‘Small Sunflower’ photo by Laurie

The Moon is in analytical, orderly Virgo, encouraging us to use discrimination and precision in the expression of our emotions today.

With Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto, it is indeed a good day to be discriminating with our communications. Your words can hold an intensity that you are hardly aware of until you see the response from those around you. Pay attention and use your thoughts and communications with care.
Words can bite! Keep this in mind as you receive communications from others as well. Do not be quick to judgment, give others a wide space of tolerance and compassion!

This Pluto issue is not just in communications – look also to your deepest thoughts today. The Virgo Moon may be quick to judge our darker thoughts harshly, but remember their is value also in the darkness. Allow your thoughts to pass, do not reject them, do not hold on to them. Allow your mind to process without judgment of the gray matter in your head. We all may struggle with difficult dark thoughts today and with finding ways to present these thoughts with ease.

We can be grateful to the discrimination of the Virgo Moon in the expression of our thoughts but don’t let the self criticism circumvent what is good and rich within the darkness.

‘Another Morning Glory’ photo by Laurie

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