Jennie Date in the woods of Northern Vermont
photo credit: Britt Nielsen

Jennie Date was born in Winchester England in 1972.

The daughter of a mathematician and an artist, Jennie became fascinated with the symbols, imagery, and mythology of astrology when she encountered it at the tender age of eight.

Starting around her first Saturn Return at age 28, Jennie had several formative astrological encounters that shed tremendous light on her inner emotional world and her path forward. With time and further investigation, Jennie came to see the inherent value in the language of astrology as a powerful tool that she could learn in the service of helping others.

Jennie sees the value that astrology offers to everyone who seeks its wisdom. She understands that with the tool of astrology she can help YOU to gain powerful insight into your innermost nature, patterns, gifts, and struggles.

In 2009, Jennie was fortunate enough to meet with and wise enough to begin her studies with Laurie at Astrolore.

Jennie looks forward to cultivating an open, meaningful, and potentially transformational dialogue with you. Jennie’s goal is to enrich and support your deepest understanding of self, growth, and healing.

With Jennie’s help, astrology will show you the lessons you are here to learn, help you find emotional healing, and deepen your relationships with others and our beloved planet Earth.

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