7 Tips For a Relaxed Christmas Eve

Today I am writing for those who celebrate Christmas.

I grew up in a family who celebrated Christmas each year. It was one of two times annually that I entered a church. The midnight candlelight service was beautiful. I looked forward to it each December. The religious aspects went right over my head; I only knew that I was in a community setting lit with warmth and that gifts awaited the following morning! I found the candlelight service delightful.

For many years I resisted the holiday altogether, deciding that since I was not Christian it was somehow hypocritical of me to partake in the holiday. In more recent years I have relented and come to the understanding that it is easier and kinder to myself and others to simply connect with those around me and do what I can to make it a season and a day of pleasure.

 Ideally we got all our fun spontaneous holiday shopping done while the Sun was in Sagittarius.

This is not the day to just go on an exploration for an exciting gift. Attempting to do so would be a perfect prescription for frustration!

If you still have buying to do, be very clear before you even leave the house exactly what shops you need to go to and exactly what you are going to purchase while there.

This is a good time for practical gifts, an attempt at a frivolous gift would probably miss the mark for the recipient as well as really not being fun on the shopping end of things!

The SUN IS NOW IN CAPRICORN and today the MOON IS IN TAURUS. There are likely last minute things to be done.

Okay, so let’s get practical – follow these tips to make it work:

#1.   Make Lists

                   Groceries needed for the next 3 days – simple meals only

                   Practical (gifts) left to purchase (have a detailed list before leaving the house)

                   What must be accomplished in the home

#2.   Keep it Simple

                   Nothing goes on a list that is not a necessity

                   Nothing goes on a list that is not practical

#3.   Shop – get all shopping done by 1PM

                   Do not go in any store without a list

                   Keep total focus – if it is not on the list, do not even pause in front of it!

                   Do Only What is Necessary when you get home


#4.   Wrap the last minute gifts

                   Quickly & efficiently!

#5.   Keep it simple


#6.   Prepare simple meals

                  Better yet, order in!

#7.   Relax

                 No matter what, take time, be done with the business

                 Relax with loved ones or alone by the fire with a good book

                 Turn off that busy mind

Totally Stick to this Plan – No Complications Allowed

Do what needs to be done, no more, no less
Follow this plan and you won’t go wrong.

Enjoy this wonderful, magical Season. Do not allow stress to creep in. Go with the Flow, show love!

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