Monday December, 3, 2012
Thank goodness this week looks like it will be so much easier than last! Last week was a real doozy!
Today we can tap into our most childlike nature. Spend time with children or spend time in playful, fun activities!
I’m in luck on this one! Today I am spending with my 18 month old grand-daughter, Eleanor! I am excited.
I’m going to see if I can get her help in doing some cleaning/organizing in my bedroom!
Wish me luck with that, I actually think the whole day will be spent in simple play!
Not a bad way to spend a Monday at all!


Consider vulnerability as a catalyst for connection to others. 
To the extent that we allow our vulnerability to be seen, we develop courage and compassion toward ourselves and others.
Opening to the depth of our vulnerability allows others to see our humanness and encourages others to express their own human vulnerabilities.
This courageous action further expands love and understanding between all humans.