All Humanity Is Family

Thursday, June 7, 2012:

Mercury, the planet that handles all our thinking and communications, has been very active, talkative, curious and restless since entering Gemini on May 24th.

Today MERCURY shifts the tone of our thoughts dramatically as s/he moves from curiosity to sensitivity and tenderness. Our thoughts turn to domestic issues, we are more protective and family oriented than we have been. We are likely to notice ourselves and others being moody, touchy, and defensive in conversations and general demeanor.

This is a good time to express love and patience toward those we call family and those we share domicile with.
MOON ENTERS eccentric AQUARIUS (9:17am) sending a very different message to our hearts than the one Mercury in Cancer is sending to our heads. This can lead to some confusion today as our minds turn to domestic family issues and yet our hearts become aloof and detached, wanting to experience the larger picture of the whole human race, not just the clan/family.
How do we bring these energies together?
This combination will be with us for a few days, so take a moment to think about it. On an emotional level we NEED to detach a bit from what is personal and open our hearts in a more objective manner, experiencing the world with a wider gaze. All of humanity matters, it is not just our clan/family that we must care for, we are all in this together. The mind moves toward tenderness and protection and the heart moves toward humanity, independence and revolution. The two much work together. The family/clan is all of humanity. We are human before we are family. We really are in this together.
Today and tomorrow are excellent days to meditate on this connection. Our hearts are too large to hold only those in our homes/families/tribes. Open the tenderness within to hold all humans.

As this very busy day comes to a close we have one more major encounter as the SUN SQUARES MARS, shining the light of the universe on our ability to do the work that must be done and expend the energy that is necessary. Don’t try to settle down too early. There is work to do, or energy to release before sleep comes.

A great night to go dancing! There is energy that must be released before sleeping!

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