Astrology, she has helped me to unfold my greatest mystery … MYSELF. This has truly helped me to transform my perspective of not only myself but others too. I have learned to cultivated compassion and understanding for everyone’s walk of life. ~Nicky (Vermont)



Contact me for a FREE 15-minute conversation to determine if we are a match and which of Astrolore’s five programs is the right fit for you.


  • Is astrology a new and exciting study for you?
  • Do you understand the basics of Signs, Planets, and Houses but not sure how to proceed to a deeper understanding of the natal (birth) chart?
  • Do you have a firm grasp on the birth chart but unsure how to work with forecasting techniques, (transits and progressions)? 
  • Are you ready to develop the confidence you need to work confidently with clients?
  • Are you ready to build a business and become a professional consulting astrologer?

Whether you are a brand new student of astrology, want to deepen your understanding of the natal charts, need to learn or review transits and progressions, build confidence as a consulting astrologer, or build your astrological business, let Astrolore guide, coach, and mentor you!



Each program includes:

    • Four monthly 90-minute personalized sessions with Laurie which will include teaching, coaching, answering questions, recommendations, feedback, acknowledgment, and perspective
    • You will receive highly personalized teaching with homework, book recommendations, and valuable feedback
    • access to a private Facebook group (‘Astrology Talk – Astrolore’s Inner Circle’) where Astrolore’s students have the opportunity to get to know each other, share their charts, ask questions, support personal growth, give opinions, and learn from one another
    • Laurie will address questions between meetings by a video uploaded to the FaceBook page for all students to benefit from – if you are not on Facebook the video response will be delivered to your email.
    • an invitation to The Annual Astrolore Student Autumn Retreat (held in Northern Vermont) to gather, learn together, and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in New England
    • your ‘Personal Transit Interpretation Report’ for the entire year starting when you enroll for any of the programs


untitled-3147-2Contact Me Today!

Let’s begin a dialogue to determine if we are a match for teaching and learning together.

There are many ways to be an astrologer and to use the language of astrology. I will work by your side to help, assist, and encourage the path that is best suited to you, your needs, and desires.

Let’s begin this journey together.

Contact me for a FREE conversation to determine if this is the right program for you.

~ Laurie – Astrolore

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