Opening to Intuition, Create Magic!

‘Tree Mushroom’ photo by Laurie

With the Moon in Pisces we feel empathy for others, we are able to understand that we are more similar than different from those around us. We are able to perceive an expansion of perspective that is very soft and yet contains an edge of protectiveness. We see the suffering of others – we aspire to find a way to offer help.

Deeply held feelings that have long been difficult to unravel can find expression today. The world need our wisdom. It is time to release whatever has held us down so long.

There is opportunity in this time – keep open to intuition – be prepared to leap!

Enthusiasm will keep the day interesting. There may seem little distinction between fantasy and reality today. Our dreams seem as real as anything in the tangible world.

Enjoy your imagination and fantasies, take time with them. Write some poetry, look at the sky, spend time with yourself, forgive yourself and others, take a walk, watch an old film or make a new one.

Create Magic. Dream.

Mercury and Sun Trine Neptune and Chiron
Moon approaches Jupiter

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A Quirky Weekend Ahead!

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This morning at 10:24AM EDT The Moon moved into Aquarius. We feel relief after the heaviness of the past few days. Now we can look forward to a weekend of quirky social interactions and sudden, unexpected changes of direction. Grab hold of this Aquarius Moon; encouraging us to break loose from what holds us back, confines us or restricts our freedom or self-expression.

We are likely to feel an impulsive desire to reject anything that feels smothering or too tight! We are more interested in our engagement with the whole of world, with all of humanity rather than individual relationships. We are able to see our place in a larger context of life.

The weather, here in Vermont, is certainly reflecting the quirkiness of this Aquarius Moon!

This Moon Brings Ambition!

‘Afternoon Sky’ photo by Laurie

Another day with the Moon in Capricorn. Emotions and feelings are serious, ambitious and conventional. This authoritative Moon struggles, today, against our deepest desire for connections. It is important to set aside a certain amount of this seriousness and bring tolerance, patience and kindness to others. We must maintain an awareness of how our ambitions affects those we love and all our relationships.

I wish I had more time to write, but the need to get things done is over-riding everything else today!!

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A Time of Preparation

‘Wheel’ photo by Sylas
Venus began her retrograde phase yesterday. For the next six weeks we will experience an increased awareness of the issues that Venus brings to us. Venus is the planet that rules all that we value highly: love, romance, relationship, money all that we see as beautiful.

This is a time to consider where we are in our lives regarding relationships and possessions. Who and what do we desire? Are our desires reasonable, practical or healthy for our future? How would our desires be changed if we suddenly possessed the objects of our desire? Do we rule our desires or do our desire rule our lives? Consider the relationship we have to our possessions. Do we rule our ‘stuff’ or does it rule us?

George Carlin talks about ‘Stuff’

During this time, what we desire is elusive to us. This is a time for us to observe and develop curiosity about our attachments to people and possessions. This is not a time to take action or bring your relationships to a new level or to purchase new shiny toys.
Hold still in the situation you are in. Work to clean up any messes left behind. Complete projects that have been left undone involving ‘stuff’ that you already own. Clean up any unfinished business that presents itself from relationships that have resurfaced from the past. What has been left undone. Take care of old business now so you can move forward into what works best for your future.

Most importantly, take this time (between now and November 18) to look at where you are in your life, right now in regards to your relationships and possessions. What have you learned since the last Venus retrograde cycle (Spring 2009)? What is working? What still needs to be adjusted? What is the most important for you to consider in moving forward? Can you work with the situations you currently find yourself in or do you need to begin anew?
Don’t make decisions now!
Evaluate… observe… ponder… consider…

Chances are good that you have learned a great deal in this past 18 months. If you are interested in exploring how this is affecting your individual horoscope and your individual situation, right now, send me an email.
An Astrological Consultation would help you to see your situation from a more objective perspective, by mid November you will be ready to move ahead! Now is a time of preparation.

Libra New Moon 2:44PM

‘Field’ photo by Sylas

Libra New Moon at 02:44 pm EDT, a time to observe the reality of your closest attachments, plant new seeds of equality in these relationships, a time to let go of indecisiveness, a time to move forward.

The New Moon is hanging close to Mercury, Saturn and the Sun today, we find thought, stability and illumination here in our closest partnerships. We may see what has been hidden from view. Now is a time to build balance and harmony with your partner or your friend,

Whatever we are creating will continue to be worked with for the next 6 weeks as, Venus, the ruler of Libra turns retrograde tomorrow. All issues of attachments, relationships, love and resources will be inspected and re-evaluated during this time.

‘Geese’ Photo by Sylas
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