What is the practical use of Astrology?

How does the knowledge of Astrology or the assistance of an Astrologer help our lives?

#1 Self-knowledge, self-understanding, & self-compassion
As our understanding of the language of Astrology develops, the issues that plague our lives are laid out before us to be explored and worked with. It is not possible to hide behind layers of denial when the issues are presented with such vivid clarity in the horoscope.
#2    Knowledge, understanding, & compassion for others
When we are able to understand the charts of our loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and strangers we are able to see the true human life being lived behind the mask the individual outwardly presents to the world. Our compassion grows to meet each and every one of them.

#3    Assistance in making appropriate career choices
When we understand ourselves more deeply we know what is important to us. We also have a clear vocational profile that is laid out in the horoscope!
#4    Assistance in making the best choice of a spouse/ partner
Within the individual’s horoscope, we are able to see what the expectations, desires, hopes and fears are regarding a life partner. When we work with two charts, side by side, we are able to observe, work with, and understand the issues, the strengths, and the challenges of any relationship.
#5    Assistance in raising our children through better understanding who they are as individuals with their own lives and agendas
It is so easy to assume that we know our children. When we understand the horoscope of the child we are able to see a full individual with their own life agenda rather than an extension of ourselves. This enables us to be far better parents, seeing more clearly this individual, as a whole person, apart from us, the parents. With this understanding we are far better able to support the full growth of our children.
#6    Astrology enables us to prepare for upcoming stressful and challenging times
When we see rough astrological transits in our future, we are able to prepare for, and utilize the energy of the challenge, rather than being totally at the mercy of the changes that life brings!
#7    To assist us in timing the major events of our lives
If we understand that the energies of the planets, and their positions, imprint themselves on any moment in time; we understand that an event is assisted or inhibited by the moment that it began. This is traditionally used in choosing the time of a marriage, the purchase of a home, or the start of a business.
#8    To give us a broader perspective on the day-to-day changes in our moods, attitudes & reactions
In observing the daily movement of the planets we are able to anticipate daily shifting moods. This can help in simply getting through the days with a smile for ourselves and others.
#9    To help us plant a better garden!
Great gardeners have always considered the phases of the Moon to be a factor of great importance in planting and harvesting!
There are many other ways that Astrology can be used: to find the best place to live by Astrocartography as divination through horary astrology and …. to name a few!
For me, the most important gift that Astrology has provided has been the development of kindness and compassion for others. Once we see behind the mask to the real person underneath, it is impossible to hold judgment. We are able to see the depth and beauty in each and every one of us. We come to understand that we really are all in this together.
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