Wednesday, November 21, 2012:
MOON IN PISCES SEXTILE PLUTO last night likely incited dreams or fantasies of power, passion, and rebirth!
The biggest news comes later in the day as the SUN leaves Scorpio behind and heads into SAGITTARIUS (4:49pm EST).
Are we ready for excitement, ready to escape the ordinary rut we have been in? Are we sick of the predictable?
Today, travel, adventure, and enthusiasm take center stage.
We are ready to engage in something new that will make our hearts soar!
The predictable ends today! Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting!
Today we leap toward what is new; new adventures, new loves, new passions, new goals.
As VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO at 8:19pm EST, the adventure most likely steers toward heat and passion. We may encounter the darker, hotter side of passion; watch for obsession, coercion, and unequal power dynamics.
There is no doubt of the great beauty we find in the deepest recesses of darkness. Go deep to explore issues of power dynamics, sexuality, compulsion, and manipulation.
Look for the wide open spaces of Sagittarius, Look for the passion of Scorpio. You are in for a ride. 
Allow. Enjoy.
These are not easy times for many of us. Even in the middle of excitement and passion there is sadness, loss, and longing.
Let us share what goodness we can find in our hearts. Bring love into the world! Rejuvenate our private, individual soul! Bring that energy home…. and then bring it back into the world, again and again – follow the cycle.
All cycles are always either separating or applying.

Success (in whatever is important to us) may bring deep contentment and yet there is a space of sorrow. Look for Saturn and Capricorn in the chart. We each have it somewhere.
It is out of our private suffering that we develop deep compassion for others. Let us commit to increasing the love and compassion within the human race.
Enjoy it!
Feel the power of love and passion. Share all that is of value.

Conjunction, Crescent, First-Square, Gibbous, Opposition, Disseminating, Third-Square, Balsamic, Conjunction. Around it Goes – Full Cycle.

© by Laurie Farrington


November 2012