SUN Enters LEO, The Sign of Pleasure!

Saturday, as the day began, we also begin our one month odyssey (an extended adventurous voyage or quest) into pleasure! It seems that we should celebrate this day the way we celebrate New Year’s! Leo brings us warmth, generosity and pleasure. For me this is the beginning of a new cycle. With 6 planets in LEO in my natal horoscope, the month of LEO certainly makes my heart sing!

The past week has been relatively calm, a time of rest following some of the rougher issues (think: eclipses) we have recently handled. Now we are ready for some serious changing of the guard. This past month we have tended to our homes, our families and our security issues. Perhaps our home base is now stable enough now to emotionally support the adventures that this LEO cycle presents.

Today the SUN joins MERCURY in LEO and before another week passes VENUS will joyously follow! Mercury exits LEO during its retrograde cycle but returns to spend the better part of the month with the SUN and VENUS in LEO! These three planets very often travel together. The core energy of the season aligns with our values, our sense of beauty and our ability to understand and communicate those values. This can be a very idealistic time.

In the USA there is a holiday in every month of the year EXCEPT August. I think that the LEO SUN just can not allow anything to get in the way of the pure celebration of warmth, generosity and dramatic creativity!

It is time to take center stage, to open without hesitation to the most extroverted, dramatic, vital and playful sides of ourselves and our lives. If you find yourself holding back, think of the SUN in August, there is no holding back the generous expression, the outpouring of warmth. This is a great time to practice the full expression of generosity and warmth toward ourselves and others!

Isn’t it almost time to head to the beach?

Climb A Mountain Today! (July 21, 2011)

Yesterday (Wednesday) was not an easy day. The dreaminess of the previous few days gave way to more intensity and the need to open our eyes to some dynamic issues that we really would have liked to keep rose-colored glasses on for! However, in facing these circumstances (people or situations) head-on we have the opportunity to develop independence and courage. The MOON entered ARIES in the early afternoon (Wednesday) and continues in this energetic, impatient sign today and Friday as well. Stand tall and face whatever demons are moving through your life.

ARIES demands that we learn the development of courage. Each month when the MOON moves through this forceful, assertive sign we have the opportunity to face our fears and move toward them, learning lessons of bravery.

Wednesday evening with MOON CONJUNCT URANUS we may have felt a need for independence and possibly an intensification of anger or fear. Perhaps we faced the situation with detachment, removing ourselves emotionally. Several hours later as MOON SQUARE PLUTO the depth of the darkness in the situation was exposed and our emotions were too powerful to ignore.  An emotionally intense evening to be sure.

Today our demons have moved into a different form as we must face issues of responsibility. Reality and caution are heavy on our minds as MOON SQUARE SATURN.  Life places restrictions in our path and we much face ourselves, mature and accept limitations. Through this process we develop self-respect. Bring a calming energy to your emotions by allowing the stabilizing function of SATURN. With time we learn to love SATURN which moves our lives into a very different form.

ARIES MOON is a great time to get out and do something physical! We learn a great deal of courage through the use of our bodies! Climb a mountain! Dig a ditch! Do something on your own, this is not the energy of a team sport! Mountain biking, kayaking, sky diving!

Dreams & Delusions (July 19, 2011)

Dreams and Delusions. Imagination and Confusion.

PISCES MOON continues on its way through the 12th sign as we languish in elusive space, suffer bouts of self-delusion,  or catch the beginning taste of transcendent mysticism. Ah, days of PISCES/NEPTUNE energy are so very DEEP. On the surface it is really a very simple day so, where do we go from here?

Go with the fantasy, it shouldn’t hurt us much this time around. We have a beautiful transit of MOON TRINE VENUS. Lovely. Open your heart to Love, feel the level of attraction, sensuality. A moment of potential beauty… balance… harmony. Enjoy.

Another piece to the puzzle of today: MOON SQUARE MARS. We feel the energy to move toward that beauty, there is no need or inclination to hesitate! There is strength and courage in the desire to move forward… toward the goal that we are unsure of but that we feel, insistently building.

Make of it what you will.  By next week-end we will have very different stories to share as the LEO SUN will enter CENTER STAGE; LEO has the ability to change the game plan without even trying.  Ahh. The WARMTH!

Capricorn Full Moon, Finding Balance

Today’s CAPRICORN FULL MOON comes in the middle of a very intense summer with a good deal of upheaval! We have finally emerged from the difficult eclipse season which has left many of us feeling pushed through an old ringer washing machine! We have emerged on the other side and can now rest a bit more easily.

FULL MOONS always bring something to light. Illumination is brought to an area that has been previously hidden or unclear. It is an important time to open our eyes to how the two sides of this polarity are playing out in own lives. The CANCER SUN speaks to us of home, family and domestic comfort. The CAPRICORN MOON speaks to issues of ambition, accomplishment and integrity in the outside world. These are two side of the same coin.  Give some thought to how these areas are working in your personal life. How are we balancing our own needs and the needs of others? How are we balancing our inner and outer worlds?

I think this CAPRICORN FULL MOON is very much about getting real, about opening our eyes to REALITY, to exactly the spot we are sitting at this very moment in both our inner and outer worlds!  Forget about what we hope for, what we expected or dreamt would be the case! Look at the exact reality that we wake up with in the morning!  Before we can move forward we must know where we are! Reality is not always pretty. But we need to know it, to understand it, to open our eyes to it and move forward from that space.

The URANUS PLUTO SQUARE is very close right now, it will not be closer for another year. This transit is pivotal in understanding this FULL MOON chart. URANUS demands individuality, independence and intensification; PLUTO works with the deepest level of power/empowerment, destruction and transformation. With the illumination and integrity of the CAPRICORN FULL MOON shining forth on this super powerful URANUS = PLUTO energy we are put in a position where we are required to make very serious decisions that will profoundly affect our lives (individually and collectively). If we do not make these choices they will be made without our imput. Not making a decision is making a decision, without consciousness. We can not afford such a sloppy approach, we must take our own future, the future of our loved ones, our communities and our planet very seriously at this time. Our individual decisions and efforts affect the whole more than we can imagine.

There is a balance between our ambition and our homes, our inner and outer lives that must now be understood and worked with consciously. We would do well to put our energy in each area equally, find that balance.  Commit to developing a balance. Do the work that is yours to do. Create the home and family that supports that work.  Understand that these areas support one another, neither can function properly without the support of the other.

The FULL MOON illuminates! Strengthen your foundation!

Listen to your own wisdom and move forward! Happy FULL MOON!

Mindfulness – Taking Mind of Mercury

Thoughts today:

Mercury represents our thinking patterns. What we think about and how we process, and further communicate, that information. Paying attention to the issues of Mercury brings us closely in touch with the workings of our minds.


What is mindfulness and how does help? how can we make sense of the content of our thinking minds? How many thoughts go through us in a day, an hour, a minute?  How can we make decisions with so much ‘riding ‘ on the decisions we make?  How can we know what is right, good, best – wrong, bad, worst? Trying to make sense of the content of our minds is enough to make us crazy, paranoid or riddled with anxiety! It is surprising that so much gets done in the world and that so many of us function as well as we do.

In examining your chart, think about what is under the chatter of your mind (Mercury)? How loud, how insistent is the chatter (what are the aspects to Mercury)? What does the chatter have to say, what is the content (what sign and what house is it in)? What is underneath the chatter, what painful and wondrous issues are hidden under all that noise (what houses are ruled by Mercury)?

When we think about mindfulness, it just seems too simple. Almost too naive to consider. Just let your thoughts go, empty the mind of issues of the past or the future, let go of the story line, be with the reality of this very moment. My fingers on the keyboard, the warm air of a summer day, the sound of a truck driving by.

Until recent years I believed that I needed to use every bit of my active mind to FIGURE THINGS OUT!  I truly believed that I needed to outwit life in order to make it work in the ways that I desired.


Life is difficult, challenging to say the least. I never felt as smart as other people around me so I assumed that I would have to work harder, analyze more.  Wow!  Mercury!

If I take a look at my chart (8/8/1955; Boston MA 9:17AM) and the condition of Mercury it is clear that I think a great deal about ‘others’, about being seen by others, about showing up – larger than life. Six planets in Leo, including Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Mercury & Pluto! It is all so big and so bright, it just HAS to be terribly important! With all this energy in the 11th house, who supports ME becomes paramount. A ton of ego! Yet Saturn squares all those LEO planets, indicating major delays and constant frustrations. Saturn’s involvement also indicates the potential of a break-through in the older years! Until then the frustration, restriction, limitation and depression are immense. The Light, the Passion of so much FIRE is nearly extinguished. Time and age are amazing teachers if we can learn to stop the fight. Even that powerful ego of LEO can finally see its demise as the way to peace. It is very hard work to keep that ego on top, somewhere along the way I finally got beaten down enough to understand!

We all have our stories, we all have Mercury and it’s conditions to contend with and learn to work with. Mindfulness is helpful in making our lives work. Knowing the situation of Mercury in your own life will help you to understand and work with your mind. It is in working with your mind and learning to release attachment that we find peace.

How are you doing in befriending your mind?

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