A Hot Aries Full Moon

‘Yellow Paint’ photo by Laurie

Moon conjuncts Jupiter & Uranus, then moves into Aries. A Full Aries Moon opposing our Beautiful Hot Sun, having just slipped into Libra! We now open our hearts anew and find plenty of space for a new sense of where we are in our lives. Places in your life where, in the past, you have had faith and hope have now returned! This summer was tough on all these issues, for all of us, but hope now returns. We remember and reconnect with our belief from the past and are ready to return with new joy.

Today brings a Full Moon in Aries. This is very powerful the Moon reaches Fullness just as she enters Aries, symbolizing the very birth of Fire! We can see change arrive with a blast of energy, fast and furious! Gather Courage to move forward without hesitation.

Happy Equinox! The Sun is now in Libra for a month of attention to relationships, diplomacy and compromise. Venus and Mars, the planets of love, sexuality and relationships, are still moving through Scorpio, reminding us to consider the source of our creativity, body energy and personal power.

Your sexual energy is worthy of deep care and attention during this time. Pay attention to your needs and the needs of those you care for.

‘Waiting for the Bus’ photo by Laurie

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