‘Leaves’ photo by Laurie
Ah, I just love the thought of a day with Mars, still newly in Sagittarius, and the Moon moving through Leo! A day warmed with fire, an opportunity for joy along with the Scorpio intensity we are still embroiled in.

The Moon squares the Sun and Venus (still retrograde) encouraging you to find that balance between the deep introspective intensity of inner work and the desire to get out and play with friends.

A great day for costumes!

Okay…. even though I love the Leo – Sagittarius combination so much…. I must admit that this may be a difficult day for many of us. We are challenged to work with these conflicting energies. Do what you can to go with the flow, to work with the deeper more private intensities, at the same time putting forth the effort to honor your connections and friendships with joy and playfulness.

There is work to be done in this day…. no question. If you are willing to get out of your own way you could accomplish a great deal in bringing your relationships to a new level of pleasure, enjoyment and depth.

Venus, still retrograde is working through it’s darkest phase… what are you learning? How are you allowing yourself to be moved? Are you able to allow your hurt and disappointment to move you toward new hope and self soothing? This is a time when you can move forward from the past, learn a new sense of your personal values and your ways of dealing with stuck emotional patterns.
Move ahead. Get dressed up. Go out and open your heart to others, let go of what is holding you back – Have some fun!

‘Lamp’ photo by Laurie