Taurus Full Moon! Keep it Simple!

In keeping with our exploration of the MOON-CYCLES, here we are again looking up at the beautiful illumination of the FULL MOON, this month in TAURUS!

Two weeks ago, September 27th, we had the New Moon in Scorpio. What seeds did we plant during that time? If we are paying attention, we can now see the results of the effort we have put into supporting the growth of those seeds in the past two weeks.

Now is the time to open our hearts with acceptance and look clearly into the very real results of what we have brought into creation.

There is so much intensity during this time of year, as the SUN moves through SCORPIO our desires for intimacy and passion are deep, oftentimes deeper and more intense than we know how to manage well. As we approach issues of intimacy we may encounter and be asked face issues that we would really rather avoid. The intensity and tension build as we watch the days become short and the darkness close in. Somehow with the TAURUS FULL MOON we sense the stress easing up, we begin to see the value of settling gently into this dark time. Under the light of the FULL MOON we are able to determine if the seeds we planted were free of jealousy, control issues and/or manipulation.  We are able to see if our care for those seeds continued to be free of these influences in the past few weeks. If our motives were clear we can now rest in the simplicity of Taurus. If we were motivated by our need to control others it will be abundantly, and unhappily, clear!

The TAURUS FULL MOON  gives us permission to rest in simple reverence for sensual and earthy pleasures. Let the complexities wait. If we planted our seeds with love, if we watered and cared for them with great depth and sincerity , now we will enjoy the strength and stability of what has emerged.

The result may not have the luster or passion that we thought we were looking for, but the depth of comfort and earthy sensuality has far greater value than we may initially understand. If we look around we can see that this world is in need of  simplicity. Let it start today with us.


We Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train

This morning we wake with the Moon newly in stable, dependable Taurus.  The Taurus Moon Trine Mars and Conjunct Jupiter before the morning is through. We likely feel strong, energized and confident.

Personal transits not withstanding, this morning feels good… and solid. Our physical energy feels strong, we feel capable and steady. We are at the threshold of the Full Moon, the time we see the clear expression of what we have worked to create in the past few weeks.

The big news today is the forward motion of Neptune!  Neptune turns direct at 2:53 PM after being in retrograde motion since June 3rd.

Neptune points to the direction where we are divinely inspired. This is a space in which we are able to understand the connection between suffering and compassion. As Neptune moves forward we see our suffering (whatever form it may take) and that of our loved ones. We are able to accept suffering as a human condition, if we stretch we see the suffering of others, even strangers, and finally see it as a simple human function, a part of life, nothing more and nothing less. As we come to understand that there is no difference between my pain and your pain we finally touch on the true depth of compassion.

Neptune will now move steadily toward Pisces, bringing a significant shift in how we share the burdens of being human on this planet together in these extraordinary times. I expect this will signify a time when more people will find it necessary to connect with the divine nature of their lives and their utterly divine connection to each other. Folks may well understand the importance and necessity of leaving behind ideologies and ways of living that no longer support them, their loved ones or the very planet we all share.

Neptune, bring it on! The world is in great need of deep understanding, deep sensitivity, deep compassion! We must prepare ourselves to be moved.

Things Are Not Always As They Appear!

At first consideration it seems a shame that the last few days he is in LEO, MARS spends his time in opposition to Neptune, the planet of dreams, devotion and delusion. Perhaps the way to look at this combination is to consider that we are being asked to use our energy in realms of compassion and sensitivity to the larger human condition rather than keeping the fun and individual creativity (LEO MARS) to ourselves. MARS in LEO OPPOSING NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS points to the necessity of investing our energies to benefit the larger collective of humanity. With this aspect we are able to touch, and use, selflessness, sensitivity and compassion. The energy of MARS, as it touches NEPTUNE, can bring with it great stores of inspiration and devotion, to a cause or an ideal.

During this time, it is suggested that we must also keep our eyes open to the places our integrity may be less than we expect of ourselves. Watch the places where we may unconsciously behave in a highly habituated manner. Be clear of our intention in a situation and watch how our behaviors may not meet our highest standards. It is important to get to know our own minds and train them diligently!

MERCURY AND VENUS, EACH IN SAGITTARIUS can assist in keeping us alert to the ethical implications of any issue we are involved in. Do not make promises or commitments lightly under this influence.

With NEPTUNE standing still, about to go direct, we are all likely feeling a bit dreamy and disconnected. Particularly if you have planets around 26 – 30 degrees of FIXED SIGNS (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) you will want to stay away from all drugs and alcohol as it is too easy to become confused, bewildered and look for escape routes. The same energy can be utilized in imagination, sensitivity or mystical inspiration.

Chose new friends and acquaintances wisely during this time…. things are not always as they seem. Lay low for a few more days. Read poetry and listen to music. Make no promises, sign no contracts. Wait for the air to clear!

Strength of Energy Meets Passive Sensitivity

As the MOON ENTERED ARIES yesterday (Sunday) at 3:02PM, we had that familiar feeling of impending ACTION.

After the entire weekend of feeling lost in a Neptunian haze, we were ready for assertive, forceful, dynamic action! Yes, the slow sensitive dreamy weekend was great, but we sure felt ready for some strength of energy. We were impatient and anxious for the energy of force and gusto!

Well, did we get anything constructive done with that energy yesterday afternoon? I certainly hope so! By the time we are up and into our day today (Monday November 7th) the energy has reverted back into a dreamy passive place once again. That strong energy we were ready to welcome suddenly is diffused again. We likely feel listless with little tolerance for our own lack of energy or for those around us who also have no energy to spare.

MARS OPPOSES NEPTUNE. Again our imagination and sensitivity take center stage, our physical strength seems elusive and diffuse. Frustration will call the shots if we try to move forward without acknowledging the need to simply stay with the dreamy side of things.

Please don’t cave in to the temptation to open that bottle of wine before the afternoon has even past. Don’t become passive and discouraged, vague and confused. It would be best to give in to another day of artistic endeavor or mystical exploration. Don’t worry, it won’t last too much longer. Shifting energies are around the next corner.

Aries Full Moon – The Face of Courage!


Honor your internal PIONEER, WARRIOR & SURVIVOR!

Think about these three archetypes of ARIES (PIONEER, WARRIOR & SURVIVOR).

Our internal PIONEER is not only able, but excited and anxious to push forward, in new directions, alone. When we access The PIONEER  we find, within ourselves, our own support system and courage to face what we must.

As we travel these new directions, whatever they may be in our own lives, our internal WARRIOR finds COURAGE & patience, not aggression, as the deepest source of strength.

Having faced these first two challenges we now encounter our internal SURVIVOR, here we are able to rest in the knowledge that we have faced our deepest fears. We understand the skills needed to face whatever the future may bring.

The picture of the WOMAN LION TAMER is a perfect visual of the energy we are dealing with. Take a moment to think about what type of personality and strength of character it would take for a woman, in the heyday of the American Circus (mid 1800 to mid 1900), to become a lion tamer! She would have to be an extremely dynamic, determined and independent spirit. She would need to access intense levels of courage many times over. She would rely on herself alone.

Her initial strength would show itself in finding the courage to follow a career path that few women or men had chosen before her; this is the essence of  the PIONEER.

Next she must go to a whole new level of courage to encounter huge and powerful animals that could easily annihilate her. One wrong move on her part could be her last! She must learn the patience and discipline that is the test of any true and great WARRIOR.

As a legacy of these accomplishments the LION TAMER emerges as a SURVIVOR. She now understands, in the deepest core of her being, what it took for her to face her fears. She has a deep clarity on who she has become as a result of her incredible effort and COURAGE!

We do not need to enter the cage of dangerous animals in order to face fear! We each carry our own individual  fears which may seem minor in comparison… but who is to judge the fear of another?

We all have fear that cripples some personal expression that is important to  us.

Others seldom see these personal, primal fears. As we encounter these fears throughout our lives we must access the COURAGE of ARIES.

In the face of these fears, as in the face of aggression (encountered from within or without), patience is the true tool of the WARRIOR. Patience requires a reserve of internal strength, far deeper than aggression returned in kind.

Today: hold steady, look at the naked reality of whatever situation we find ourselves in, face that reality with an open mind, an open heart; with bravery, patience, steadfastness and courage.
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