Intense Pressure Building

It can be challenging, in our lives, to see both the broader perspective and the small essential details. Opening our eyes to take in the view of the entire forest and, at the same time, to see each tree, individually, is not always an easy task to accomplish.

Watching the motion of the planets over time, we  see the layers coming together to create the complications and intricacies of our daily lives and our human interactions.

The deepest layers in our current situation consist of the energies of Uranus, Saturn and Pluto all in Cardinal signs (Cardinal signs each represent a turning point, bringing us forward in a forceful and direct manner and indicate action).  The energies of the configuration being formed by these planets are  what we have been dealing with for the past year+ and that will continue to change and transform our world into 2012.  These are the energies that will make this decade a time that we refer back to as a time of great personal and collective transformation. We will refer to the 2010’s the way we refer to the 1960’s or the 1920’s. These are transformational times for our personal lives, our culture and even our species. Our lives and our minds are experiencing major flux as our very ways of thinking shift and change.

Take a moment to think about the energies involved:

First we have Uranus, the planet of intensification, originality and freedom. Uranus is impatient and far-seeing, looking ever forward to the future, toward the avant-garde, innovative and unusual. The energy feels electric, think of the sudden flash of lightning followed by intense thunder. In that moment of light we see what has not been illuminated before and can not again be denied.

Opposing that unusual and unconventional electrifying energy of Uranus we have Saturn, Father Time.  The authority, the often disapproving teacher, standing at the chalk board with a ruler in his hand, holding over us the threat of punishment. Saturn speaks to us of responsibility, reality and limitation. Saturn holds the energy of restriction and control but also form, structure and self-respect. The great gift of Saturn (if we accept his teachings) is that of self-sufficiency and necessary controls.

As these two slow-moving planets, that change the course of history through their motions, spar off against each other we must look to the third player in the equation. Pluto is at the midpoint between the two, squaring both Uranus and Saturn. Given much effort these two (Uranus & Saturn) could find common ground and balance, however, the square of Pluto to each requires an intense amount of focus to attempt the work required of this complex combination. The transcendent energy of Pluto is at cross purposes to each of the others.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and of empowerment. In order for Pluto to do what he does best – Transform – he must first destroy whatever is in the way of the transmutation. On an earth level this is the planet of powerful earthquakes or volcanos. The whole earth rumbles and quakes to destroy whatever is in the way of the ultimate transformation that is required in the culture or the life of the individual. Pluto brings us to our knees and forces us to look at issues of annihilation and the hidden forces of the underworld. Pluto brings us to the brink of darkness in order to transcend the darkness into rebirth.

Uranus wants intensity and change, Saturn wants stability and the status quo, Pluto wants power and transformation. A volatile group to sit at the table together! And here we are with all of humanity siting at the table with the three of them!

June and into July is a particularly stressful time as the Sun in Cancer lines up to form a Cardinal Grand Square with these three powerful outer planets. Moreover, July 1st marks the New Moon and an eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer, creating intense power in this cardinal grand cross!

We feel this pressure building. The intense pressure behind earth changes is the same pressure that creates diamonds!  Regardless of the difficulties we encounter, it is important that we hold a steady understanding of the opportunity of this time.  It is through these times, these challenging encounters that we, as individuals and as a culture, develop true character, strength and flexibility. This intense pressure can break us in two or it can empower us with great depth and beauty. Or, most likely it will do some of each!

Hang on for this ride. When we feel ourselves being pushed against a wall, with little sign of compassion, that would be Saturn with his seemingly unreasonable demands.  Our best bet is to work with him, study his ways and learn all we can. We will need the knowledge of stability and focus that Saturn teaches us as we move forward.

Unconventional Uranus wants nothing to do with Saturn’s ultra-conservative ways and fights against it with the heart of revolution! Uranus insists that we accept whatever intense sudden change he may unexpectedly pulls out of his hat while Saturn demands maturity and control!

Pluto is the earthquake we feel underground, warning us of the ultimate transformation that is in process, regardless of the antics and distractions of our personal, social or cultural dramas.

The world needs steadfastness and compassion to get to the other side of this transformation.  We may not know what is on the other side of this time but we, as a people, will be in a very different place, with different ways of seeing the world and with very different priorities!  The next few weeks will be intense for all of us. Open your hearts to each other in kindness.

Understand that we are all in this together.  What can you do to help?

Easy Summer Days?

Were we expecting this summer to be full of easy, hot days without a care in the world??  By now we probably have gotten the idea that is not what the planetary patterns have in mind for us.

Have we noticed the underlying stress that has been with us for the past month and is now building stronger? Just what we were hoping to avoid!  The Cardinal Grand Cross is the rough, intense energy that is in the background of everything that we encounter as we move forward. Does any of this seem eerily similar to the stresses and difficulties of last summer?  Very likely it does, as the three outer planets involved are continuing the dance begun in the summer of 2010.

We are in the firm grip of a grand cross pattern involving Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The Sun in Cancer moves to the 4th point for several days and is then replaced by Venus in Cancer.  June 26th – July 13 are the approximate dates to watch, the time when this thing will be at its strongest. Those of us with planets between approximately 4 to 10 degrees of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) will be even more intensely affected than the general public.

If you know the houses these planets are transiting in your chart you will know where the story is in your life. These are areas of challenge and intense growth in your life.

July 1st will also bring us the 3rd and final eclipse of the season, this time in Cancer bringing even more emotion to the issues involved in each of our particular, and current stories.

If we are able to drop the story of our current situation and connect with the energy and emotion beneath that story line we may use this time to heal the patterns that have us stuck here. These stories are our own patterns in action, we need to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the stories we have written. If we can work to heal our own issues without placing judgement on the issues of the person sitting across the table from us.

In working with Astrology we really get to see how the patterns are our own and we find the wisdom to learn to work with our own issues rather than laying the responsibility on others. It is one of the many gifts of astrology.

On a lighter note The Summer Solstice has brought us to the mid-point of the year and our Sun is now firmly in Cancer.  During this time we should reevaluate where we now find ourselves (very possibly somewhere we did not expect to be). This is an opportunity to make whatever shifts need to be made to adjust to our new situation. Pay attention to any places in our lives that need to be reassessed. Do you need to shift your approach to some situation, or find a new perspective?

Mars entered Gemini on Monday and yesterday squared Neptune.  It is important that we now allow space for a softer approach around the issues that are the hottest on the table. We don’t need to draw any hard lines in the sand right now. Hold steady and make space for an easy flow of energy. We have had the support of the Sun trine Neptune. Breath deeply, meditate, daydream or spend some time at a body of water! Relax into the new reality that is now manifesting in our lives. Contemplate what it would be like to simply surrender to your new reality!

Today (Thursday) could be a challenging day.  The Moon enters Aries at 4:24am, for myself, I am hoping that I will be able to sleep!  As the day moves forward the Moon squares the Sun conjunct Uranus and squares Pluto. Keep yourself out of difficult power struggles with family, coworkers or friends. Keeping steady today will be a challenge worthy of the effort!

There is a great deal going on that doesn’t necessarily meet the eye. It is not obvious the extent and depth of the changes that are happening. You may as well relax into them because fighting against change has never been very successful for any of us!

Shifting Sand of Time!

Nothing stays the same for long. Time moves us ever forward. The shifting sands of time. Planets move and our world, our cultures, our energies, our thoughts, our hopes and dreams follow.

Yesterday Mercury walked away from the curious and quick jittery thoughts of Gemini into the nurturing, family centered thought patterns of Cancer. Our minds turn to compassion and care for ourselves and others.

On June 12 Saturn turned direct after being in retrograde motion since January 26, 2011. With Saturn moving through Libra (October 2009 – April 2010, July 2010 – October 2012) we are required to focus a great deal of our learning on issues of Relating to others. During the retrograde period (1/26/2011 – 6/12/2011) we have had time to turn our attention inward, to deeply consider our needs and desires in Relationships. Now, our time of introspection on the Relationship front is over. We are ready now to move ahead from a place of clarity. We are able now to see the reality of where we are in relationship. During this time of introspection our Relationships have changed.

Ask yourself: What is the true state, the reality, of my Relationships NOW? Get a clear answer to that question. It is important as we move ahead.

Saturn moving through Libra affects all types of Relationships, from our most intimate relationships with spouses or lovers to friends, family members, co-workers, business partners, our most ardent supporters and even those we may deem our enemies! This retrograde period has had the potential to shift a great deal in these relationships. Now as Saturn begins to gain momentum, moving forward, we are able to gain clarity in areas that have we have been in  confusion.

Saturn is slowly moving into its square configuration with both Uranus and Pluto. This powerful alignment had its first occurrence in the Summer of 2010. It has certainly been a time of major change in our personal lives and our culture.

On a personal level it is important to be clear of the state of REALITY in your Relationships. Ask yourself: What is true in my Relationships NoW? Do your relationships have the Stability and Strength to weather the issues ahead? What will hold up and what is likely to move toward dissolution? Open your eyes to what is REAL. Be honest with yourself! What is important? What must be done to stabilize and contain the Relationships that sustain you? There are BIG shifts coming. It is important to know, not only what relationships will support you, but what people/relationships you are willing to offer your support to!

Wednesday we had a full lunar eclipse, part of a series of eclipses that bring many of the changes and clear the deck for more impending shifts!  The Eclipses have provided an opportunity to leave much baggage behind, further enabling clarity.

TRUST CHANGE! It comes to us with or without the TRUST. Relax into it and it will have a much better chance of bringing us to rest in a better place. If we fight against change it will surely leave us battered and beaten. Ride it like a wave or like a roller coaster! Moreover, learn to ENJOY the ride!!

Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Well we sure are kicking off this month with a great deal of energy!  The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 5:03PM EDT and is followed by a partial solar eclipse at 5:16PM EDT which falls at 11 degrees of Gemini.

An eclipse occurs when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun causing the image of the Sun to be obstructed as it is seen from the perspective of Earth.

New Moons signify the beginning of a cycle, a fresh start, a clean slate or a rebirth!

Eclipses trigger changes that are necessary in order to proceed with one’s life journey. They providing the extra energy that is needed to do what must be done.   A moment, an event or a shift of some kind that we have been waiting for is now ready to transpire.

What in your life has been simmering on a back burner. There is energy now to move forward to what is new.

This New Moon, being in Gemini, highlights issues of social connections, intellectual curiosity, communications, writing, speaking and cerebral issues of all kinds.

Communication or some type of intellectual project or pursuit is an integral part of this issue.  Perhaps you have a writing or speaking project that you are ready to embark on or ready to re-engage in. Perhaps you have some intensely honest communications that must be shared in order to move into a new stage that your life is calling  you to.  Perhaps learning new skills or courage in communication IS the rebirth, perhaps the new cycle is about, finally, creating honest communications.

If you have planets near 11 degrees of any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) this will be a particularly powerful time for you in this regard.

Saturn, still retrograde in Libra, is forming a close Trine to this eclipse in Gemini. This indicates the ability to build a strong foundation to any new endeavor and adds an element of stability, structure and care to any new project.  This is a welcome support that suggests stamina, longevity, responsibility and focus.

I believe this is a time for us to take ourselves very seriously. To understand the importance of our communications and our words. Do not use them lightly without forethought. Words can not be taken back once they have been said. I am sure we have all had times where we have been painfully aware of that fact!  During this time be aware of your thoughts, use your ability to communicate with respect and care.  Speak the truth and speak up for the truth. 

I’d like to think that with this Gemini New Moon/ Solar Eclipse that we have available a new, well scrubbed, clean slate to put words on that are important and relevant and well thought out.  I plan, and intend to work with care and discretion to create the communications that will lead to the loving, kind connections that I believe it is now time to develop anew.

June 1st is also the date that my daughter is due to have her first child, my first grandchild.

Another Weekend, 5/20 – 5/22

There are some interesting elements to this weekend as our thoughts move toward  issues of beauty, love, romance and sexuality/sensuality.

But it is not simple. It is important that we stay alert with our eyes open as there are several issues clouding our perceptions regarding  romantic inclinations.

Let’s start with the beginning… Friday.

First of all the Sun is sitting in the last degree of Taurus on Friday, anxious and ready for a change. The last degree of a sign is notoriously awkward and unstable energy.

The other issue to pay attention to is a  tendency toward idealism regarding romance. Idealism feels great, we all love how uplifted we feel when we immerse ourselves in idealistic energy, but when it comes to matters of the heart it is a good idea to  hold a large space for reality! In the long run reality serves us well!


Was your sleep interrupted with rough dreams or nightmares very early Friday morning? I was startled out of sleep with horrifying nightmares that left me paralyzed and awake for several hours just as the Capricorn Moon was making contact with Pluto (4:46am), the planet of death, destruction and transformation!

As those early hours moved into day we encountered the heavy Capricorn Moon coming to ‘cross purposes’ with Saturn.  We likely struggled with feelings of  unworthiness, melancholy or, simply, sadness.  The Moon is never delighted to be in Capricorn. There is so much structure, ambition and conservatism in Capricorn.  The Moon would rather focus on issues of understanding, compassion and nurturance.  These energies must function together so we come to feel nurtured by our accomplishments and our ambitions.

If you were anticipating fun and playful energy as the weekend began, resist the urge to be disappointed, take advantage of the opportunity to exercise your communications regarding your needs and desires in relationships.

Saturday morning before our day begins the Sun leaves the security and comfort of Taurus and enters Gemini and the game rules change once more! (5:20AM)

We leave behind the dependability and material security of Taurus ready to embrace a more cerebral intellectual experience throughout the next month. Now we open to a more social need for easygoing curiosity and lighthearted life energy. We want to take on a more conceptual way of seeing our world.

Finally on Saturday at 10:31PM the Moon will leave Capricorn for Aquarius where she will be able to enjoy a push toward more humanitarian issues and individuality.

Look to a broader picture. Face the most unusual parts of ourselves and each other. Accept what you see!

Sunday is another day altogether.  The Moon is in Aquarius all day, insisting that we honor our broader humanitarian/ community beliefs.  Not an easy thing to do with our desire for stability rubbing against what we deeply believe in.

More than anything I believe the weekend would be so much easier if it were not raining still!


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