Clean Up, Transform!

‘Sunlight on Snow’ photo by Sylas

Today’s Moon in Virgo will certainly help those of you who celebrated Christmas to whip the house back into shape. Get those dishes washed and put away. Take care of all the wrapping paper and scattered packaging and get the kids to pick up their new toys!

However, be prepared for a bit of a crash once that has been accomplished.

It is difficult not to have very high expectations leading to the holiday. It is particularly hard for children, after all the build-up not to crash as we come back to a bit of reality.

Today the Sun conjuncts Pluto bringing an intensity to that crash.

Regardless of who you are with – family or friends – be aware of the gathering intensity throughout the day.

This intensity will last for several days and brings with it an extremely powerful energy. This could bring you to the top of the world or to the depths of despair, determined by your individual horoscope, your personal responses and circumstances.

This is an energy of transformation, powerful and karmic. Be aware of what is happening on a level beneath the surface of awareness.

Breath deeply, hold steady… anticipate transformative intensity.

‘Woods_Snow’ photo by Sylas

A Playful Spirit of Generosity Abounds!

‘Snow’ photo by Laurie

This morning – at 7:55am EST – Our Beautiful Moon moved into Passionate Playful Leo (where she will stay until mid-morning on the 25th) enabling us to tap into joy, pleasure, and open-hearted generosity toward others! Find a way to be true to your self while offering vast amounts of self and love to others.

This is a great energy to draw ourselves and others into a festive, open-hearted mood. We are ready to do the preparation nessisary to set aside all responsibilites, leave the desk full of work behind, and move into a delightful holiday weekend!

Peace and Goodwill to All!

‘Walking to Work’ photo by Laurie

With the Darkest Day, We Move Toward Light

‘Flynn Lobby’ photo by Laurie

Today, the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) the darkest day of the year!

Driving home on such dark streets, 4:30, 5PM and already it is as dark as midnight. The holiday lights brighten the scene with an attempt at hope and cheer. It is difficult to want to do anything but hibernate. A warm home, a hot cup of tea, a few friends. Not wanting to venture far.

Now, just as we begin to ache for the light it begins its return. Gradually we will notice a tiny bit more light each day. Then the day comes when we are startled to see light in the sky at nearly 5pm! What a welcome surprise that moment always is!

The lunar eclipse and the intensity of our current Mercury retrograde add some complications and emotional tenderness to the picture.

The end of the year is here. It is time to look back at the path we have traversed to get where we now find ourselves. Few of us have been left unmoved by this amazingly powerful year. Yes, it has been a hell of a year, a roller coaster for most of us.

You may remember the Venus retrograde cycle that caused such turmoil some months ago. We are now coming out of it’s shadow, which means that Venus is finally moving onto new ground.

What is past is past, what is new or worth bringing to life, is ready to begin. Slowly for now, this is still a time of darkness, a time to simplify, to absorb the darkness, allow the light to wait a bit longer, feel the quiet.

Stay inward just a bit longer, the light will return in time. Enjoy where you are now. This time will never return. These days are precious. Each day.

“Let the Universe Support Your Growth”

‘Flynn Lobby2’ photo by Laurie

Avoidance of a Busy Mind

‘Wet Road’ photo by Laurie

Sit down. Be still. Be quiet.
Feel the silence, the shift, as we attempt to stabilize.
Hold steady.

This is not easy.
What must be looked at here?
What have we avoided with our busy mind?
Breath it in.
Feel it all the way to the core.
Let it go.
Use all pain to learn compassion.
Pain is unavoidable, the important thing is to see where others experience what we experience.
Breath that pain deeply into yourself and breath out relief to all who experience the same.
Look around, see that pain etched on the faces you pass.
Notice where you pull away and don’t see/ acknowledge the humanity around you.

Write a poem,with deep, dark intensity. It comes from the core and touches the core.
Pray, meditate… whatever you chose to call it. Touch the untouchable.
Let music fill that space of mystery.

Moon in Pisces.
Mercury retrograde, approaching conjunction with Pluto, then Mars.
While the Moon conjuncts Uranus.

Heavy few days or so…..
Rest with the depth of understanding that comes with time.
Live the life you have in front of you to live.
Stay steady.
Approach the intangible with a light touch, let it move you, be gentle with those around you.

Maintain curiosity about all of life.
It is an amazing experience we are in the midst of.

‘Boots’ photo by Laurie

Today: Expect the Unexpected!

‘Onion Hearts in Oil’ photo by Laurie
The Moon in Scorpio brings us into a deeper awareness than usual of issues that are below the surface.
Often a day with Moon in Scorpio is a day that we keep our emotions hidden underground. Perhaps the intensity being too much to see the light of day.
However today the energy of Mars is going to ensure that there is more activity above the surface than we may expect as we start our day. Mars comes to a 90 degree square with Uranus today. bringing energy that is unpredictable, vibrant and highly energized.
Expect pressure to be released where it has been held tightly. Restlessness and irritability can lead to impulsive actions as we feel a need to rebel against routine or convention. Expect the unexpected.
Find a way to use this energy! It is explosive, it is excitable and it needs a safe outlet! Something new, something different, go to a place you have not gone before, tap into Energy!
Physical energy or sexual energy will be the best expression to utilize!
Be careful not to fly off the handle, be aware when driving or handling other equipment. Safety first in all things.
Ready or not, tension must be released. However much Scorpio Moon wants us to hide our feelings this aspect between Mars and Uranus will not allow it.
Make it a fun exciting day! Break out of your routines! Do something new! Use the lightning bolt of Uranus well – point it where it will assist in your life and others.
Feel, enjoy and make the most of this electric energy.
‘My Room’ Photo by Laurie, Tye-Dye by Frieda

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