Sun Enters Taurus, The Cannabis Connection

Profound shifts of energy occurred before we even got our of bed this morning.

A month ago (March 20th) the Sun moved into the pioneering, warrior sign of Aries where it joined company with Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter.  Mars also joined the party on April 2nd.  During this time we became accustomed to an edge of action, anxiety, assertion and aggression in everyone and everything around us.

If we have used this time well, we have been productive and pushed ourselves forward, accomplishing much in the process.  With Mercury retrograde there is the potential that we have cleaned up a lot of loose ends that had been languishing since Mercury’s last retrograde cycle in December.  If we have been attentive and used our energy well we will start with a clean slate when Mercury turns direct on Saturday morning, April 23rd.

Very early this morning the Sun entered Taurus.  We can relax a bit. Think of Taurus The Bull. Not the raging bull but the one who knows how to rest in his power. Ferdinand the bull is a lovely symbol of Taurus.

One of my coworkers asked if I thought it was a coincidence that the cannabis culture’s 420 holiday falls on the day that the Sun enters Taurus!  Interestingly I had never thought of this. Today, at my day job, I encountered a number of young people who were celebrating the holiday.  This gave me the opportunity to observe and give the matter some thought.

We astrologers always link alcohol and drugs (along with poetry, fantasy, dreams, delusion, inspiration & compassion) to Pisces/ Neptune and yet when I think about Taurus’ connection to cannabis use, a different type of connection makes sense as well.

I think about how Steven Forrest talks about Taurus in “The Inner Sky”.  He refers to the ability of Taurus to feel reverence for earthy sensuality.  Cannabis connects us to the sensuality of Taurus, skin on skin. Pisces certainly refers to the drug/alcohol issues of escapism and mystical transcendence.

I think there is a clear and logical explanation for the cannabis holiday being the day that the Sun moves into Taurus.

If you celebrate, do so wisely and with the reverence of Taurus.  In the morning wake up to the energy of Taurus that builds and maintains stability, steadfastness and reliability.

Learning Patience, Waiting For Warmth

Monday morning, waiting for warmth.

Waiting for the April Sun to heat up the earth, to bring warmth to our bodies, our minds, our hearts.

However, we are in a pattern of hesitation… we know the warmth is coming, it must, and yet Saturn requires this wait. We have no choice but to learn lessons of patience, lessons that time brings to us no matter how hard we fight against them.

Today as Mercury and Mars ride together side by side we deal with our ability to bring our observations to others in the form of communications. We work with issues of assertiveness, expressions of anger and selfishness. There is not a lot of patience in Aries!

Get to the point!

Today Saturn opposes Mars, Mercury as well… giving us a perspective of time, insisting that we learn the lessons of waiting, watching, observing, and patience. Some things can not be hurried. Sometimes one has to slow down and wait.

Saturn currently is insisting that we work with these issues within the construct of relationship, of noticing the needs of others, of cooperation. The screaming infant (Aries) must learn to please the ‘other’ (Libra) in order to get her needs met. Patience.

Much of our energy is centered on issues of relationships as Saturn in Libra demands. We will do well to look at the areas where we insist on autonomy and the areas where we long for companionship.

Learning lessons of kindness, sharing and pleasing others ultimately results in our needs being fulfilled far more effectively than the tactics of the demanding screaming infant.

For today with Mercury still retrograde….. keeping one’s own council is a fine idea. Slow down and think about what you are saying.  Rushed actions and communications will be perceived as harsh, unkind and selfish and likely will come back to bite you later.

Today: accept limitations. Accept that there is much in life that is beyond our control. Cooperation will get us where we need to go.  Angry demands will bring defeat.

Cooperation and kindness are valuable skills, learned through patience and discipline. If we are able to learn the lessons of Saturn in Libra we will have our loved ones at our side to enjoy the warmth of the Sun when it finally arrives!

April 18, 2011

Laurie Farrington

“Let The Universe Support Your Growth”

Mars & Pluto – Battle, Surrender, Transformation

Today the Moon is in Cancer. On such a rainy day (here in Vermont) we all wish we were home with a warm cup of tea, a hot bowl of soup! Ahh, for the life of my cat!

Regardless of our wish for that ‘sweet stay at home day’ there are powerful forces to contend with that would likely even make a day at home more complex than that of the cat!

For the big news today Mars (in Aries) squares Pluto. How has this energy felt to you as it has been building over the past few days? Take a moment, pay attention to how you have been feeling and using this powerful, potentially explosive energy!

Have you found yourself struggling to contain inner frustration? Are you working to get old clutter (inner or outer) organized and cleaned up? If you are experiencing a deep edginess and volatility perhaps you need to do some internal purging, or at least clean out your closets! Find intelligent ways to use your power to transform your life consciously and with precision. This is a great time to get rid of what is not working in your relationships, your home, your job or your mind!

Are there areas of your life where constant struggle has gotten you nowhere? Perhaps those are places where you must ultimately surrender to the battle in order for a true life changing transformation to occur. Mars and Pluto bring together issues of battle, surrender and transformation.

Purge – Eliminate!

Avoid power struggles. Don’t be a bully or entertain a bully during this time.

Along with the power and intensity that the combination of Pluto and Mars bring us, we also have Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter (both in Aries) today! Our ideas, thoughts, communications and promises may be so large as to be totally out of proportion! This combination also provides us with an ability to see the big picture in many life situations that have seemed elusive in the past! If you know what house Aries occupies in your chart, look to this area to understand where this energy is taking place for you.

Communications can be powerful and life changing during this time.   Exercise a bit of discretion in choosing your words. There may be lasting consequences if we neglect our ability to see the largest perspective possible and thereby allow ourselves to get caught in power struggles. There is much to learn by observing the power dynamics you may see in all areas of life today. Watch the political situation!

This evening the Moon will move into Leo bringing with it a desire relax a little, to be seen, appreciated and to have a bit of FUN!

Neptune Brings Compassion in Pisces

Today Neptune entered Pisces, the sign of its rulership. Neptune is comfortable here, she has ‘come home’! She knows how to navigate the waters of Pisces, and these are deep waters indeed!

But I confess that I wonder: what are we in for now? I am thinking/hoping that a big sign of relief will ultimately be called for!

Neptune moves very slowly. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1848, very shortly after its discovery. It takes 165 years for Neptune to circle the entire zodiac! It is an uncommon occurrence for this outer planet to change signs! None of us, alive today, have had the opportunity to experience this placement, it is completely outside of our experience. What can we expect?

The outer planets work on a generational and a cultural level more than on a personal level (although if you have personal planets in the early degrees of Mutable signs it will likely feel very personal indeed!).

Between now and August we will get just a taste of the changes this energy will bring us. In August Neptune will retrograde back into Aquarius for approximately 6 months before making a final entrance into Pisces where she will stay for the next 14 years.

It can be difficult to get a clear handle on what Neptune represents, the type of changes this shift will bring to the our collective consciousness. Neptune is often thought of as the higher octave of Venus. Neptune brings us an expanded level of sensitivity, imagination, a lack of boundaries, sometimes bewilderment, idealism, and compassion. Neptune shows us the places to find an alternative reality. Think of all the things that take us away from the hard realities of our human life. In Pisces all these issues with take on more space in our lives!

Poetry. Prayer. Drugs. Alcohol. Dreams. Love. Mysticism. Religion. Music. Ecstatic Dance. Film. Escape. Devotion. Imagination. Deep Suffering which results in Deep Compassion!

For good or for ill, all the places where we lose our sense of boundaries are a part of the Neptune vibration. Neptune brings us to a level of suffering and of ecstasy that drop us to our knees. It is through this suffering and ecstasy that we finally come (often times kicking and screaming) to a place of self-transcendence and spiritual awakening.

I expect that this time of Neptune in Pisces will bring us, collectively to these levels of deep suffering and ultimately to a place where we will see the wisdom and necessity of compassion and empathy for our fellow humans on this path of life.  I suspect that we will search to find a connection within ourselves and to each other that will bring meaning to our lives. I am hopeful that we will learn to care for each other in many  ways that have been so long neglected.

We may learn to understand the suffering that is inherent in all humans life – the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death. Perhaps as we understand that human suffering is universal we may finally learn the depth of compassion that will enable us to truly serve and help each other.

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Courage & Action, Aries New Moon

Yesterday the Moon and Mars entered bold assertive Aries, each have since made contact with Uranus. We may feel assertive and yet not terribly attached to whatever unconventional outcome we seem to be pushing for.  Mars is thrilled to be in his sign of choice, where he is clear that he will be granted whatever he has the courage to insist upon!

Today’s Aries New Moon brings us another indication that we are ripe for a rebirth, or a new cycle. Get clear about what it is you want and are ready to take action on; move with courage in that direction. An Aries New Moon suggests the new cycle is one of action and courage.

What is it that you have been holding back on? What has yet to be completed that you are now ready to move ahead on?  With Mercury still retrograde and Saturn opposing this New Moon, we must exhibit far more patience than Aries is accustomed to or cares for!

This may not be a new situation but, perhaps a new beginning or a new cycle of something that you have been working with for some time.  Expect a certain amount of frustration due to the ‘holding back’ energy of Saturn, but stay with it. Hold steady and maintain courage. If our patience can hold out, the results will likely help us develop an increase in courage and, potentially, the fruition of our desires.  With Jupiter in the mix as well, there is excitement in the air! Even as Saturn insists on adding a dose of  seriousness and effort, we are optimistic and ready to expand our awareness.

Let’s hold out for some of the simple LUCK the old time astrologers associated with Jupiter! A little luck goes a long ways and with all the aggression of Aries let’s hold out for that Luck, along with some of Saturn’s reality and planning as we move into this new cycle of Aries!

Happy Spring!

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