Today Jennie and I are exploring the fascinating Natal Birth Chart of Robin Williams.

Robin McLaurin Williams was an actor and comedian, known for his ability to create a wide variety of characters on the spur of the moment. He is highly regarded as one of the best comedians of all time.

With these Astro-biographies, Jennie and I are using a simple 3 part system to explore the chart.

  • How the greater world sees and will remember Robin Williams through the filter of the MC.
  • How people in their personal life encounter them through the Ascendant.
  • Using archetypes we look at how the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant work together in the personality.

We definitely wander far from that tight path! What a wild ride.

Jennie and I watched the 2018 documentary (currently on HBO) titled Robin Williams – Come Inside My Mind. There are many ways to get information about Robin Williams and to watch his performances. Read about him on Wikipedia and find videos of performances on Youtube.

Watching a documentary along with the chart of a person will teach you a great deal about how astrology works in real life.

Robin Williams’s birth information:  July 21, 1951, at 1:34 PM in Chicago, IL

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