Today we find ourselves at the THIRD QUARTER MOON with the MOON IN LIBRA.
Three weeks ago at the NEW MOON we began the cycle that is now winding down. We have worked hard and now it is time to rest and notice where we have come.  We notice now how our work has been perceived and what we have accomplished. Now we rest to see what we will plant again for the next cycle.
The THIRD QUARTER MOON is the opposite of the FIRST QUARTER MOON. Each are half in the light and half in the dark… only opposite sides are illuminated.  In the FIRST QUARTER we are working hard to expand and grow into the issue we have taken on at the NEW MOON. Now on the other side of the FULL MOON, where we were able to see the completion of our task, we now must see clearly and examine what it is we have accomplished. What has been our success and what has been our failing? We must find meaning in the path that we have taken and the place we now find ourselves. We look to understand the process and find a sense of meaning and purpose.
Here we must examine ourselves clearly and honestly. If we find ourselves having succeeded, has that success enriched us and others?  Are we more generous, more loving and kind following this success? Or do we find our integrity compromised by greed or power? If we find ourselves on the other side of failure, has that failure lead to depression, giving up on ourselves or others? Or have we taken the opportunity to learn and grow? Are we ready to stand up and try again?
Now is the time for self-examination, time to look clearly at these past few weeks, and begin the integration of the past in order to prepare for the next cycle.
Begin now, a fresh start is right around the corner with the NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS  on January 23rd.
The MOON ENTERS SCORPIO this afternoon as well, this allows us to do some very deep self examination. Spend some time alone today. Look at your life. Make some preparations.