‘Celebrating the Birth of Jake’ by G. Greve

Thoughts on Becoming a Grandmother
I had the opportunity this week to spend time with my beautiful daughter who is about to give birth to my first grandchild. These past months have seemed surreal in terms of this pending new life. Now the reality is finally beginning to settle in and I am in awe at the awareness that this new life will bring immense changes to my own life as well as to the lives of people close to me.
As an astrologer, I am constantly watching charts and planets as they move through their cycles. I find myself now wondering at the significance of the moment this child will choose for her birth. Who will this new person be? Who will my daughter become as a mother and who will I become as a grandmother? The changes that occur when a new life enters the picture are profound and unknowable.
I don’t often look at the horoscopes of small children. Without life experience a chart feels somehow flat, there is no way to yet know the experiences that will flesh out the chart and bring it to life. In looking at the chart of a newborn it is possible to imagine the beauty of the grown adult but you have no idea what experiences will shape that life.  There is much that you can see in terms of the energy available to the child and the emotional needs that will drive the personality.  But there is so much that is not available to be seen. No matter how well we know our charts, life is, after all, a mystery.
When I work with a chart, I have a process that I go through, exactly the same with each chart… step by step. There comes a point when I ‘get’ who this person is. Generally, it comes as a sudden realization. I may know nothing about what they look like, or how they live their life, but I ‘feel’ the core essence, the energy of the spirit that resides within.  Even after many years and many hundreds of charts, I am still surprised by the complexity and wonder within each horoscope and each human soul.
I remember very well the first time I had the experience of recognition as I looked at the chart of my mother. I was in my early 30’s and had my mother’s chart in a file for many years but had never taken the time to work with it. One quiet morning I sat with my cup of coffee and began the process that I had done so many times with so many other charts.  This time, that moment of recognition was truly a shock to me. I had always assumed that I knew my mother. After all, my reasoning told me, I had known her all my life! But as the realization hit me of who this person was, her hopes, fears, the tenderness and strength of her spirit, I was stunned. This was not who I had believed my mother to be.

‘Parable of the Mother and Child’ by G. Greve

Being the youngest of five children I realized that I had access to a little project here that would help me to understand my mother, the nature of relationships, and astrology. Over the next few weeks, I made it a point to study the charts of each of my siblings and ‘interview’ each of them regarding our mother.  I was deeply moved to realize that my mother was a different person in the eyes of each of her children and that none of us knew the woman who had raised us, the woman whose chart I had worked with that morning over coffee.
In these core relationships, we see in each other what is reflected in our own chart.
Astrology provides an amazing window that can open our eyes and our hearts to the reality of the person who stands before us.
I am looking forward to welcoming this new life – my granddaughter. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter grow as a mother herself.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to examine a growing personality with my eyes open to the symbols of her horoscope and the reality of her mysterious human life.