Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: June 19, 2017 through June 25, 2017

Happy Summer Solstice!

The sensitive season of Cancer is here! By the time you wake up Wednesday morning, the inquisitive, restless energy of Gemini will have been left behind as our attention turns to the domestic, nurturing sensitivity of Cancer.

On Friday, the Sun and Moon join together at 2° Cancer, for the New Moon at 10:30 PM EDT. Prepare to settle into a slower pace with a focus on loving, affectionate connections.

You may find that you and others around you are responding with moodiness and defensiveness. Use this as an excuse to express more tender understanding and love.

Two Women by Tsugouharu Foujita via Wikicommons



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Monday, June 19, 2017:

Monday morning, you awake with plenty of ‘get-up and go’! You will want to move forward and get things done without wasting time.

The Aries Moon is highly energized, particularly in the mid-afternoon hours, when she connects with unsettling, unconventional Uranus.

However, the most significant astrological event on Monday is a square aspect being formed from the Gemini Sun to Chiron. Think back to mid-March, do you remember an experience of having an extremely tender and vulnerable part of yourself exposed in some way? That was the beginning of the cycle that now asks you to pay attention to that vulnerability. There is healing work to be done.

Look clearly and fully accept the soft spot behind the vulnerability of Chiron. Seek out those friends and loved ones who truly understand and support your deepest personal burdens. Don’t shy away from your most tender spots and be a safe person for others to explore theirs. This is an opportunity for healing.

At 5:53 PM EDT, the Moon enters Taurus, offering an evening of indulging your senses. Spend the evening in nature; enjoy good food and loving touch.

The Aries Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 3:43 PM EDT until she enters Taurus at 5:53 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.




Tuesday, June 20, 2017:

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon would love nothing more than a laid-back day of indulging the senses. However, that is not what the day is going to call fourth.

At 4:25 AM EDT, Venus, the planet of love, forms a sextile to Neptune, the planet of elusive dreaminess. This suggests the possibility of soft, romantic connections. Don’t go all in or fall head over heels, as whenever Neptune is involved, things may be other than they seem.

Just when you think you can enjoy that softness and the Taurus Moon would love to join you there, Mercury, the planet of our thinking, gets into the fray with a sextile aspect to unconventional Uranus. This may create agitation or inspiration.

Keep your eyes open on Tuesday for unusual thoughts and ideas. Perhaps, you will meet someone or encounter a new idea that threatens to upset the conventional structure of your thinking. Go ahead and jump at the opportunity to expand the directions of your mind.

Remember, this is the last day with the Sun in versatile Gemini, enjoy the chatter and the quickly moving mind. The Summer Solstice is upon us and will bring us to a more settled place!




The Aquaduct by Paul Cezanne via Wiki Commons

Wednesday, June 21, 2017:

June’s Solstice is exact at 12:24 AM EDT. The June solstice is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, in the Southern Hemisphere. The date varies between June 20th and June 22nd, depending on the year and the local time zone.

As the wheel of the seasons turns, our attention follows and our thoughts turn toward family, sentiment, security, home, and the past. Here, we nurture what is closest to our hearts; our family and closest loved ones.

At 5:57 AM EDT, Mercury also enters Cancer. Don’t be surprised when your thinking aligns with your feelings and your feelings take over your thoughts. This is a good time to articulate your emotions.

At 10:14 AM EDT, Mercury catches up with the Sun, allowing powerful conversations to emerge; go ahead and express your emotions freely.

The Taurus Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from shortly after midnight (12:26 AM EDT) until she enters Gemini at 6:44 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.




Thursday, June 22, 2017:

Thursday should be an active day of optimistic conversations and busy interactions. You and those you encounter are likely feeling optimistic and inquisitive.

When the Gemini Moon forms a lovely, flowing trine aspect to idealistic Jupiter at 4:05 PM EDT, your conversations will take on an expansive, philosophical tone. With lucky Jupiter in relationship-oriented Libra, these interactions will naturally drift toward cooperation, kindness, and talk of intimate relationships.

When the Moon forms a challenging square to elusive Neptune at 5:18 PM EDT, you may notice a lack of clarity or confusion clouding your understanding of the situation. As this is a quickly moving Moon transit, allow it to pass, it will not last long.

Your best bet is to open yourself to a softer way of viewing the connection, reach for compassion, and allow any stress to simply dissolve into dreamy sensitivity.




Friday, June 23, 2017:

Friday starts off a bit cranky as the restless Gemini Moon opposes serious, restrictive Saturn at 8:30 AM EDT. Focus on dealing with practical work related issues. If possible, avoid difficult conversations or interactions with people who have authority over you. If you must engage on that level, open to the learning without resistance; a bit of humility in dealing with others may be helpful.

At 2:46 PM EDT, when the Moon forms a lovely sextile aspect to Uranus, a lighter, more exciting afternoon can be anticipated.

At 6:06 PM EDT, the Moon enters emotionally intuitive Cancer and prepares for the beginning of a new lunar cycle. The Cancer New Moon is exact at 10:30 PM EDT at 2° Cancer. Now, you will want to plant a seed of maternal, tender, family- oriented love.

Wait and perform your New Moon ritual on Saturday or Sunday.

For your Cancer New Moon ritual, set an intention regarding family, nurturing, and emotional sensitivity. This is the perfect time to start a conversation about the family you want to create, an ideal vision of your domestic life, and how you show love to others. Perhaps, you can arrange the time and space to begin to more deeply understand your needs to give and receive tenderness and caring.

If you know what house in your birth chart holds 2° Cancer, it will help you clarify where to direct your emotions and protective instincts. If you don’t have that information, simply go with your intuition regarding the area of life that is calling for inward, soft attention.

Please don’t neglect this New Moon ritual. Keep it simple, take a moment to write down what loving, domestic changes you wish to begin, create, or increase in this upcoming cycle.

Have two candles available for the ritual; light the first candle to represent yourself, just as you are in this moment. Light the second candle as an aspiration of what you intend to create. Each day, take a moment to focus on yourself as you light the first candle, when you light the second candle, focus on drawing to you what you are choosing to create as you bring the two candles closer together. Do this each day and at the Full Moon in two weeks, you will bring them fully together and acknowledge the result of what you have created.

The Cancer New Moon suggests that you plant a seed of kind sensitivity, sympathy, warmth, and family connections. Share this ritual with your friends and loved ones.

The Gemini Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 2:46 PM EDT until she enters Cancer at 6:06 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.


House in Rueil by Edouard Manet via Wiki Commons



Saturday, June 24, 2017:

Saturday brings with it the potential to truly transform LOVE as it is experienced in your life. Empowerment flows to you through personal values, your resources, and those for whom you hold profound love. This cycle of deepening and transforming love began in late November of 2016 with the start of this Venus and Pluto cycle. Consider the seed you planted for relationship and connection at that time; feel the direct experience as it has unfolded and the impact it has upon your life now.

With the Moon in protective, caring Cancer throughout the day, the love that is impacted will likely be of the familial type. Are you ready to acknowledge that the love you are creating is domestically inclined? Do you feel the need to nurture and care for another? Do you need to give yourself that type of tender care or allow yourself to receive it from others? This is not the love of passionate new lovers but the love of family and life-long connection.

If you are alone on Saturday, take this energy and create something beautiful; any expressions of beauty will be empowered!




Sunday, June 25, 2017:

Sleep late on Sunday morning, if possible, and as you begin the day, breathe steadily and carefully observe your reactions.

In the early morning hours, aggressive Mars formed a challenging square aspect to philosophical Jupiter. You know that you cannot expect others to have the same beliefs that you hold. Therefore, there is no need for an overblown reaction when they do not. If everyone involved can maintain respect for each other, this can be a great morning for debate and heated yet friendly discussion. Pay attention, and shift the direction or get out of the way if it gets too heated.

With the emotional Moon still in sensitive Cancer (for most of the day), these issues will likely play out in family dynamics. When the moody Cancer Moon forms a challenging square aspect to unconventional Uranus at 2:44 PM EDT, we may feel somewhat unsettled and defiant towards certain family members. Don’t play into this agitation; pay attention to your level of understanding and release expectations.

At 6:07 PM EDT, the Moon dances into playful Leo where she will uplift our mood for the next few days. Enjoy the evening with dance, play, and creativity.

The Cancer Moon is VOC* (think of it as being adrift, without focus or connection) from 2:44 PM EDT until she enters Leo at 6:07 PM EDT. Remember, when the Moon is VOC*, there will be no result from anything that is begun. This is neutral; not good, not bad, it simply suggests that whatever occurs will not have any significant future impact.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transits between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: June 20, 2016 through June 26, 2016

Last week brought us to the second pass of the square between Saturn and Neptune. I need to touch on this a little bit more today as my life, on a personal level, has put me face-to-face with this troubling aspect

OM by Adam Cram via Wiki Commons

OM by Adam Cram via Wiki Commons

Saturn represents where we are solid, where we think we know reality, and how we try to structure and control our lives. With Neptune forming a challenging square aspect to Saturn, our illusions of stability and safety can be clouded in confusion and simply dissolved. What fantasy (imagined as reality) must you face head-on and finally see as the illusion it has always been?

With this square between these powerful forces (Saturn = structure, stability, and hard work; Neptune = fantasy, mysticism, and dissolution), we must learn to acknowledge and work with our imagination and our dreams while clearly understanding the reality and firm patterns we have set-up in our lives. Where in your life is reality and fantasy in conflict? What hard, cold reality would you rather not look at? Where do you resist putting structure to the task of supporting your imagination, dreams and spiritual life? Equally, where do you put your spirituality or your imagination to the task of supporting the solid structures of your life?

Is this the time to put words on paper and in doing so bring your imagination into form? Is this the time to get serious about releasing an addictive behavior? Is this the time to see the ‘truth’ beneath the illusory patterns you have set up in your life to keep you safe? Where do you resist looking at reality? Or where have you restricted yourself by not allowing yourself to dream? Please remember that both reality and magic have a place in our lives and now is the time to teach them to work together.

Looking internally at the places we have hidden our more sensitive side is not easy. Seeing clearly the places that we have allowed ourselves to be confused and lost in fantasy requires the courage of Mars and the reality check of Saturn.

On a personal note, I have had a huge ‘wake-up call’ in this regard. My story may have something to teach you. Send me a private note at and I will send you my recent story.

Let’s show each other as much love and kindness as we can muster.

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Monday, June 20, 2016:

Astrologically, Monday is a day to remember. The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 6:02 AM EDT. This is the second Sagittarius Full Moon of the season. The first occurred on May 21 at 1° Sagittarius.

Monday’s Full Moon occurs at the final degree of Sagittarius. It is relatively uncommon to have two consecutive Full Moons occurring in one sign, this simply brings more attention to issues of Sagittarius. We must explore how we hold our opinions and keep our minds open to new concepts, ideas, and ways of viewing the world.

Following the Full Moon, the Moon enters Capricorn at 6:55 AM EDT and the Sun enters Cancer at 5:34 PM EDT bringing us to the moment of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

With the Solstice occurring less than 12 hours after the Full Moon, this is a powerful moment in time. The Solstice opens gateways of energy, suggesting unpredictable and potentially polarizing situations and circumstances. Keep your eyes open and remember that love is clearly what we need, what everyone we encounter needs, and what the world needs. Keeping your heart open in difficult circumstances is the practice.

Mercury, the planet that represents how we think and communicate, comes into a difficult aspect with Saturn at 9:55 AM EDT and Neptune at 12:11 PM EDT. I can imagine difficult conversations both internal and external on issues that impact your self-worth and how you view reality. I further imagine this being followed the possibility of slipping into confusion or escapism. Find a softer approach, try work with intuition and imagination. This approach will likely be more productive than trying to stay on the line of hard cold logic.

Work on finding your own philosophical rudder to guide you through unpredictable waters.  Remember love and kindness to self and others.



Tuesday, June 21, 2016:

Activity in the heavens slows down on Tuesday giving us an opportunity to review where we now stand. The Capricorn Moon offers a steady hand as we assimilate and work with the changing thoughts and ideals the past days have brought to light.

The day begins with cold logic being mitigated by our ability to utilize intuition and compassion for others (Moon sextile Neptune).

As the day progresses, we enter briefly an expansive clarity of understanding (Moon trine Jupiter) and then by mid afternoon, we encounter (within ourselves or from an external source) mistrust or power struggles as the Moon conjunct Pluto at 2:17 PM EDT.

Keep in mind the importance and necessity of your willingness to face the reality of your old internal struggles. Determine for yourself to not sweep anything under the rug. You know it never stays there!

Look deeply and realistically at your own dark shadow side; those things you have worked so hard to keep hidden from others and often from yourself. What ever you are able to uncover this afternoon and evening will enable those hard pieces to break up into shards of metaphorical glass as you sleep early Wednesday morning (Moon square Uranus).

Difficult internal work is required of all of us. The path may not be as easy as we would like but don’t ever discount the joys and pleasures along the way or the importance of allowing ourselves to experience deep pleasure and profound joy! Yes, even in the worst of times.



Most Kings by Robert Mars via Wiki Commons

Most Kings by Robert Mars via Wiki Commons

Wednesday, June 22, 2016:

With Mercury squaring the nodes at 10:14 AM EDT, you may notice a difficulty in making decisions. Do you have all the information you need in order to make any decisions that are being asked of you? Perhaps, the difficulty is simply a lack of information.

When the Moon enters Aquarius at 3:09 PM EDT, watch as your perspective changes considerably. On an emotional level, you are ready to see a less constricted view than you were capable of seeing just several hours before. You should be able to detach yourself from the emotional outcome of the information you gather and the decisions you must make.

At 5:58 PM EDT, Mercury squares Jupiter encouraging us to consider and work with big ideas. Whenever Jupiter is involved, we must be realistic about those big ideas no matter how ideal them may seem. Enjoy them for what they are but don’t get too comfortable thinking that you are able to follow through to the full extent of your overblown thinking.

Don’t say yes to every request made of you.  You may not want to be realistic but Mercury squaring Jupiter is well known for its over idealism and lack of reality. Enjoy the pleasure but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!



Thursday, June 23, 2016:

Thursday is a day with very little planetary activity. Let’s enjoy the sense of rest and recuperation.

At 12:29 PM EDT, the Aquarius Moon forms a sextile aspect to Saturn. This supports us with opportunities to stabilize our own emotions and help others to not get carried away with they are own. Thinking only about yourself on a day like this would be a mistaken use of the energies available.

Look outside yourself to find where you have the opportunity to support the larger community. What have you done to contribute to or help those suffering in the wake of the Orlando disaster? If you are not a part of the LGBT community yourself, I’m sure you have friends, family, or loved ones who are.

How have you offered support? How are you helping others to deal with the fear and sorrow that has been activated in this terrible tragedy? Every act of kindness is of high-value. Hold out your hand, your heart, and your wallet to support those suffering. Our hearts are full of love for the greater good and for all humankind. Don’t hold it inside; pass it on.



Friday, June 24, 2016:

We may begin Friday morning with a sense of aggravation, impatience, and crankiness. Watch what you say. Stay out of the way of others and let that energy pass. It will not last long and will only cause concern if you hold onto it or escalate it with aggression.

This would be a good morning to head to the gym in order to release physically energy. You could also call out sick from your job and move some sexual energy… on your own or with a partner. The Moon is in Aquarius for the vast majority of the day keeping our emotions light and somewhat uninvolved.

At 10:48 AM EDT, the Aquarius Moon forms a sextile aspect to Uranus encouraging us to activate something new and unexpected in the day. If you went to work early, you may want to consider leaving early to enjoy a sense of freedom and irresponsibility. Go to the beach, meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, find a way to express unusual fun.

At 9:31 PM EDT, the Moon enters Pisces setting us up for a weekend of escapism, inner spiritual seeking, or simply rest after this long, somewhat edgy week.

Las niñas tristes por no comer

Las Niñas Tristes Por No Comer by JMaria via Wiki Commons



Saturday, June 25, 2016:

Saturday begins on a highly positive and downright sweet note. With the Pisces Moon forming a free-flowing trine aspect to both the Sun and Venus (both in Cancer), we feel open hearted, forgiving, and fully in touch with generosity and love.

It would be a good idea, however, to take several hours alone between approximately 5:00 and 7:00 PM EDT.

Due to the Moon square Saturn, we could be giving and receiving difficult restrictive messages from others. Time alone spent in inner contemplation is the best way to spend this time. If you want to extend that time,  you would continue to benefit from time alone into the late evening.. Spend time in nature, listen to music, watch films, meditate, or explore your deepest, most mystical side.

This will be a great night for release and escape into sleep. Be aware of your relationship with alcohol and drug consumption. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe.




Sunday, June 26, 2016:

We have saved the best day for last this week. The Moon remains in Pisces throughout the day giving us an overlay of mystery while allowing a sense of connection and compassion in our interactions with others.

At 7:30 AM EDT, we come to the last of three trine aspects (the first in October of 2015 and the second in March of 2016) between Jupiter and Pluto. This could bring a feeling of optimism, empowerment, and may even indicate material rewards.  Go ahead and buy a lottery ticket. If you have planets between 15 – 17 degrees of the Earth signs, (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) go ahead and buy a few (if you win anything, you can share the proceeds with me)! ☺

At 9:31 PM EDT, Mercury sextile Uranus; this is not a great aspect to come just before bedtime as our minds may be far too stimulated for sleep. Work with this energy this evening and into tomorrow morning. This is powerful stimulation of the mind.

What new unusual thought patterns are bubbling up in your mind? Pay attention to the movement of mind. Any unusual thoughts and ideas that pop into your head at this time need to be thought about, contemplated, and absorbed. Those unexpected light bulbs in our heads can change our lives (and the lives of others) in powerful ways. The sextile aspect is one of positive regard suggesting an opportunity and exploration.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets.  I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods.  I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

* The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, textiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
* The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.


Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: June 15, 2015 through June 21, 2015

Astrolore’s Weekly Astrology Weather: June 15, 2015 through June 21, 2015

This brings us to a week that certainly looks like a simple, uncomplicated, and pleasant week. Wow. Two weeks in a row!

Are you taking an early Summer vacation? This would be a great week for it. With very little external turmoil or intensity, we can make our own path more easily. Our equilibrium is more in our control as the planetary cycles buzz along quietly in the background.

My own life is happily reflecting the ease of this past week, as I am delighted to see that there is the opportunity for this ease to continue a bit longer.

Buddha Bath by Libby Sullivan of Aspen, CO

Buddha Bath by Libby Sullivan of Aspen, CO

There are a ton of uncertainties in the life path I find myself on and yet I feel relaxed, calm, and reaching out for more focus. It is a relief to have Mercury Retrograde behind us in order to move forward effectively.

I do want to give you a heads up of what is ahead of us. On July 25th, Venus is turning retrograde. What could that possibly hold for us? If you have been following my posts for any length of time, you have some understanding of Mercury retrograde… this is similar.

Take what you know about Mercury retrograde and consider what Venus refers to as opposed to what Mercury refers to. Think of Venus as the teacher of love and beauty. This is not the nurturing, parenting kind of love. This is a love of desire and urges that long to create beauty.

During this time, you may need to look back at decisions made since the last time Venus was retrograde (between December 21, 2013 and January 31, 2014).

For many of us, Venus will represent our most intimate relationships. For some of us, it will represent the beauty we create in the world, whether that is an artistic creation or our presentation of self.

None of us can re-write history and yet, we certainly can take steps to clean up the messes we may have left behind. Do you need to look again at how you have managed your own sense of what is important in your creativity and your love-life?

There may be issues left unresolved. Assuaging your guilt is never helpful; but a simple, clear apology will go a long way toward helping everyone move forward.




Monday, June 15, 2015:

We begin the week in the dark phase of the Moon. As she prepares for Tuesday’s New Moon, she moves through Gemini making lovely aspects to Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. Our curiosity may very well be inclined in the direction of unusual and expansive ideas on relationship. We are interested in how we and others express and appreciate beauty.

With the square to Neptune at 6:59 AM EDT, it is possible that the morning will bring some confusion or even a sense of suffering. The impact of the transits to the Moon are not long lasting. The Gemini Moon likes to stay on superficial, uncomplicated, and upbeat topics. So, it is unlikely you will stay in the confusion or suffering for long.

Monday evening would be a great time for social interactions along with the enjoyment of simple and yet profound conversations.

If there’s someone in your life that you are just getting to know, Monday would be a fun evening to explore the more unique contributions you each bring to the conversation. Whatever communication you are engaged in, regardless of who they are with, you must honor your true self and hide nothing. Allow yourself to be surprised by others, embrace your most unusual friends and loved ones.




Tuesday, June 16, 2015:

Tuesday morning at 10:06 AM EDT the Gemini Moon reaches the New Moon Phase as we explore with great curiosity a new way viewing and embracing the diversity of your community. Ask yourself (and others) the questions you really need the answers to. Begin the process of exploring where others people’s opinions and viewpoints are very different from your own. At this New Moon, you will want to plant the seed of new understanding.

At 10:06 AM, following the conjunction with the Sun, the Moon is VOC* until she enters Cancer at 6:51 PM EDT.

Yes, the entire workday the Moon is VOC*; during which time it is best to rest, recuperate, and have minimal expectations regarding accomplishment.

Tuesday evening is best spent at home with loved ones. Sure, get out those photo albums, reminisce about old memories or move forward to create new memories of shared time.

A home cooked meal on Tuesday evening will be much appreciated. Cook for your loved ones or allow them to cook for you. This will be a powerful evening to offer or receive protective, loving, nurturing energy.



Pilgrimage by Meredith Hart

Pilgrimage by Meredith Hart


Wednesday, June 17, 2015:

Wednesday, the Cancer Moon remains calm and undisturbed. We are motivated by love, kindness, and connection. Our feelings run deep, and we may be moody and perhaps need some time alone.

We may enjoy and be soothed by domestic activities, emotional connections with women, and nurturing activities in general. Let yourself reminisce about the past, rest in meditation, or take a bubble bath.

In the morning, the Moon trine Neptune allows us to see the world through rose colored glasses. By evening, when the Moon opposes Pluto, we may be reminded of the darker side of human love and family connections. Again, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. We must look clearly at the dark side in order to see the full illumination of the light.

Each of us resonates more fully with certain signs than others. If you resonate with the Cancer archetype, Wednesday and Thursday will be great for you. If love, nurturing, babies, and photo albums do not resonate with you, you may feel a certain amount of anxiety. Get the domestic chores out of the way and take yourself out to dinner!




Thursday, June 18, 2015:

Thursday is another day of little astrological note. The Moon continues through Cancer, preparing the way for the Sun to follow in several days!

The sign of Cancer, represented by the crab, brings us face-to-face with the sensitivity of feeling. When Cancer is highly active, our mental facilities slow down as our emotional nature takes precedent. Logic goes out the window as we feel our way along this part of the path.

For those of us with little or no water in our natal charts, this may feel less than genuine. Regardless of our individual make-up, it will ease the path forward as you learn to trust this sensitivity. Allow flow without resistance.

Consider nostalgia; allow tears to assist in whatever healing process you may be engaged in.




Friday, June 19, 2015:

While we slept, there was a brief VOC* Moon before she entered Leo at 2:23 AM EDT on Friday morning. When we awake, we immediately sense an increase of energy and the ability to look outside our insular lives with an awareness of the necessity of playful human interaction.

It feels to me almost as though there is an invisible barrier between our understanding and the reality of the world around us. Early this week, we were content to look inward and keep our focus on our closest circle of family and friends.

However, with the Moon newly in Leo and the weekend at our fingertips, we seek connection. We understand the necessity of drawing others into our circle or simply expanding that circle.

Friday afternoon/evening will be dominated by the energy of the Leo Moon sextile Mercury (in its home sign of Gemini). What communications do you need to deliver? Whatever you feel you must say may need some embellishment and even a touch of drama.

This is a good time to deliver communication if it is worthy of that embellishment! Please think about the generosity of the Leo Moon as she offers an opportunity for you to tell your story and express your own generosity and open hearted self. Do not put your light under a basket, seek expression!


Durga Yantra by Meredith Hart

Durga Yantra by Meredith Hart



Saturday, June 20, 2015:

Saturday is an important day being that it is the last day with the Sun in Gemini. Tomorrow we reach the solstice, Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere and the Sun enters Cancer.

There is an inward feel to Cancer that we will encounter and adapt to over the coming days. For today, enjoy the outwardly expressive energy of the Sun still in Gemini.

The Moon is in Leo all of Saturday and well into Sunday. The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Leo gives us a great deal of energy for socialization and playfulness.

Here in Vermont, Summer is so short and passes so quickly. It is important that we take advantage of each and every weekend. There is so much to enjoy.

On Saturday, that playful Leo Moon makes contact with both Venus and Jupiter, expanding our love, pleasure, and our ability to connect and play with others. This would be a great day for a party, wedding, or campfire with friends!

Don’t waste this day. Either do something exciting, active, and fun or rest in the warmth of the Sun, allowing her to heal every atom of your soul.

Expect fun and pleasure.




Sunday, June 21, 2015:

Get up early on Sunday morning to enjoy the fun playfulness as the Leo Moon forms a lovely sextile with Mars. Enjoy an early morning romp with your children, your pets, or your partner.

At 12:09 PM EDT, following a square to Saturn, the Moon is VOC* until 12:59 PM EDT when she enters Virgo. Less than an hour with the VOC* Moon!

At 12:37 PM EDT, the Sun leaves Gemini behind to enter Cancer!

This brings us to the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere! Here, we reach the part of summer where we simply want to play with our children in the backyard and sip cocktails lazily in the afternoon. We feel the need to nurture ourselves with the Sun, the lakes, rivers and ocean!

During this upcoming month, we long to make our home a haven of safety and love. Plan gatherings of close friends and family. While the Sun moves through Cancer, it is important to acknowledge the people who nurture your life and to take stock of where you are bringing healing or nurturing energy to those around you.

At 12:59 PM EDT, the Moon enters Virgo leading us to a lovely evening ideally suited for wonderful family connections over shared food. Have a cookout or take your close family members out for a meal. Show, receive, and spread love wherever you are.


This week: The VOC* Moon!

VOC* (void of course) refers to the period of time between the final aspect that the Moon makes while in one sign until she enters the next sign. This can consist of several minutes or many hours. These periods are best handled with little expectation of accomplishment. These times are ideally suited for rest and contemplation.

Block off these times in your schedule and avoid making significant decisions or working on important projects during these times. During VOC* Moon, focus on routine tasks. You will be surprised at how this one change will smooth the edges of your life!

Do you have questions about what is appropriate to do or not do during the VOC* moon? A simple way to think about it is to ask a simple question: Do I hope that this activity will amount to something? If the activity does not need to amount to anything, go ahead with it!

If you have an expectation or desire that this action is going to amount to something, do not do it while the Moon is VOC*. Think about the time you bought a book you were certain you were going to love and you never could finish it! Think about the time you bought the perfect article of clothing that you ended up never wearing. That is the Moon VOC*!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Gemini) following a conjunction to the Sun at 10:06 AM EDT until she enters Cancer at 6:51 PM EDT.

Friday, June 19, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Cancer) following a trine to Saturn at 1:52 AM EDT until she enters Leo at 2:20 AM EDT.

Sunday June 21, 2015 the Moon is VOC* (in Leo) following a square to Saturn at 12:09 PM EDT until she enters Virgo at 12:59 PM EDT.

* In these weekly reports, I am exploring the major aspects formed by transit between the planets. I do not consider every aspect that the Moon makes each day as they can be numerous and are often fleeting moods. I will consider the final major aspect formed by the Moon prior to its VOC* time, as that aspect holds its influence throughout the VOC*.

The aspects under consideration: conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions.
The planets I work with: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

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