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In regards to my session with Laurie, it was an invigorating breath of fresh air. The consultation had been a lovely hour of becoming grounded once more through a calming analysis of astrology. I most certainly recommend a consultation for any curious soul.

Zoe Meshenberg – London


I had a personal chart reading with Laurie about 2 weeks ago. I was hoping for some basic understanding of how my chart affected my life, but my session went so much deeper! Laurie is clearly an old soul who is able to divine more than basic information when she reads a chart. She gave me a lot of clarity, and opened my eyes to issues I’d been struggling with for years, but hadn’t been able to define. Listening to the audio, a week later, made it all even more clear. I highly recommend her to any and all who wish to move on with their lives, improve their well being, and increase the amount of love on the planet! Five stars isn’t enough.

Vivian Van Natta – North Carolina


I recently had my second reading with Laurie, the first one having a lot of content about my natal chart and how understanding those influences help us in being more conscious about our lives. In the second reading, we touched briefly on the natal chart aspect (because that is always influencing our present) and then really got into the depth of what is currently going on within my chart and how it correlates with what is going on in my life right now. The insights she provided really reinforced what my intuition was telling me and will be something that I return to often as I go through this VERY big transition within my life. Laurie is great and I highly recommend her readings (and her newsletter so you can get the weekly transits).

Kim Fuller – Vermont


Laurie is very knowledgeable and professional in her craft of reading charts. I was referred to her a couple of years ago and decided to give my son a reading for his 15th birthday. He was very impressed and said he wanted to do it again. Recently, I visited Laurie for a consultation for myself…..and what a pleasure! I felt genuine validation for things I had already been contemplating or starting, but also felt a deeper understanding about my own uniqueness as a human and how it fits into family, relationships, my business and the world. It has inspired me to embrace new changes and to let go of ‘energy clutter’. Having told my son about the reading, he has already asked for an update for his upcoming birthday  Thank you, Laurie….what a wonderful service!

Rod Cain – Burlington, VT


My session with Laurie was completely gratifying in every way. Wise, warm and witty, Laurie’s explanation as to how the stars work with us as we learn the lessons of this life was nothing less than revelatory. Careful and kind, Laurie gave me information that is bound to inform how I move forward from widowhood into the next phase of my life. I feel guided, warned, bolstered by my personal astrology as it was explained to me by Laurie. I would love to study with her one day because she makes it all so accessible and relevant. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She knows her craft and she is a born teacher. A gift to her profession and to all of us who are fortunate enough to be directed her way! A beautiful spirit!

Erika Robinson – New Jersey


“I hired Laurie to do a reading for my birthday. She is kind, warm, and knowledgeable. Her counsel is intuitive and appropriate for any lifestyle. I would recommend an astrological consultation with Laurie for an enlightening, encouraging and enriching experience.”

Geri Amori – Vermont


“In reading not only my chart but my young daughter’s as well, Laurie had an uncanny way of zeroing in on core struggles, pivotal moments, and guiding questions of our lives. Our sessions were generous both in time and spirit, leaving me with both a sense of affirmation and with great food for thought. She helps clients gain new insights by deftly translating the sometimes, complicated language of astrology into utterly real, relatable terms. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to deepen their self-knowledge and clarify decisions and directions.”

Jena Strong – Burlington, Vermont


“Laurie is walking the talk and talking the walk. If she was turned upside down she would make sense out of her situation from her knowledge of Astrology. I have experienced her work as a student, a client, and as a friend. Her path was etched long ago and she continues to keep fine-tuning it. I respect and admire her work.”

Kate Pietschman – Essex Junction, Vermont


“Laurie is able to take a lot of information and translate it into something manageable. She listens well and was willing to enter fully into the process.”

Kip de Moll – Burlington, Vermont


A reading with Laurie is like going to a very good therapist who has known you for a long time. During past readings, she asked astute questions about my life as she shared what she saw in my chart, which seemed to help flesh out the finer and more subtle meanings of all she read there. Laurie is an excellent communicator and a professional who was willing to work with me in different mediums, such as through written correspondence when it was what worked best for me. She “knows her stuff” and has helped shed a beautiful light on various areas of my life over the years. I highly recommend her!

Mariah – Vermont


I really enjoyed receiving a consultation from Laurie. Her knowledge is extensive and her help was invaluable. She was also very sensitive to some difficulties that I had been experiencing. Thanks so much Laurie!

Patricia New – Monkton, Vermont


I was extremely impressed with the depth of Laurie’s knowledge and the detail of her investigation into my astrological chart. The guidance that she gave me based on what she saw was both encouraging and somewhat daunting. I have definitely given her name to several people and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.

Kathy Holmes – Essex, Vermont


Laurie is truly a gifted astrologer. A session with her leaves me feeling uplifted and totally at peace with myself, my place in the world and where I am right now. I highly recommend investing in a session or two with her. You will be glad you did.

Sabrinajoy Milbury – Burlington, Vermont


Laurie has been providing me with readings for at least 15 years. She has a way of explaining what’s going on with the actual planets, the qualities and influences of those planets, that is grounded in years of study and the school of life. I always find our astrological discussions to be interesting and to offer a new perspective on what’s happening in my life. “Laurie is skilled, perceptive, and an excellent communicator. Laurie brings enthusiasm and commitment to her work. I highly recommend her work.”

Baruch Zeichner – Montpelier, VermontSaint Eufemia by Andrea Mantegna


For those interested in learning more about life and themselves, I recommend an astrological reading with Laurie. Her insights are very human, helpful and enlightening. Laurie’s demeanor is always helpful and accepting of where people are in life as well as challenging persons to engage in growth. Laurie is accessible for those that do not study astrology as well as those that have a knowledge base. I have used Laurie’s astrological services for many years and have always learned something and grown. I have known Laurie for many years. She has been one of my mentors/teachers for learning astrology and I find her knowledge and language used to be very helpful.
Her readings are very easy to hear and insightful. I never feel lost in the “ether” of astrology when Laurie is explaining it. She brings a wealth of experience, desire to learn and general fun to a reading.
I highly recommend Laurie for any teaching and astrological readings.

Jonathan Chiaravalle – The Dalles, Oregon


I am recommending Laurie’s assistance with Astrology. Not only does her knowledge run deep, but her love for it is true. You may view this work as a luxury, but in reality, it is a great asset to our toolbox.

Phoenix – Nevada

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