Individual Recorded Readings with Astrolore

Information for all:

Please prepare yourself before listening to your Recorded Reading. Spend time alone to review the timeline of your life circumstances and development. I will be talking about the past to deepen your understanding of the present and your path forward. Be prepared to think deeply and honestly about yourself and your life.

The Basic Cosmic Reading:

Put your expectations and concerns aside as you listen deeply. In this recording, I will explore the astrological patterns of your life, struggles, potential, and the path forward. Your individual birth chart (horoscope) is at the center, and the focus, of this Reading.

Things I may discuss in this Reading:

  • The reining need of your life and the energies you possess to fulfill that need
  • Your vocational strengths and potential
  • Your Relationship strengths and potentials
  • Your fears and deep struggles
  • Circumstances of the past that affect current behavior patterns
  • Current concerns
  • Projection and planning of the future

This Reading will help you:

  • Gain valuable insight into your life
  • Recognize and acknowledge your strengths
  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • Assist in directing personal growth
  • Discover new ways of personal empowerment
  • Imagining new possibilities for the future

“Many many thanks for an extraordinary reading, I’m still processing it, & will watch it again. I feel like I started a diary from the day I was born until now & you went & read it!” – JC in Athens, Greece

My goal is to empower you as you explore your past, determine your present, and dream your future.


Your chart will be handled with the utmost sensitivity, confidentiality, and free of judgment.

Please read the FAQ page HERE

The Video Recording you receive will be between 60 – 75 minutes long, the charts used will be presented and visible on the recording. Following each Recorded Reading, you will be invited to schedule a follow-up meeting to address questions or concerns that you may have.

New Client Recorded Reading: $180.
Follow-up on Zoom: $50.

Annual or Semiannual Follow-up Recorded Readings

After your initial Recorded Reading, I recommend that we revisit your chart once or twice annually. This way we can continue tracking the planetary cycles as they impact your life.

Each time I revisit your chart I will continue to dive deeper into your natal chart as well as discussing the current transits and progressions and how they are unfolding your life.

Time: approximately 1  hour.

Return Client Recorded Reading: $150.
Follow-up on Zoom: $50.

In-Person Consultations on Zoom

If we meet in-person (on Zoom) we will discuss the same issues as I cover in the Recorded Readings. The difference is that you will be with me for a deeply personal exchange. I will have lots of questions for you in order to clarify what I see and you will be able to ask questions as well. This will be a powerful and intimate discussion of your life.

for previous clients

If you have met with me in the past (or had a recorded reading) and want to meet on Zoom I will be delighted to work with you directly.

Time: approximately 1  hour.

Return Clients: Fee: $150.

for New Clients

If you are a new client and want to meet with me on Zoom I will be delighted to work with you directly.

Time: approximately 1  hour.

New Clients: Fee: $180.

It is an honor to assist and support you as you deepen your self-understanding and navigate the cycles of your life.

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