Major Shift Toward ACTION!

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Now This Is Exciting News!! A major shift of energy!!!
This afternoon at 1:14pm EST Jupiter took it’s first steps from Pisces into ARIES!!
Everything that Jupiter makes contact with EXPANDS and becomes BIGGER!!
Aries is Innovative, Determined, Risk-Taking, Assertive, Hot, Impatient & Courageous!
The keyword for ARIES is ACTION!
Jupiter expands our need to take ACTION! to take a RISK! We have the desire to explore our own Courage and Assertiveness! We want to understand our own and other’s aggression, assertiveness and ability to take risks. We want to bring knowledge to our actions and action to our knowledge!
Are you hearing a call to Adventure and Action? If not, just wait a bit longer! In March when Uranus follows Jupiter into Aries I am sure you will hear the call!!
What have been waiting for? What have you been putting off because of caution or fear? What have you been dreaming of?
The wait is over! Prepare yourself because the time is upon us!
Patience will be difficult! This is a time for Action! We are facing a huge opportunity to break new ground! If you must wait to cover your responsibilities make sure you are in motion toward the day you can swing the doors wide open! in answering that call!
We could experience a huge shift in our beliefs or perhaps this is a time when your beliefs come out of the closet and into a real connection with the world.
This can be a very personal shift but it is also a public/social/cultural shift as well. Whatever changes have occurred and are in process of occurring are going to be public. With this happening at the ‘Aries Point’ secrets will not last for long!
This type of transit can bring so much excitement and/or so much anxiety into your life.
Make an appointment to talk about where this is happening in your life and the best ways to use this energy!

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Contemplate The Power Of Your Mind

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Be aware of deeply powerful communications today as Mercury joins with Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn. If you have something to share, some request or important communication to make, today is the day to do so. However, be very sure that you are clear about what you want to convey before you make that vocal leap.

This is a powerful time to begin to work with your mind. Give some thought to how you can train your mind to take you were you want to go. Without clear training our mind can drag us all over the map! How many of us have not had the experience of wondering how we got dragged into an unnecessary argument, having said things we later regret?
Where do you want your mind to take you? Today is a good day to contemplate that question. Do not underestimate the power of your mind. Today’s astrological aspects give us a boost to unlock some very old and powerful chains within our minds.
Any issues or conflicts that occurred in mid-December, and were left unresolved may resurface now, due to the return of this connection between Mercury and Pluto. Remember the importance of kindness and the power of compassion in all our communications.
Isn’t it time to consider your astrological outlook for the upcoming year? Today is a good day to start the contemplation, time to look at where you are and where you aspire to be.

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Accomplishment, Stability & Pleasure

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Mercury enters Capricorn today! Thoughts and communications stabilize! We are thinking about what needs to be accomplished.

All that has been explored while Mercury has been in Sagittarius can now be brought to understanding and to good use. We have work to do with what we have learned. Practicality and maturity reign.

The Moon is in Taurus as well. How about a good home cooked meal and a hot bath?

A great time to pause and deeply appreciate what you have in your life… that hot cup of coffee, warm conversations and loving friends.

A sweet day today!

Look for places to pass your pleasures on to others. It will amaze you how much sharing your good fortune will increase your own enjoyment!

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Learning to Relate as Venus Leaves Scorpio

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I have learned a lot in the last 48 hours about compassion. Toward myself and toward others. After working so hard to see, understand and change the most destructive, deeply ingrained patterns of our lives, it is amazing to see the power they still hold over us. These destructive ways of being and interacting with others likely have nothing to do with our fundamental beliefs. Yet they can take our emotions and twist us in ways we don’t always have control over.

Just when we think we have surpassed our most harmful tendencies, they crop up, without warning, and we end up feeling like a fool. We have all had this experience. We are all human.
If we can relax and forgive ourselves we may be able to afford the same forgiveness when someone in our life falls prey to this same issue. When we see a loved one’s greed, selfishness, jealousy or even cruelty crop up, our tendency is to think “Nothing ever changes, he/she is the same as always. He/she pretends to have grown and changed, but look at him/her! This is clear evidence that he/she is just as greedy, selfish, cruel as ever! I will not forget and trust him/her again”!
 Ah, in that moment it is easy to forget that we have been on the other side of this situation in the past. Perhaps even yesterday! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were not judged by our irrational responses of one moment, one hour or one day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we each were able to understand that we all have our own struggles that we fall back into when our emotions run high. Our internal patterns run so deep and do not release their hold easily. We think it will take an intense fight against our natural tendencies, perhaps many intense fights. But fighting against ourselves will only make the struggle more intense. What we really need to do is to see how human we are, to accept our common struggles, to forgive ourselves and each other with kindness and even a sense of humor.
Several things enter in here. Saturn moving through Libra brings so much work into the realm of relationship. So much that we need to learn is done through our struggles as we learn what we really need/want in relationships. We are also suffering through the last gasp of Venus’ movement through Scorpio. We are almost on the other side of that one. We still have much to learn but as Venus moves into Sagittarius we can do it more easily, with more fun, freedom and play.
Let’s get that part started!
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Partial Solar Eclipse w/ New Moon in Capricorn

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Monday. 2011. It has been a rough road to get to where we are today. We have survived 2010. It is now behind us. A challenging year, indeed.
Today we move back into normal routines. Back to the grindstone. Vacation is over – for most of us.
Today the Moon is in Capricorn. Time to get serious. Make things happen. Let nothing get in the way. It is time to move mountains.
This afternoon the Moon’s linkage with Pluto brings us face to face with our deepest hidden insecurities. Allow those insecurities space, do not try to chase them away. Get to know and understand them and they will pass. They leave us with the knowledge that there are areas of our lives that must be purged. What is it that is getting in our way? Possessions/attitudes/relationships? Life can get stuck when we don’t know what or when to let go. Our baggage is so comforting in its familiarity, and our attachment to that comfort makes it difficult to move forward.
Tomorrow: New Moon in Capricorn, Partial Solar Eclipse, Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction… a big day…. We’ll look at the Jupiter/ Uranus Conjunction tomorrow, for now… The eclipse:
An eclipse is a time of ending. A time to acknowledge what is no longer viable. Let go of the past, no matter how strong it’s hold is on your heart. It is time to let the past go. The only way to move ahead is to stop looking behind. there is nothing left for you in the past.
Easier said, than done. Believe me, I know.
In all of this it is important to pause. To open your eyes to the exact place that you find yourself today. See how far you have come. Allow the appreciation and love of your life to fill you. Absorb a deep sense of gratitude.
Look toward the future. Where do you imagine yourself as you welcome 2012. A year passes so quickly and yet so many changes can occur in those swiftly passing days.
Take time to be with yourself as you consider and take stock of where you were a year ago, where you find yourself today, and where you envision yourself in 2012.
One foot in front of the other.

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