Here we are, once again, or still… heading into very intense waters. 
Actually if we open our eyes we may find we are already deeply submerged!
Perhaps it has happened very quickly! We knew this change was coming but we weren’t really expecting it yet!
This is a crucial juncture in our journey. It is time to take a REALLY clear look at the reality of our circumstances. 
After all, the idea that we could avoid or hide from reality is ludicrous!

I have been contemplating recently how I would live my life if I knew this were my last year to live in this body.  Consider this! How would YOU live if this were truly the last year of YOUR life?

What actions are necessary in order to move in the direction YOU know would bring YOU the deepest satisfaction?
What would enable you to take on the higher purpose of your life?
Do you know what that purpose is? Consider where in your life you feel a flow that makes you lose track of everything else. Consider what feeds your soul on the very deepest level and makes your heart sing!
These are important considerations and questions we need to be asking ourselves and each other.
Lets get clear enough with ourselves that we can live a life of great beauty, great love, great passion, and great service to others.
It is time that You find your passion, your flow!

Where are Uranus and Pluto transiting in your natal horoscope? Where in your life is empowerment being offered, and transformation being demanded? 

What are YOU doing to create the space for this change?  How are your decisions and personal transformation assisting in the transformation of the entire human race, in some profound or subtle way?
On Monday, May 20 (EDT) we reach the third of seven exact hits of this powerful life changing and culture altering transit!

Contact me for a consultation! These are wild times we are navigating! Together we can explore what these times are asking of you. 
An astrological consultation will reveal a larger perspective and will show where and how you are being impacted by theses changes.  We can help you to a deeper understanding of your place in the patterns of these Universal changes.
Sending love and gratitude to each and every one of you,