Monday, November 19, 2012:
Here we are back again on a Monday morning! Yesterday the MOON ENTERED AQUARIUS and will continue in this humanitarian sign throughout today. 
I think of the Moon as giving us the mood for the day, the atmosphere that we exist in.
If we attempt to align ourselves with the energy of the sign the Moon is in, we will be more in sync with the Universal flow! 
On a day like today, without major aspects of other planets, it is the Moon and it’s aspects that determine the quality of the day.
We each respond to these shifting moods and energies of the signs differently.
One person may love a day with Moon in Leo but not look forward to a day with Moon in Pisces; another person, however, may find the energy of Leo to be too loud or extroverted and really enjoy a day that the Moon is traveling through slow and steady Taurus! We each respond to the energies of the signs according to our personal planetary makeup.
AQUARIUS MOON is very interesting. It is not a personally warm Moon, we may be more objective or even detached than usual during times of Aquarius energy.
During the time that the Moon is moving through Aquarius we are less likely to concern ourselves with what others think of us. We are more able to be true to ourselves regardless of the opinions of others. Aquarius energy is intellectual energy concerned with the progress of humanity.
We are concerned with the plight of humanity but not so concerned with an individual person.
We do not search for personal relationship under this influence but for a community to be a part of.
Another point for the upcoming weeks: remember to take advantage of MARS IN CAPRICORN.  MARS is considered to be ‘exalted’ while in CAPRICORN which simply suggests that he is strong, deliberate, and competent in this sign. During this time we are able to work hard, to develop strategic plans, to follow through with those plans, and to reach our goals!