An Unknowable Mystery

'Celebrating the Birth of Jake' by G. Greve

Thoughts on Becoming a Grandmother

I had the opportunity this week to spend time with my beautiful daughter who is about to give birth to my first grandchild. These past months have seemed surreal in terms of this pending new life. Now the reality is finally beginning to settle in and I am in awe at the awareness that this new life will bring immense changes to my own life as well as to the lives of people close to me.

As an astrologer I am constantly watching charts and planets as they move through their cycles. I find myself now wondering at the significance of the moment this child will choose for her birth. Who will this new person be? Who will my daughter become as a mother and who will I become as a grandmother? The changes that occur when a new life enters the picture are profound and unknowable.

I don’t often look at the horoscopes of small children. Without life experience a chart feels somehow flat, there is no way to yet know the experiences that will flesh out the chart and bring it to life. In looking at the chart of a newborn it is possible to imagine the beauty of the grown adult but you have no idea what experiences will shape that life.  There is much that you can see in terms of the energy available to the child and the emotional needs that will drive the personality.  But there is so much that is not available to be seen. No matter how well we know our charts, life is, after all, a mystery.

When I work with a chart, I have a process that I go through, exactly the same with each chart… step by step. There comes a point when I ‘get’ who this person is. Generally it comes as a sudden realization. I may know nothing about what they look like, or how they live their life, but I ‘feel’ the core essence, the energy of the spirit that resides within.  Even after many years and many hundreds of charts I am still surprised by the complexity and wonder within each horoscope and each human soul.

I remember very well the first time I had the experience of recognition as I looked at the chart of my mother. I was in my early 30’s and had my mothers chart in a file for many years but had never taken the time to work with it. One quiet morning I sat with my cup of coffee and began the process that I had done so many times with so many other charts.  This time, that moment of recognition was truly a shock to me. I had always assumed that I knew my mother. After all, my reasoning told me, I had known her all my life! But as the realization hit me of who this person was, her hopes, fears, the tenderness and strength of her spirit, I was stunned. This was not who I had believed my mother to be.

'Parable of the Mother and Child' by G. Greve

Being the youngest of five children I realized that I had access to a little project here that would help me to understand my mother, the nature of relationships, and astrology. Over the next few weeks I made it a point to study the charts of each of my siblings and ‘interview’ each of them regarding our mother.  I was deeply moved to realize that my mother was a different person in the eyes of each of her children and that none of us knew the woman who had raised us, the woman whose chart I had worked with that morning over coffee.

In these core relationships, we see in each other what is reflected in our own chart.

Astrology provides an amazing window that can open our eyes and our hearts to the reality of the person who stands before us.

I am looking forward to welcoming this new life – my granddaughter. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter grow as a mother herself.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to examine a growing personality with my eyes open to the symbols of her horoscope and the reality of her mysterious human life.

Intense Emotions For Mother’s Day

Friday was a lovely day for socializing and enjoying great communications in your relationships. If you were able to spend time with siblings you likely connected well and were able to communicate in ways that possibly were more difficult in the past.

The rest of the weekend may prove to be more of a challenge.

It is certainly appropriate for the Moon to be in Cancer over this Mother’s Day weekend.  Cancer is all about the energy of being and having a Mom.  The Good Stuff – the nurturing and loving energy, the energy of care and feeding.  The Rough Stuff as well – the clinging and holding on too tight, the moodiness.

The Cancer Moon holds so much sensitivity and this weekend she is battered with rough aspects that are bound to bring up challenges to our relationships with our Moms, our daughters, our sisters and others who are close to our hearts.

Be patient with those in your life.   Take care of your hurt feelings without blaming others during this time of high sensitivity.

Many of us no longer have our Moms.  For many this is a rough holiday that holds much sadness.  A Mother can not be replaced. We must remember our memories with love and tenderness while showing love and kindness to whoever is in your life now.  Remember all that your Mom has meant to you and all the ways that you are who you are because of who she was!  Remember her with an open heart of love.

If you still have your Mom appreciate her and let her know how much she means to you. If your relationship with her is difficult, please remember she will not be with you forever.  Show kindness.

And for all of us who are mothers ourselves, remember to be kind to yourself.  Keep your expectations reasonable.  Be patient and kind to yourself as well.

Sending love to all who are Moms, are about to become Moms and who have Moms or have lost their Moms!

Electrified Emotions Start Your Weekend

Expect the Unexpected

6 planets in Aries. Isn’t it time to make a move?

Aries Moon connected with Uranus yesterday (Friday).  I hope you didn’t get your fingers stuck in any light sockets! You, and those around you, were probably feeling the need for BIG CHANGES! On an emotional level an upset of some sort may have been required…. perhaps it was the only way to get out of a stuck spot. Aries won’t tolerate being stuck even if anger, negative passion or aggression is the only way he can see to get unstuck!

With this type of energy it is important to find a new perspective or a new approach to the things that may seem stale in your life. Initiate action on a new project, a new study or a new way of seeing. There is electric energy here that can tap in to brilliant new ideas and ways of seeing the world. Allow energy to move but think ahead because how this is handled will affect the rest of your weekend!

Late Friday night/ early Saturday morning you will likely feel some intensity possibly due to putting your finger in that light socket!  Or perhaps due to someone else doing the same! By noon you will feel more content and solid with your world. Brunch with your friends is the best way to start the day. Any shopping you must do, do in the earliest part of the day. Spend the rest of Saturday developing structure and value in your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Sunday will bring strong energy! Find a way to direct it out into the world. Get out and exercise, accomplish something, ride your bike, go on a hike! Don’t stay indoors with this energy, get yourself and any kids in your life outside!

Have a great weekend. Love to all.

Sunday Morning Brunch

Dreams and Surrender

Hindu Chhat

As Wednesday (right after midnight) begins, the Moon enters the intangible realm of Pisces (and joins hands with Neptune) bringing our imagination to the surface, insisting we give space to our dreams and mystical yearnings.

The sweetness of this Pisces energy is quickly overshadowed by Venus (Aries) squaring Pluto several hours later. There are situations in your life involving finances and/ or intimate relationships that must be looked at clearly.  Now is the time to open our eyes and take in the reality of our situation. Perhaps you have been living with some delusion about the state of your finances or the state of your love life.  Open you eyes and look clearly at what you need in these situations, it may be that you simply have to accept the truth/reality.

This is not new information, your awareness has been growing for some time.  There has been prior warning. We may have avoided looking at it, but we have been aware of the rumbling underground. No matter how we have tried to avoid the reality, eventually it is undeniable. The pain and difficulty is in the denial.  Rather than fight this information/situation take steps to open to the reality now.  Work to get a clear grip on what the situation is.  Face the reality.  Without clarity there is no possibility in changing the course that you are on.

There is a shift that is taking place at this time.  Sidestep the power plays, get to the reality. It may be that you need to end that relationship, or allow it to look very different from what you had expected. Or maybe you have to face the reality of selling a home you have been attached to or losing a job that you thought would support you for many years to come.

Something that you have been attached to is transforming and you do not have as much control as you had hoped for.  It is best to surrender and allow yourself to love what is really there to love.  Open to what is real.  it may not look the way you expected it to, we each have our pictures of how we want things to be. the sooner we can release those pictures and love the reality as it is, the more joy we will have in our lives and the more joy we can share with others.

True love is not in those false pictures we have carried in our minds for so long. True love is in real human connections between flawed human beings with open hearts and minds.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Take A Risk, Come Alive With Passion

Passion, agitation, edginess…. but hasn’t the SUN entered TAURUS? Can’t we have a bit of a rest?!

Even with the SUN having entered TAURUS on Wednesday we continue to be in a time of great abundance of FIRE!  FIRE is exciting, fast, impulsive and often dramatic.

As the SUN moved out of ARIES , VENUS promptly moved into ARIES!  Rather than tearing things down, we may now see a different set of possibilities and begin the process of building… but we still want it done NOW!  Patience is sorely lacking!

With the shift of the SUN into TAURUS we are more able to find a balanced state in HOW we direct our core energy and yet in issues of love,  relationships, values and resources we are suddenly HEATED UP (VENUS IN ARIES)!

VENUS enjoyed her 3 week stay in PISCES but now she is done with quiet times, done with poetry and sweet sensitivity.  In ARIES, VENUS wants our relationships to come alive with passion! No holding back, take that risk that you have been afraid to take, initiate where you would normally wait for another. ARIES is bold and must move forward with courage and assertiveness. This is not the time to hesitate.

On Friday we get an increase in the intensity of this energy as VENUS joins with URANUS!  This throws an unexpected twist into issues of relationship, our personal values and resources.   We may feel the need to begin something new, or relate to someone in a different way than what is expected of us.  We are ready to open to the unexpected, we are willing to surprise ourselves and those around us.  We feel reckless and impatient in love/relationships; we are ready to take risks.  We may find ourselves drawn to people, situations and values that surprise us.  We are attracted to things/people who have been foreign to us in the past.  We possibly feel drawn to those who are from a very different social class,  of a very different age or from a culture other than our familiar one.  If someone new shows up in your life during this time, they could bring great changes to your way of thinking and bring you into a different future than what you have been expecting.  Keep in mind that relationships that start suddenly often end the same way!  So enjoy anything new for what it offers in the present!

Watch for financial extravagance with this placement, it is easy to be reckless regarding your money & resources during this time.  The SUN in TAURUS has such a love and appreciation for things of beauty that we could easily end up with “stuff” that was not a practical purchase!

Also on Friday MERCURY turns and resumes direct motion.  I hope you have gotten caught up on many of the projects and paperwork left over from the past few months.  Now we can feel more comfortable moving into new plans, new projects, getting new ideas on the table.

Get out and enjoy your weekend!  I plan to!  It should be a good one!

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