Today Jennie and I bring you another in our series of AstroBiographies. Follow along as we embark on the chart of the fascinating and delightful Amanda Gorman.

Amanda Gorman is a feminist poet and activist, focused on issues of race, oppression, and equal rights. Gorman was named National Youth Poet Laureate and delivered her poem “The Hill We Climb” at the U.S. inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2020.

With these Astro-biographies, Jennie and I are using a simple 3 part system to explore the chart.

  • How the greater world sees and will remember Ghislaine Maxwell through the filter of her MC.

  • How people in her personal life encounter her through her Ascendant.

  • Using archetypes we look at how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant work together in the personality.

We definitely wander far from that tight path! But it’s a fun ride! If the video doesn’t show up directly, you can find it here: https://astrolore.org/astro-biography-the-inspiration-of-amanda-gorman/


If you want to learn a bit more about Amanda either before or after watching our exploration of her chart, there are many videos here on YouTube that will give you information.


Amanda is interviewed on The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast dated December 30, 2021. I recommend listening to this interview. I think it gives a truly authentic view of this lovely young woman. 

Mundane Astrology vs Natal Astrology

Tracking the movement of the planetary bodies and how these movements impact humans is called Mundane Astrology. In using Mundane astrology in this way, the considerations are quite general as we are speaking to the public rather than individuals. This branch of astrology provides a way to connect with the public on a daily basis which is why you see so much of it on social media. 

I find Mundane astrology fascinating and it is an integral tool of my craft. However, my true love is Natal astrology which is the study and exploration of an individual’s birth chart. Natal astrology is intensely personal as it reflects the unique life and path of each individual. Natal astrology does not lend itself so easily to daily posts directed to the general public.

About Astrolore’s Consultations and Recorded Readings

My True Love of Natal Astrology: Consulting Clients & Mentoring Students

Writing the weekly blog takes an inordinate amount of my time and I find that using my time this way is beginning to wear thin. I know that my time and attention are best used in other ways.

I love being of service to folks in the exploration and deep understanding of their unique lives with consultations and readings. My other deep love is in teaching a new generation of astrologers as they develop the skills to become consulting astrologers. I am writing a book to support folks in developing the skills needed to become effective and compassionate astrologers. I am currently mentoring a handful of students and have space in my schedule for one or two more.

My mentorship is for folks who want to become consulting astrologers or for astrologers who want to become better at their craft. The mentorship program can be adapted for other applications as well. If you want to dig very deep and understand the language behind consultations and readings, the mentorship will work for you as well.


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