There are some interesting elements to this weekend as our thoughts move toward  issues of beauty, love, romance and sexuality/sensuality.
But it is not simple. It is important that we stay alert with our eyes open as there are several issues clouding our perceptions regarding  romantic inclinations.

Let’s start with the beginning… Friday.

First of all the Sun is sitting in the last degree of Taurus on Friday, anxious and ready for a change. The last degree of a sign is notoriously awkward and unstable energy.
The other issue to pay attention to is a  tendency toward idealism regarding romance. Idealism feels great, we all love how uplifted we feel when we immerse ourselves in idealistic energy, but when it comes to matters of the heart it is a good idea to  hold a large space for reality! In the long run reality serves us well!


Was your sleep interrupted with rough dreams or nightmares very early Friday morning? I was startled out of sleep with horrifying nightmares that left me paralyzed and awake for several hours just as the Capricorn Moon was making contact with Pluto (4:46am), the planet of death, destruction and transformation!
As those early hours moved into day we encountered the heavy Capricorn Moon coming to ‘cross purposes’ with Saturn.  We likely struggled with feelings of  unworthiness, melancholy or, simply, sadness.  The Moon is never delighted to be in Capricorn. There is so much structure, ambition and conservatism in Capricorn.  The Moon would rather focus on issues of understanding, compassion and nurturance.  These energies must function together so we come to feel nurtured by our accomplishments and our ambitions.

If you were anticipating fun and playful energy as the weekend began, resist the urge to be disappointed, take advantage of the opportunity to exercise your communications regarding your needs and desires in relationships.

Saturday morning before our day begins the Sun leaves the security and comfort of Taurus and enters Gemini and the game rules change once more! (5:20AM)

We leave behind the dependability and material security of Taurus ready to embrace a more cerebral intellectual experience throughout the next month. Now we open to a more social need for easygoing curiosity and lighthearted life energy. We want to take on a more conceptual way of seeing our world.

Finally on Saturday at 10:31PM the Moon will leave Capricorn for Aquarius where she will be able to enjoy a push toward more humanitarian issues and individuality.

Look to a broader picture. Face the most unusual parts of ourselves and each other. Accept what you see!
Sunday is another day altogether.  The Moon is in Aquarius all day, insisting that we honor our broader humanitarian/ community beliefs.  Not an easy thing to do with our desire for stability rubbing against what we deeply believe in.
More than anything I believe the weekend would be so much easier if it were not raining still!