Another in our series of AstroBiographies. We are using a simple 3 part system to work through the chart.

  1. How the greater world sees and will remember Billie Jean King through her MC
  2. Using archetypes we look at how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant work together in the personality
  3. How people in her personal life encounter her through her Ascendant

We definitely wander a bit far from that tight path! But it’s a fun ride! 🙂

Watching a documentary along with the chart of a person will teach you a great deal about how astrology works in real life. We watched a PBS documentary ‘In Their Own Words – Princess Diana’.

Fascinating life! Fascinating chart! Watch and learn! Princess Diana’s birth information: July 1, 1961, at 7:45 PM in Sandrignham, England

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Of course, we would go much deeper than we do with these famous folks’ charts. We are experimenting with this idea. Reach out if you’re interested.