September 29, 2023

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The Moon in Aries keeps our energy high. We may react faster to things that occur in our environment and have less patience than usual. Perhaps we see wisdom in taking a risk. Direct force and vitality push us forward.

When the Moon is in Aries we all may act without forethought. We are in a hurry and our emotions are less sensitive than usual. Watch out for the potentially loose cannon of your own thoughts, words, and actions.  You may be reluctant to cooperate with others as we all want what we want with less regard for the opinion of others. Doing your own thing, on your own is the best way to get anything done today.

Each Full Moon brings us to a time of illumination and celebration. We reach the pinnacle of the cycle that began six months ago and the shorter cycle that began two weeks ago. Think of the Full Moon as the apex of two cycles, and look for what connects the two.

In the monthly lunar cycle, this is the illumination of what began two weeks ago at the Virgo New Moon on September 14th. Regarding the larger cycle consider this the point of awareness from the Aries New Moon on March 21, 2023.

In the initial 17 minutes, Laurie and Jennie discuss the Moon phase cycle, the meaning of fiery courageous Aries, and the importance of its connection to both the Virgo New Moon on September 14 and the Aries New Moon/Solar Eclipse on April 20 earlier this year. Please skip ahead to understand the impact on you, based on your Rising sign and/or Sun sign. If you don’t know your Rising sign, use your Sun sign and email us to get more info about your Rising sign.
Astrology Notes: Mars rules this Aries Full Moon, and is currently in Libra next to the South Node, suggesting the need to drop an old habit in the Libra area of your chart. Venus in Leo rules the Libra Sun and sextiles (60º aspect) Mars, suggesting an opportunity to heal these different parts of yourself. In addition, the Venus square (90º) to Uranus indicates some sort of awakening that helps you see what needs shifting.

In reading these small morsels of information, read the one for your Rising Sign and your Sun Sign

  • If you have Aries Rising this Full Moon falls in your 1st House. This highlights your assertive independent personality.
  • If you have Taurus Rising this Full Moon falls in your 12th House. This illuminates deeply hidden determination and fierce courage.
  • If you have Gemini Rising this Full Moon falls in your 11th House. This highlights your courageous heart and ability to take action within a community of like-minded folks.
  • If you have Cancer Rising this Full Moon falls in your 10th House. This illuminates your leadership ability in your career or another manner of engaging with the outside world.
  • If you have Leo Rising this Full Moon falls in your 9th House. This highlights your dynamic independent worldview and philosophical understanding.
  • If you have Virgo Rising this Full Moon falls in your 8th House. This illuminates your fiery and direct approach to the values and beliefs of others.
  • If you have Libra Rising this Full Moon falls in your 7th House. This highlights the energetic and impulsive way that you engage in equal partnerships.
  • If you have Scorpio Rising this Full Moon falls in your 6th House. This illuminates your assertive dynamic routines and self-care practices that support your health.
  • If you have Sagittarius Rising this Full Moon falls in your 5th House. This highlights the dynamic independent manner in which you approach both creativity and the ability to give love.
  • If you have Capricorn Rising this Full Moon falls in your 4th House. This illuminates the determination and courage you bring to your relationship with home and family.
  • If you have Aquarius Rising this Full Moon falls in your 3rd House. This highlights your ability to communicate assertively and with direct determination.
  • If you have Pisces Rising this Full Moon falls in your 2nd House. This illuminates your dynamic values and determination to create resources and manifest finances.