Hot Coffee; Hot Showers

“Train Bridge” photo by Laurie

What are we thankful for this morning? A great question to start any day with!

I am grateful for hot coffee and hot showers. How many of us wake up each morning to drink our hot cup of coffee followed by a hot shower? How many of us have had those pleasures each morning for 20, 30, 40 or more years? The simple habits of our lives are so easy to take for granted, to be barely aware of. How often do we pause and truly appreciate that deep strong taste in our mouth? That steaming hot water on our back? There are many people on this planet who would respond with deep awe to these things we give little thought to, who have never experienced these pleasures.

With the Moon in Cancer our emotions are close to the surface today. Our awareness turns to issues of security and family. Be aware of your place in your world. Hold steady. It would only take a bit of unconsciousness to slide into early life patterns that are not healthy for us today. Pay attention to the others in your environment; watch for signs of defensiveness, moodiness and anxiety. Offer the more positive side of Cancer; cooking, nurturing and tender-hearted kindness.

The Moon loves to be in Cancer, values the opportunity to tap into love and sensitivity. The day holds more complexity than that, we have the opportunity to learn skills of patience as we may encounter a situation where there it too much emotion or conversation that is not appropriate for the situation. Perhaps that is the moment to distract by turning the conversation to more mutually pleasing subjects; food, children or loved ones.

If the situation gets tough, slow yourself down and calmly ask a simple question: “What are you grateful for today?”

Listen to the answer.

“Ice Cliff” photo by Laurie

The Focus of a Lifetime

‘Carriage Shadow’ Photo by Laurie

Okay, so this is the week. Finally, Venus is turning direct after 6 weeks of retrograde motion. Whether we have been aware of it or not, we have been waiting and yet now that the time is within sight, what have we learned? Have we given clear consideration to the issues of Venus?*(see below) Are we ready to move forward? Do we have the slightest idea the direction we are about to move in? The clarity is not with us yet. There are still a few more days to dwell in this uncertainty. A few more days to work on keeping our eyes and our hearts open to what we need to see.

Can we expect that the questions will suddenly answer themselves in the moment that Venus turns direct (Thursday, November 18th 5:17:36PM)? Perhaps these questions been answering themselves all along? Have we been willing, or ready, to listen? Do we believe that we are strong enough, courageous enough to take the path that is insisting we look it in the eye? Are we so weak as to be enslaved by the path we have followed for all these years without finding lasting satisfaction?

In these last few days of Venus’ retrograde cycle, we still have the opportunity to look directly in the eye of the question at hand.

What do we value most dearly? What is worth the focus of a lifetime?

Shortly after Venus turns direct it is opposed by the Moon in Aries (1:32AM Friday, November 19th), bringing courage to our aid. We each have an idea of the choices that are ahead of us. We may not want to make them, but in one manner or another, they must be made. Always remember that the lack of a choice is, in fact, a choice.

Our choices of who, and what, we focus our attention on determine the path of our lives. Our deepest values are in question here. It is not an easy path we are being asked to follow. We must make our choices with an awake, alert mind. Our minds are always focused on something. It is ultimately our choice where we place that mind.

We can close our eyes, close our minds, take the easy path, knowing it will have the same results… those ruts become so deep over time, it is hard to find our way back. The Moon in Aries as Venus turns direct brings courage. The courage to face fear, alone – to look it in the eye, to allow that fear to rise, so fast and strong – and to allow the courage to swells from below.

Perhaps now you could open your heart as a Warrior, place your mind exactly where you want it to dwell and move forward with Courage into the life you know is yours to live.

Happy Venus direct…. very soon.

*issues of Venus:
ability to form partnership
personal values

‘Couple Shadow’ – Photo by Laurie

Open to the Greater Good

‘Passing Clouds’ photo by Laurie

It is wonderful to start the weekend with an easy and highly social Aquarius Moon. It is time to put the past behind and move fearlessly into the future without apology. Aquarius has the reputation of detachment due to the ability to move forward for the good of all, rather than being held back to please a few. It is a very humanitarian sign, looking to project into the future for the greater good of humankind.

Expect sudden insights from unexpected places today. Reach out to others, knowing that the seeds you plant take root in the dark, you will likely never know what your remarks or actions may result in. Look into the world around you from a more humanitarian context, open into the larger picture.

Individually, look to the past to see your current place in the world with the understanding that you are creating your future with every thought, word and deed that you take today.

‘Mind’ photo by Laurie

I Hope We Get Home Today!

‘Railroad Bridge’ photo by Laurie

This evening at 7:43PM EST Mercury moves into Sagittarius bringing our minds to a more expansive place. It may be a bit more difficult to keep our thoughts and our words to ourselves as we feel compelled to express our opinions rather forcefully without thought of the consequences. It is important that we maintain an awareness of our boundaries with others at this time.

The Moon is also in Sagittarius, increasing our need for freedom and our interest in new areas of study and thought. I sure hope this great day for travel is an indication that the car will get fixed and that my friend and I will be able to get home today!!!

Last night at 11:05PM EST Venus (still retrograde) backed into Libra where she will continue retrograde until November 18th. Venus is very pleased to be back in Libra where she can respond to her inner contemplations with a more aesthetic and balanced approach.

Consider what is involved in true loving Relationship. Diplomacy, kindness and the constant balance between give and take. Perhaps as Venus is still retrograde this is an excellent time to understand that what we ‘give’ in a true spirit of love is the best of what we ‘get’.

‘Tractor – Jean & David’s house’ Photo by Laurie

Put That Burden Down

Cross-stitch by Zena

We wake with a sense that something is changing, an expansion of understanding and the ability to express that understanding. (Mercury Trining Jupiter) This is a great time to travel or open yourself to new ideas and ways of thinking. Go out of your way, travel a different route, if necessary, to connect with folks from a different culture or a different generation, people who view the world in a manner very different from your own.

Early this morning, while we slept, the Moon entered Scorpio – 2:15am EDT.

The Scorpio New Moon (just after midnight tonight) suggests that it is time to move ahead with a lighter load. There is no going back. Attempting to re-shoulder that load would not support the development of anyone involved. We are once again at the end of a cycle. We are now able to see clearly the necessity of putting down that old burden. Haven’t you carried it long enough?
This is easier said than done – it is easy to idealize radical change, but change is never without difficulties. True transformation takes a very deep level of courage, self reflection and honesty. The New Moon gives us the energy to go deeply to manifest what we need. We are not stuck where we are; it is time now to envision the steps toward our future.
During this Scorpio New Moon think about the deepest areas of transformation, our sexuality, our confrontations with mortality and our role in the transformation of the culture we currently reside in.

Cross-stitch by Zena!

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