Two cycles are about to end! Two cycles are about to begin!

Good morning. Now that we are on the other side of yesterday’s Taurus Full Moon, let’s consider the significant energies that are building!

Passage 6 by Gerrit Greve

Passage 6 by Gerrit Greve

Mars is currently building to a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus is building to a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio.
A conjunction is when two planets connect in

the same degree of the zodiac. This is the time when energies mingle. This is the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle between the two planets involved.
The new cycle between Mars and Pluto begins on Monday at 7:06 PM EST. Mars represents dynamic strength, assertiveness, self-determination, courage, anger, and rage! Pluto represents power, destruction, transformation, annihilation, and rebirth. Consider the incredible strength and power of this combination.
Together they have a very dark reputation. Indeed, this combination can be violent and disruptive, a ruthless burst of ego energy! Consider the best use of this energy in your personal life is to work hard on your deepest internal issues without ego attachment. Whatever is changing dramatically in your life; allow the change without attempting to hold on to safety or security. The change demands release. Watch the world and those around you in the coming week.
The new cycle between Venus and Saturn begins on Wednesday at 9:01 PM EST (the cycle ending now began in mid September 2013). Venus represents our ability to form partnerships, our personal values, and all that we find beautiful in our world. Saturn represents structure, stability, restriction, responsibility, and integrity. As a cycle between these two planets begins we must face reality in the management of our love relationships and our relationship to our finance. We must understand that respect and integrity are crucial to the development of a heartfelt life.
Please, please share with us how you see/ imagine these energies playing out in your life and your circumstances. Watch the world and those around you in the coming week.