December 9, 2013 through December 15, 2013

I think we can expect a pleasant week! With a bit of planning and paying attention we all have the potential of ending the week feeling truly blessed!

Monday, December 9, 2013:

I like the looks of this for a Monday! The MOON, in her FIRST QUARTER PHASE is in PISCES all day. Last Monday (12/2) at the New Moon in Sagittarius, something began; a new thought, a new action, a new process, or a new idea. If you can identify what that was or, better yet, if you made a plan for the MOON CYCLE; today is the day to take action on what began. Today’s action is not harsh, or even determined, it is somehow a soft action, perhaps something behind-the-scenes in some manner. The PISCES MOON makes a TRINE aspect to SATURN AND JUPITER today. This forms a lovely free flow of emotional energy with the GRAND TRINE in Water Signs. Our hearts and minds move within a sweet flow of emotional sensitivity, empathy allowing us to explore levels of intangible depth. If you normally make a holiday donation to some humanitarian cause, this is the day to make this a truly significant gift of compassion.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday is a day for excitement! The MOON ENTERS ARIES at 8:05 AM and OPPOSES MARS shortly thereafter. Monday’s soft, sensitive astrological weather has passed! Tuesday brings us a great deal more energy and assertiveness!
With Tuesday we reach the excitement that we have felt building over the past few days. MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS TRINE URANUS at 12:04 PM EST. You may receive surprising news, exciting inspiration, or an unexpected epiphany within your own mind! Whatever this excitement is about had its beginning in mid-to-late April 2013. There was an awareness regarding this in mid-September 2013. We are now is a sweet flow of that energy. Something that has brought great excitement to our minds, something unusual that we are learning is flowing and bringing us forward rapidly. From this place of excitement today may you have something significant to share with others! Be prepared to share the excitement of those around you as well! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday is a day for accomplishment! The morning will hold a certain amount of stress as the ARIES MOON starts the day tangling with the ongoing Square between Uranus and Pluto. Watch yourself and others for levels of frustration, aggravation, or out-right anger. Think about how you want to use this energy! ARIES MOON can be very gratifying and you can get a great deal accomplished as long as your projects are individually based and require physical energy rather than intellectual or emotional energy. Time with yourself using strength and physical energy is a great use of the ARIES MOON! Skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing are great; please, no team sports!
Get some real physical activity, it will help a lot. If you channel this energy into physical activity or some hard work it can is well used. If you are alone your impatience won’t affect your relationships! With ARIES MOON you know where you stand with others, diplomacy is at an all time low! Try to temper assertiveness with a bit of grace.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday begins with the MOON still in ARIES going VOC at 10:38 AM EST. Keep a low profile after that until the MOON ENTERS TAURUS at 3:40 PM EST. At that point our emotional state will settle down, stability and patience will be more accessible.
This evening (7PM EST) we encounter the lovely TRINE between JUPITER AND SATURN (both in Water Signs). This brings us a stabilization of the places in our life where we have been rapidly expanding. Have you been moving ahead so quickly you feel shaky? Today offers you the ability to settle into these expansions and trust that they can be a permanent part of who you are . For now your emotions are expansive, larger than life and yet stable, steadfast, and of a very serious nature. We are capable of very deep levels of opening to integrity within our expansive heart energy.
The evening begs to be spent with close friends or lovers! Enjoy food, friends, a good massage. Such wonderful potential for this day!
This cycle between JUPITER AND SATURN began in May 2000. Did you make a commitment to something expansive at that time? What was the culmination of this commitment in May of 2010? If you can identify that you will more thoroughly understand the beautiful energy that is now being released.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday we can expect a day of patient reverence, a day that we are able to work on the level of simply ‘being’. There is not a lot to accomplish. We may seek pleasure or, more simply, we can enjoy the deep pleasures that surround us. This is potentially a slow, sweet, and simple day. The MOON IS IN TAURUS all day! Around 12Noon EST we may feel a blast of energy and empowerment. If we need to accomplish a lot, this is the energy we will need to seek out. As the MOON TRINES PLUTO we can take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and with great stubbornness and resilience move something forward. With this energy we can get done what we need to, not with speed but with determination!
For tonight: rent the movie: ‘Sweet and Lowdown’

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Finally, we reach a Saturday before the holidays that is great for shopping! MOON IN TAURUS all day with nothing getting in the way. The MOON
makes fine aspects throughout the day, and in the evening she TRINES VENUS. If you need to shop for practical gifts this may not be the best time as your eye will continue to turn toward what is beautiful and what will bring pleasure. Saturday evening will be great for socializing with very close friends, family, and loved ones. A party with random strangers may feel awkward and you may feel out of place. Conversations may not have the spark that a party situation does best with. This is a Saturday evening to stay in with loved ones. A great night in front of the fireplace with a hot toddy! Keep all stress outside the door! Cultivate and enjoy slow motion, no rush. Enjoy your closest loved ones.

Sunday, December 15, 2013:

While we sleep on Saturday night, the MOON ENTERS GEMINI, activating our circuits with curiosity and speedy thoughts. But first we need to get out of bed! The MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE in the wee hours may make for some difficulty pulling ourselves out of our dreams and the warm comfort of our flannel sheets and pillows!
However, that all changes when (at 9:22 AM EST) The MOON TRINE MARS. This will get us going and we may spend most of the day trying to get everything done at once.
Sunday evening will be great for a gathering of friends and fast paced conversations… a party! It will be fun to meet new people, engage in uncommon conversations, and generally simply enjoy others! The MOON SEXTILE URANUS will bring those conversations into all kinds of fascinating places. You may learn things that surprise you and see the world from a new unusual perspective.
There is a lot of potential for this to be a wonderful weekend!