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On March 20, 2023, the Sun enters Aries, demanding that you take action on essential projects immediately!

The New Moon happens less than 24 hours later, adding to the immediacy of the vibe.

In this video, you will find a discussion about the meaning of independent, fiery Aries and how and where it impacts you. Also, Mars the planet that rules Aries, changes sign on March 25 after 7 long months in Gemini, to enter the nurturing, protective waters of Cancer.

Although the focus is on action, the Mars ingress into Cancer implies an additional area of life that needs tender loving attention simultaneously.

Additional highlights include Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23, a Libra Full Moon on April 5/6, and a lovely Sun-Jupiter conjunction on April 11.

Overall, Aries season moves along quickly, with a plot twist right at the very end, as we see a second New Moon in Aries, which is also a Solar Eclipse.

More on that during the next video.

Watch the first part for a general understanding of the next few weeks, and then skip ahead to watch the one for your Rising sign and Sun sign.

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