Super Libra New Moon

Pay attention to what you plant today, for it will grow!

Okay, so what is so special about Tuesday’s LIBRA NEW MOON and why should I still be thinking about it today? This month’s NEW MOON falls in a particularly sensitive area of the zodiac.A NEW MOON is always about planting seeds for new beginnings.
The intensely powerful energies of  PLUTO and URANUS tip us off to the fact that seeds planted during this time (including the day before and several days after the exact NEW MOON) involve not only the LIBRA issues of relationship and cooperation but also the universal humanitarian themes of empowerment, transformation, revolution, independence and intensification. The involvement of MERCURY AND MARS bring in the more ordinary everyday issues of interpersonal communications and how we deal with the uncomfortable energies of anger, rage, courage and will.  Whatever seeds are planted at this NEW MOON contain all of these energies, These seeds have the potential to grow very deep roots indeed! This is an intensely powerful time!
Look at how your true personal values are being expressed in your relationships, your social interactions and/or your expression of creativity, love and beauty. What are you longing to create in your life? What unconventional longing has been untended for too long? It is time to plant, hold and nurture the seeds of the upcoming changes you wish to creat.
Look at the demands of our culture at this moment in history and understand that this is a seed moment. Humanity is in revolt. This NEW MOON is calling out the and shining a light on the ongoing energy of the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO which has gotten so much press in the astrological world in the past year or more.
Read this from Jamie Partridge from DarkStar Astrology:
Revolution/transformation is being demanded in every corner of the world. The same is being demanded in our personal lives. The status quo is no longer viable. The seeds planted now will grow to help in the ultimate transformation that is happening in all of our lives.
Be well, pay careful attention to what you are planting, keep your eyes open and know that change brings us ever forward. As the days progress there is much work that must be done, but for another day or two we can rest in the internal work of planting seeds in our minds, in our hearts and in the love we offer to those in our lives.

September 12th – 14th


FULL MOON   5:27am EST.

Monday morning’s FULL MOON is in mystical, ethereal PISCES. With the SUN in hardworking, practical VIRGO this FULL MOON gives us the opportunity to take a moment to relax and allow ourselves to dream.

This FULL MOON is squaring the Nodes, currently in Gemini and Sagittarius. Look for an opportunity to develop an integration between our emotions and our belief system. This is not an easy thing to do! Our beliefs often dictate a very different way of being than our emotions are willing to go along with! Finding a way to truly understand the discrepancy and align our feelings with our emotions is a huge piece of many people’s life work. Meditation helps.

This week’s FULL MOON is called the harvest moon because it’s the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox, or the first astronomical day of autumn, which takes place on September 23rd.



After the dream time that the PISCES FULL MOON afforded us we are now ready to push forward in an assertive energetic manner. ARIES MOON gives us a chance to be more selfish, emotionally.  Sometimes it is a good idea to look out for NUMBER ONE, to show independence of thought and determination in getting what we know we need for ourselves. Respect that need and remember to be kind to others in the process.



This aspect encourages us to dig into the deepest levels of our intellectual ideas, ideals and concepts. We are able to communicate philosophical wisdom more clearly than usual. Take time today to write or speak about issues that are  important with others. Humor and Idealism can also be well expressed today. If you are able to make $$ with your communications or your ideas, this is a great time for you. Ideas are generous, well expressed and may well result in confidence and good fortune.


Ahhh. VENUS is thrilled to enter its own sign of LIBRA. She is delighted to leave behind the analytical compulsiveness toward our relationships that held sway while VENUS was in VIRGO.  As the lovely planet of attraction, harmony, diplomacy and relationship enters the realm of refinement, romance and charm there is a sign of relief. We feel the softness of grace settle over social situations. We are more able to cooperate and find beauty and sympathy in our relationships with those around us. Take time to enjoy social graces!

Re-Posting about Mercury Retrograde!

As I am heading on Vacation I had some great new ideas about Mercury Retrograde and Mars having moved into Cancer and all the other things happening in the movement of the planets! However, I just don’t have the time!

So…. here is a piece that I wrote about Mercury Retrograde in March!

Mercury turned retrograde (1 degree of Virgo) on Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:50 pm EDT – it will resume direct motion (18 degrees of Leo) on August 26th at 6:02 pm EDT.

How many times can we talk about Mercury retrograde?  Well, considering that this small planet turns retrograde approximately 3 times per year, I guess that is how often we will continue to discuss the issue!

It seems that the idea of Mercury retrograde has taken root in the culture in a way that is not helpful to our lives or to the way the general population views astrology!  Folks who know very little about astrology tend to expound the horrors of Mercury retrograde! No matter what may go wrong during this cycle we can lay the blame at Mercury’s feet!  Before we get into how this small planet’s motion affects our lives, let us, once again, ask the question: What does it mean when a planet is said to be retrograde?

I want to keep it simple; no complications here.

If you are interested, you will find a more extensive and excellent explanation of retrograde motion here!

Please remember that all our planets turn retrograde at different times. Mercury is particularly notable due to its frequency and it’s very noticeable affects on our everyday lives.

When Mercury turns retrograde, it seems (from our perspective on earth) that it is moving backwards in the sky. Obviously this is an optical illusion. It is all about perspective. This illusion is created by the orbital rotation of the earth, in relation to the other planets in our solar system. This optical illusion is created because we are observing it from a perspective inside the whole of a constantly moving solar system. Have you ever been on a moving subway or car when you realized that another moving car seemed to be moving backwards although it was in fact moving forward? All a matter of perspective!

Indeed, a simple matter of perspective, and yet, from an astrological point of view this is very significant. The energy that we have come to expect from the planet in question functions very differently during these times of retrograde motion. The energy no longer utilizes an easy direct outward expression. There may be objectives involved that are not clear or easy to understand.

Once we become aware of Mercury’s retrograde cycle and have observed it through time it is easy to see how it can be blamed for so many things. If we are moving ahead with our lives, unaware, we may find that things stop ‘working’ in the ways that we expect them to. People seem to misunderstand our communications and therefore our intentions. Everything we try to do takes longer because there is no smooth motion to our lives!  It is easy to wind up thinking that Mercury is to blame for these stressful and difficult times!

So, now that we have had the opportunity to observe these cycles, it is time to learn how to use them to our advantage!  It has been only recently that I have really come to appreciate and, even (yes!) embrace these times!

The key is:  SLOW DOWN!

Also,  keep the prefix ‘re’ closely at hand! “The prefix ‘re’ is a synonym for again, indicating a return to a previous condition, or repetition of a previous action.”

The last time Mercury was retrograde was late November to the end of December 2010. Take a moment to think about and consider what has transpired in your life since the beginning of this year. What have you left undone since that time? Where in your life do you need to ‘return to a previous condition or action’? What do you need to go back and look at or complete?

This period of time will not move smoothly if you continue trying to move forward into new territory. It will behove you to take time now to examine where you have been and what parts of your life you need to re-visit.

Look at that prefix closely! how many words are can you think of that begin with the prefix re? How many of them are applicable at this time?

re-read, re-group, re-write, re-do, re-imagine, re-tell, re-think, re-word, re-name, re-pay, re-make, re-appear, re-arrange, re-apply, re-appoint, re-animate, re-ally, re-fresh, re-marry, re-load, re-enter, re-make, re-hire, ….

During this time, do not start anew, go back and look at what is already on your plate! How can you re-vitalize what you already have? Re-juvenate what you already have! Take time, make what you have, your life, the best that it can be!  With a bit of attention you have all that you need right in front of you right now!

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Leo New Moon – Looking Forward To The Weekend!

Big changes coming over the next few day.

Plenty to enjoy!

LEO WARMTH never lasts very long.

Enjoy every moment! To the fullest!

Today (Thursday) the CANCER MOON makes its rounds of difficult aspects. (MOON SQUARE URANUS; MOON OPPOSED PLUTO)

Very early in the morning her emotions struggle with detachment and dark hidden forces.  We may wake up with difficult dreams or nightmares that take time to shake off. Offer patience and kindness along with the morning coffee and the rest of the day will smooth over.

The big news today is the movement of VENUS into LEO (until August 21st). bringing drama, expression and creativity to our romantic and social relationships. We are able to bring more generosity, creativity and play into all areas of our lives. Be sure to get out and enjoy all the things that summer has to offer: parties, live music, festivals and all types of gatherings! Invite everyone you know to participate in this season of pleasure. Host a party! Share a dinner or a bottle of wine! Create reasons for yourself and others to shine!

MERCURY enters VIRGO briefly until it turns retrograde on August 2nd and transits back into Leo where it will remain until September 9th.  On Friday MERCURY OPPOSES NEPTUNE showing us a lack of clarity in our thinking and our communications. Let yourself dream, meditate or write poetry. Don’t even try to “figure it out” or analyze a single thing. Any conclusions reached or decisions made will likely be reversed or regreted, as we see them from a very different perspective later. Relax into the energy of Neptune and appreciate the value of imagination and inspiration. Things are not as they seem under this transit, so just don’t expect your thinking to be solid or unchanging.

When you wake up on Saturday the MOON is in LEO and the day of the LEO NEW MOON.

NEW MOONS are all about new beginnings. This new moon is closely connected to both the expansive energy of JUPITER and the restrictive, structuring energy of SATURN. Be patient with what you hope to create at this time.

There are things under the surface that have not yet come to light.

Keep your heart open and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability and generosity are true gifts of LEO.

In my natal chart I have 6 planets in Leo and my Moon in Aries. This time of year is always very intense for me. Full of excitement and more drama than I need or want to manage.

I feel a constant burn.

This year I am trying to handle it a bit differently. Pull back… breath… feel the burn without responding so quickly. Easier said than done as I feel that HOT! HOT! Sun approaching first my Venus, then Moon, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto. I so look forward to this time, and it is truly the time of my year and yet there is always an intense relief when it is over. I look forward to the coolness of Virgo as a time of rest.

But for now:



SUN Enters LEO, The Sign of Pleasure!

Saturday, as the day began, we also begin our one month odyssey (an extended adventurous voyage or quest) into pleasure! It seems that we should celebrate this day the way we celebrate New Year’s! Leo brings us warmth, generosity and pleasure. For me this is the beginning of a new cycle. With 6 planets in LEO in my natal horoscope, the month of LEO certainly makes my heart sing!

The past week has been relatively calm, a time of rest following some of the rougher issues (think: eclipses) we have recently handled. Now we are ready for some serious changing of the guard. This past month we have tended to our homes, our families and our security issues. Perhaps our home base is now stable enough now to emotionally support the adventures that this LEO cycle presents.

Today the SUN joins MERCURY in LEO and before another week passes VENUS will joyously follow! Mercury exits LEO during its retrograde cycle but returns to spend the better part of the month with the SUN and VENUS in LEO! These three planets very often travel together. The core energy of the season aligns with our values, our sense of beauty and our ability to understand and communicate those values. This can be a very idealistic time.

In the USA there is a holiday in every month of the year EXCEPT August. I think that the LEO SUN just can not allow anything to get in the way of the pure celebration of warmth, generosity and dramatic creativity!

It is time to take center stage, to open without hesitation to the most extroverted, dramatic, vital and playful sides of ourselves and our lives. If you find yourself holding back, think of the SUN in August, there is no holding back the generous expression, the outpouring of warmth. This is a great time to practice the full expression of generosity and warmth toward ourselves and others!

Isn’t it almost time to head to the beach?

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