Today Jennie and I bring you another in our series of AstroBiographies. Follow along as we embark on the chart of the charismatic and hard-working Betty White.

Betty White was an American actress, comedian, and pioneer of early television. Her career spanned an impressive seven decades, White was one of the first women to work both in front of and behind the camera. She was the first woman to produce a sitcom in the US and was referred to as the “First Lady of Television”.

With these Astro-biographies, Jennie and I are using a simple 3 part system to explore the chart.

  • How the greater world sees and will remember Betty White through the filter of her MC.

  • How people in her personal life encounter her through her Ascendant.

  • Using archetypes we look at how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant work together in the personality.

We definitely wander far from that tight path! But it’s a fun ride!

If you want to learn more about Betty White either before or after watching our exploration of her chart, there are several good documentaries to find on the various streaming services as well as videos on YouTube.