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Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: January 8, 2018 through January 14, 2018


“There is no measuring with time, no year matters, and 10 years are nothing. Being an artist means, not reckoning and counting, but ripening like the tree which does not force its sap and stands confident in the storms of Spring without the fear that after them may come no Summer. It does come. But it comes only to the patient, who are there as though eternity lay before them, so unconcernedly still and wide. I learn it daily, learn it with pain to which I am grateful: patience is everything!”

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Der Regenschirm by Marie Bashkirtseff via Wiki Media


2018 is bringing great change, possible growth, and focus on some area of your life. Prepare to make the most of these powerful shifting winds with a consultation with Laurie at Astrolore!

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The night sky is very quiet right now with Jupiter and Mars coming over the horizon in the early morning hours. Venus is currently situated directly on the other side of the Sun from Earth. She will slowly edge away from the Sun’s glare over the coming weeks. By late February, she will begin her brilliant evening display which will last through September of 2018.




Monday, January 8, 2018:

Monday brings us into a powerhouse of a week as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, joins with the Sun in its Superior Conjunction, when it is on the other side of the Sun. This aspect becomes fully expressed early Tuesday.

The Sun and Venus join with Pluto early on Tuesday as well, impacting the early part of the week powerfully.

Along with the deep and empowered conversation, these three planets are having, the Sun and Venus each form a supportive sextile aspect to expansive Jupiter.

Venus and the Sun, later in the week, also sextile with assertive Mars as Mars and Jupiter travel together through the deep waters of Scorpio.

There is a powerful opportunity here for the serious empowerment of love and of the feminine to break down the overblown patriarchal connection to negative sexuality, violence, and unhealthy aggression.

While in Saturn, the Sun, Venus, and Pluto are all in Saturn’s domicile of Capricorn, prepare to watch how integrity is rewarded and lack of integrity receives its comeuppance.

This is the year that we each must tell the truth and receive the supportive gifts or wrath of the Universe.

You may experience a sense of great relief along with these three sextiles on Monday morning. Consider how the sextile of the Sun and Venus to Jupiter turns your attention toward what brings meaning to your life and asks you to seek out others who share your passions and your goals.

Another sextile is formed between Mars and Pluto offering assistance as you commit yourself to the direction of those passions and goals.

There will likely be some stress in the evening as the Libra Moon, wanting to make everyone happy, encounters others who may not want to support the agenda. Relax and allow the more powerful conversations of the day to hold the space for powerful movement.



Tuesday, January 9, 2018:

The significant conjunction between the Sun, Venus, and Pluto is exact in the early hours of Tuesday morning. This brings powerful development as love and the feminine break down elements of negative masculinity, the misuse of sexuality, and violence.

In the coming months with Saturn, the Sun, Venus, and Pluto all in Saturn’s domicile of Capricorn, integrity must overtake control and greed. We must each do our part to uphold our love for the Universe and each other.

The Moon lingers in diplomatic Libra until mid-afternoon, forming a gently agreeable sextile to Mercury at 11:13 AM EST. This allows for engagement in conversations that encourage understanding and connection.

At 3:06 PM EST, the Moon leaves agreeable Libra behind and enters passionate Scorpio, closely followed by Venus sextile Mars at 4:07 PM EST. The conversations suggested for Tuesday afternoon may lead to romance or at the very least a purposeful and passionate connection. A pleasantly assertive Sun sextile Mars shortly after midnight,t heightens the possibility of romance.

The Libra Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 11:13 AM EST until she enters Scorpio at 3:06 PM EST. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; it is not good or bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.



Wednesday, January 10, 2018:

Following the intensity of Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday offers a day to rest and allow yourself to daydream and reflect.

Sunset at Christmas Eve, Honolulu, Hawaii woodblock print by Arman Manookian via Wiki Media

At 2:40 PM EST, the Scorpio Moon forms a flowing trine aspect to dreamy, sensitive Neptune.

Allow yourself to get lost in daydreaming, watch a film, engage in whatever activity brings you to a place of ‘flow’; spend time in meditation, listen to soothing music, or create something that comes from your deepest sense of mystical oneness.

Thursday will remove your access to easy mental flow as Mercury entering Capricorn, where it will remain until January 31st, brings your mind to the stern edge of reality. Integrity remains in the limelight for each of us and the culture at large.



Thursday, January 11, 2018:

I hope you were able to enjoy the sense of flow that was available on Wednesday as it may be the last opportunity for such bliss, at least until Mercury enters Aquarius at the end of January.

As you begin the day, Mercury has joined Saturn, the Sun, Venus, and Pluto in cautious, serious Capricorn. This is a large pile-up in a very restrictive sign. If you know what house Capricorn holds in your chart, you will understand where the focus of hard work and increasing responsibility lies. This is the area of your life that came into focus in late December and will require ongoing attention and effort over the next few years. Make sure you are engaging in this area of your life with the highest integrity, maturity, and sustained effort. The reality of your situation will show where you need to deepen your attention and tell the truth about your commitment.

The Scorpio Moon forms a passionate conjunction with Mars at 7:35 AM EST. This will awaken you with strong energy to move forward. Shortly thereafter, she forms lovely sextile aspects to both the Sun and Venus, suggesting pleasant, intimate interactions with those you love. Take advantage, it should be a sweet morning leading into a quiet afternoon and evening.

The Scorpio Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 9:54 AM EST until she enters Sagittarius at 2:04 AM EST on Friday morning. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; it is not good or bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.



Friday, January 12, 2018:

By the time you begin the day on Friday, the Moon is in idealistic, freedom-seeking Sagittarius. This suggests an emotional need for autonomy, physical space, and exploration. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign and brings relief after the intensity of the past few days with the Scorpio Moon. You are more apt to see the humor and lightness of your circumstances and are ready to explore a more expansive view of the world and those around you.

Although the day is likely to be relatively upbeat, by evening, you may feel Mercury’s connection to Saturn looming. Communications and conversations seem to highlight the differences between yourself and others. There are indeed serious issues to consider but try not to fall into the trap of pessimistic thinking.

Be aware of your own self-talk and how you speak to others. Offer open-hearted kindness and resist the temptation to judge them. Remember, you know only your own mind and your own life, there is no space to judge the lives of others. Seek out true compassion.

Wintertafereeltje met Schaatsende Kinderen en een sneeuwpop by D. F. van Heyst via Wiki Media



Saturday, January 13, 2018:

Your best bet this weekend is to spend time alone.

Saturday begins with a heightened awareness of how differently you think from those around you and conflict arises easily. You may feel pessimistic and easily frustrated or aggravated. This is reflected in the early-morning conjunction from Mercury to Saturn.

The day does not get easier from there. At 2:08 PM EST, Venus forms a troubling square aspect to Uranus putting you at odds with your loved ones. We will all need a sense of autonomy and freedom. Taking time for yourself is the smartest choice you can make.

It is unlikely that you and those you love will want to go in the same direction, so go ahead and go your separate ways. Allowing that to be okay and supporting each other in this choice will support each of you. There is no need to explain yourself. We all need time alone.

As Venus sextiles Chiron at 9:51 PM EST, any issues of abandonment that came from the separation are able to be healed. Connect deeply on Saturday night as you will again need time alone on Sunday.



Sunday, January 14, 2018:

If you assume that needing time alone was a one-off for Saturday, you’ll be in for a surprise when the same need shows up on Sunday thanks to a restless, unsettling square between the serious Capricorn Sun and detached eccentric Uranus.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 2:43 PM EST increasing a need for emotional distance. Again, give yourself and others lots of physical and emotional space. This would be a good day to work on individual, innovative projects that require long-term effort.

The Sagittarius Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 3:48 AM EST until she enters Capricorn at 2:43 PM EST. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; it is not good or bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.



Are you up against a difficult decision, or are you questioning your current life, love, or career direction?

An astrological consultation with an open-hearted, competent astrologer will clearly show you the larger picture at play, the universal directional path.

I am taking new clients again and would love to meet with you.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: August 21, 2017 through August 27, 2017


“We use astrology most constructively and creatively when we gain from it a sense of what is possible for us at the highest levels of our potentialities. Seeing that, the challenges is then to keep our eyes open to life itself, to be able to respond appropriately when some event or change of circumstances…” ~ Dane Rudhyar “Astrological Aspects – a Process Oriented Approach” 1980



Have you studied astrology for years but are still unclear about how to have a meaningful conversation with a client? Are you contemplating working with clients but unsure how to move forward? I would be honored to help you move toward your desire to help others with this powerful language of astrology.






Monday, August 21, 2017:

During the course of Monday both the Leo Sun and Moon form flowing trine aspects to unpredictable Uranus. This allows for a powerful flow of excitement and intensity. Expect the unexpected.

Here we go! The Full Solar Eclipse we have waited for is finally here! In this eclipse we see the reflection of the US leadership crisis playing out in the cosmos! What does it portend? I’m not going to try to make a determination but I certainly am watching the drama play out in the culture and the world around us. The eclipse is exact at 2:30 PM EDT, if at all possible spend this time in meditation.

Watch it in your own life as well… do not allow fear or negative expectations to get in the way. Remember that every crisis brings with it a powerful opportunity. Open your heart for new possibilities. Remember that a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon. Do your New Moon ritual and take it to a very deep level. For those of you who do not know or remember the New Moon Ritual I will post it later this afternoon.The seed you plant now will be with you over time. What house holds 29° Leo in your personal chart? What seed can you plant that will support growth in this area of your life? Watch the world around you, plant a seed for profound personal growth, and offer kindness too those who live in fear.

At 4:25 PM EDT the moon enters Virgo, settling our anxiety as we are able to see the potential within any crisis or challenge.

The Leo Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 2:30 PM EDT until she enters Virgo at 4:25 PM EDT.

Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have significant future impact.



Tuesday, August 22, 2017:

Tuesday begins with a sweet trine aspect between impulsive Mars and mature stable Saturn.This is a great day to get back on whatever horse has thrown you over the last week or two. The cycle between aggressive Mars and cautious Saturn began in late August 2016 when you may have begun a process of reigning in your more aggressive nature. Whatever you began at that time is now moving easily toward accomplishment.

At 6:20 PM EDT the all-powerful Sun enters productive analytical Virgo! The shift from Leo to Virgo can be extremely calming. You will find that you are ready to head home from the beach and get back to school or work. You feel called to put effort into reaching for your potential in all areas of your life. Focus on getting caught up on details from the past so that you can work with a clean slate when Mercury turns direct on September 5th.

Over the next few weeks your heart can setting into efficient routines that support your life and your dreams. We can only hope that the cultural circumstances will settle as well.

Eclipse by Vugarte



Wednesday, August 23, 2017:

Wednesday continues the theme from Tuesday of calming and settling the system through humility and dedication. It is obvious that there is much work to do. On the other side of Monday’s Eclipse there is hope and understanding of the potential that the portal of the Eclipse has opened before us.

You know what needs to be done in your own life to eradicate all racism and hatred in your own heart. On Wednesday the Virgo Moon first forms a square to Saturn insisting we look at reality, then a sextile to Venus giving us hope, and finally an opposition to Chiron showing us the sickness within us that we much uproot. All of us who grew up in the US must face and work deeply with this issue. Now is the time to make it a priority if you haven’t already.

At 9:04 PM EDT the Moon enters Libra. Over the next few days it is your job to work toward the creation of harmony and cooperation In your own heart and by extension into your community, the culture, the world, and the Universe.

The Virgo Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection)from 4:02 PM EDT EDT until she enters Libra at 9:04 PM EDT.

Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have significant future impact.



Thursday, August 24, 2017:

With the Moon in Libra on Thursday you probably feel social and in the mood for time with your best friend or intimate partner. Remember that the Moon sets the emotional tone as it moves through the zodiac. Here in Libra you will want to make significant connections with others. Your environment is also important. Bring flowers home this evening to surprise and delight your partner or to simply bring that beauty into your own life.

At 3:01 PM EDT charming Venus forms a challenging difficult square aspect to unconventional Uranus. This may well upset the apple-cart of the lovely harmonious Libra Moon. In early June a cycle began between these two planets. This is a cycle of bringing something unusual or unexpected to your ability to create relationship or your ability create money and resources. Whatever began then, you are now asked to step up to the plate and take action, to push this issue forward. Make a decision, take action, step forward in your life.



Friday, August 25, 2017:

Did you try unsuccessfully to set something in motion or take direct action in your life in early April? Did that project stall leaving you disappointed, feeling like you had missed the opportunity? Saturn, the planet of structure, hard work, and responsibility turned retrograde on April 6, 2017. What has been on hold in your life since? At 8:08 AM EDT Saturn stations direct at 21° Sagittarius. We now have the green light for any serious projects or activities. This may involve business and work but do not underestimate the duty and responsibilities involved in the more personal areas of our lives as well. It is time to resume forward motion on serious endeavors.

Friday is a great day for New Beginnings. We are in the Waxing Phase of the Moon, Saturn shifts and the lovely Libra moon joins with expansive Jupiter and forms aspects of possibility and excitement to both hard-working Saturn and action-taking Mars. You are ready to step forward into new responsibilities, new decisions, new efforts, and new self-determination and self-respect!



Saturday, August 26, 2017:

Saturday is astrologically a complex day. While you slept on Friday night several important shifts occurred. Most significantly, Venus who has been sweetly but cautiously moving through inward Cancer entered the exciting playful land of Leo where she will remain until September 19th. Over the next few weeks you will express your values with expressive generosity. It will be easier than usual for you to initiate whatever relationship dynamics you seek to create.

Also, the emotional environment has shifted since Friday as the Moon left cooperative graceful Libra behind to enter deeply intense Scorpio. Look deeply and respond to what you see below the surface of what is presented to you.

At 4:42 PM EDT retrograde Mercury joins with the analytical Virgo Sun. Pay attention to how others perceive your opinions and the words you use to share them. If others do not see your sincerity you will be best served by waiting until Mercury turns direct (September 5th) to say what must be said.

The Libra Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection)From 1:39AM EDT until she enters Scorpio at 4:53 AM EDT.

Remember, when the Moon is VOC* there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have significant future impact.

Solar Eclipse by Howard Russell Butler



Sunday, August 27, 2017:

The big news on Sunday is a supportive sextile aspect between enthusiastic Jupiter and responsible Saturn at 8:15 AM EDT. There is the sense of confidence, you know that you have what it takes to bring your beliefs and goals into alignment. There is a shift as you accept a new direction presented that will help you create and develop your beliefs into reality.

The aspects that the deeply introspective Scorpio Moon makes throughout the day are supportive and exciting. At 2:09 PM EDT the Moon forms a sextile aspect to transcendent Pluto bringing the depth of your understanding to a place of empowering your most significant goals.




* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Understanding Love: Venus retrograde from March 4 – April 15

The maid stood upon the bank as the red ship sailed away from Novgorod

The maid stood upon the bank as the red ship sailed away from Novgorod

Tracy Lee Miller of Sisterhood of Hearth & Home and Mother Moon Astrology

Tracy has been a student of Astrolore for many years! 🙂


The planet Venus relates to issues of love, money, and beauty. Venus is Retrograde for six weeks, beginning on March 4th and continuing until April 15, 2017. A retrograde planet ”appears” to be going backwards in the heavens.

During this time you are called to go inward and gain clarity on what you most deeply value. The retrograde period is not a time to take action, rather a time to clean up past issues in love relationships, finances, and your physical environment.  

Additionally, consider Venus retrograde as a time to determine what it will take to improve how you feel about yourself!

Consider your self-care routines and what brings you pleasure. Think about a new self image, hairstyle or wardrobe change. Just think about those changes for now, you can act on them after April 15th.

In the meantime, pamper yourself, do a spa day at home, take a walk in nature. Walking in nature naturally offers clear introspection – devoid of real world distractions.

Evaluate what is working in love and finance, and in the beauty you surround yourself with/ your environment.

Make no big decisions during this six-week period of time; reassess, ponder, go inward, take notes, create a vision board, sit in silence.

Venus may be asking you to:

  • *Consider what internal values are most important to you
  • *Consider what things you value most deeply
  • *Consider whom do you value
  • *Consider: are you being valued the way you need to be valued
  • *Consider: are you being paid/ compensated in the way that you deserve
  • *Consider as Venus relates to health: are you taking care of yourself in the best way possible


The time to make decisions around love, money, romance, relationships, health, and beauty will come following the retrograde.

If you want to purchase art, decorative items, or make changes in your environment, if you want to implement beautification projects or take your relationships to a deeper level, do these things after April 15th.

The retrograde period may bring with it bumps in the road. Issues may surface in existing relationships in order to be reevaluated and healed. Hold steady. Learn patience.

A new love may come, seemingly out of nowhere; if so, it may not be of a lasting nature. As the retrograde period comes to an end, that relationship may fade to grey.


During this period of evaluating your relationships there may be a tendency toward infidelity, of the “grass is greener” variety. This too shall pass. Lovers from your past may also show up once again. Old karmic connections resurface. Lost items may be found. There is a connection to the past while a planet is in retrograde motion.

During this time your relationships may be strengthened, as there is the potential to get to the heart of the issues that bubble to the surface to be healed. This healing can open your heart to Greater Love and more balance within your relationships.

Illustration from "The Russian Story Book" by Frank C. Papé, 1916

Illustration from “The Russian Story Book” by Frank C. Papé, 1916

Issues concerning or challenging your value system, code of ethics, and/or your finances may present themselves to be assessed and perhaps overhauled.

Venus Retrograde puts all the issues regarding your deepest values on a platter and places it right in front of you!

Try not to consider any of this as a negative. Venus Retrograde is here to assist you in creating a life that works, that has your highest good in mind, and brings you to a place of living a life you value, surrounded by beauty in your home, with love and abundance flowing all around you.

This is not great time to begin any new artistic endeavors though it can be a good time to plan and play with new ideas, just not necessarily launching them.


For myself, I see that my style of art and creation is changing and morphing into new forms. I am evaluating the materials I work with and will be using this period to discard items that I no longer need or use and contemplating what comes next with sketches and notes.

This will be my idea stage, without action. Being a Certified Feng Shui Consultant I will utilize this period by considering how I want my surroundings to be, clearing clutter, planning and envisioning how I want my home to feel in six weeks when Spring arrives. Action will be taken after April 15th.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Venus is speaking to me to go inward even more, to plan an exercise routine, (just got a FitBit for accountability!) a consistent meditation practice, and to rid my diet of food that does not serve me (and the associated weight!)  

My plan is that by April 15th, I will be ready to roll forward with all of these great changes.

Having been in a committed relationship for 24 years, I am aware and ready for certain sticky issues to surface once again for us to evaluate how we want to move forward. We will use conscious and non-violent communication to navigate rough seas should we encounter them.

Financially, I am definitely feeling the pull of deep introspection in the creation of incomes streams. Discarding the old and growing a new business. Again, this is the idea stage, reassessing and getting clear; ready to launch after April 15th when Venus goes direct.

I am also evaluating friendships. Those that are no longer symbiotic will be evaluated and some will be released.

'Fairy Islands' 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

‘Fairy Islands’ 1916 by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite


It will be interesting to see where this leads my own life and all of yours as well! This is a wonderful opportunity presented by the planet of love, beauty and abundance.

When we look back at this six-week period we will be amazed, enlightened, stronger, clear and ready for action. You will know what it was all about! It’s all good, and as I always say: “Clear Space Make Room for Joy” you’ll be glad you did.



Are you at a crossroad in your life? Are your circumstances other than what you expected?

We can meet for an individual consultations (Burlington, Vermont), by telephone, or on SKYPE!

Life Transitions Require New Perspectives!

It is my goal to empower you in the exploration of the past, present and future of your life.

Let's talk. There is so much to learn and understand.

~ Laurie