November 23, 2012:
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and are not immediately stressing about shopping for the upcoming holiday!
Today the MOON is in assertive, dynamic ARIES all day. We want to take action, get things in motion, take no prisoners!
Use that energy of exertion for something more beneficial than the Black Friday Sales!
Think about it! Are those sales really worth going out and battling with traffic and stressed-out people thinking they have to do this shopping ritual? 
You don’t have to do it!
Also, keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde… Please do not buy electronics!
However, if you do need to shop today, please shop local.
We can all consider keeping our money in our own communities or in the pockets of individuals* who are doing work that is useful toward the betterment of our world!
This is a day of heavy intensification in the realm of sexuality, aggression, and getting things done.
MARS SQUARE URANUS today and will JOIN UP WITH PLUTO early Tuesday morning.

This week is very intense as the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO transit we have talked a lot about is being activated in a very aggressive manner. The Uranus square Pluto transit is the backdrop to the revolution and transformation of our times.
This is the transit that is reflecting the huge changes of the entire consciousness of our planet. Read my earlier post about this transit of Conflict & Chaos!
I would expect tempers to fly, anxiety to be amped up, and folks to be generally stressed during this time. 
Work with this energy. Find ways to express the internal and external changes. Join with others. Explore where we are all experiencing deeply intense empowerment and rebirth.
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