“Upward” photo by Laurie

As we ring in the New Year the Moon has just moved into Sagittarius!

What a wonderful placement for the start of a new year!

With the Moon in Sagittarius we look forward! We look upward at the coming horizon! We push forward with enthusiasm and, perhaps, a bit of impatience!

We are, indeed, ready to move ahead, to leave 2010 behind. For many, it has been a rough year. We are anxious to start a new chapter, bringing us ever closer to our own future and the future of humanity.

Jupiter and Uranus will be coming to conjunction very soon. The energy is palatable. Can you feel it?

Anything can happen! Expect the unexpected, expect surprises, expect sudden changes to shift your opinions and perspective on life and your circumstances. From your current perspective the changes may not be immediatley welcome. These upheavals have far reaching results that you are probably not aware of. Your future will be become more suited to who you are becoming if you are able to ride this wave and allow your life and circumstances to be changed!

How and where these changes will show up in your life are determined by the placement of this conjunction in your individual horoscope. Call or email me to set up a consultation in person, on the telephone or Skype.

Expect Upliftment!
Welcome 2011!

“Frozen Stream” photo by Laurie