Honor your internal PIONEER, WARRIOR & SURVIVOR!

Think about these three archetypes of ARIES (PIONEER, WARRIOR & SURVIVOR).

Our internal PIONEER is not only able, but excited and anxious to push forward, in new directions, alone. When we access The PIONEER  we find, within ourselves, our own support system and courage to face what we must.

As we travel these new directions, whatever they may be in our own lives, our internal WARRIOR finds COURAGE & patience, not aggression, as the deepest source of strength.

Having faced these first two challenges we now encounter our internal SURVIVOR, here we are able to rest in the knowledge that we have faced our deepest fears. We understand the skills needed to face whatever the future may bring.

The picture of the WOMAN LION TAMER is a perfect visual of the energy we are dealing with. Take a moment to think about what type of personality and strength of character it would take for a woman, in the heyday of the American Circus (mid 1800 to mid 1900), to become a lion tamer! She would have to be an extremely dynamic, determined and independent spirit. She would need to access intense levels of courage many times over. She would rely on herself alone.

Her initial strength would show itself in finding the courage to follow a career path that few women or men had chosen before her; this is the essence of  the PIONEER.

Next she must go to a whole new level of courage to encounter huge and powerful animals that could easily annihilate her. One wrong move on her part could be her last! She must learn the patience and discipline that is the test of any true and great WARRIOR.

As a legacy of these accomplishments the LION TAMER emerges as a SURVIVOR. She now understands, in the deepest core of her being, what it took for her to face her fears. She has a deep clarity on who she has become as a result of her incredible effort and COURAGE!

We do not need to enter the cage of dangerous animals in order to face fear! We each carry our own individual  fears which may seem minor in comparison… but who is to judge the fear of another?
We all have fear that cripples some personal expression that is important to  us.

Others seldom see these personal, primal fears. As we encounter these fears throughout our lives we must access the COURAGE of ARIES.

In the face of these fears, as in the face of aggression (encountered from within or without), patience is the true tool of the WARRIOR. Patience requires a reserve of internal strength, far deeper than aggression returned in kind.

Today: hold steady, look at the naked reality of whatever situation we find ourselves in, face that reality with an open mind, an open heart; with bravery, patience, steadfastness and courage.
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